Best Pillows For Back Pain 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. ComfiLife2. Epabo3. Snuggle-Pedic
ComfiLife Best Back Pillow For Back PainEpaboSnuggle-Pedic

Today, many jobs require long hours of sitting or standing, that results in lower or upper back pain at a very young age. 98% of these case are not due to medical complications, they are due to wrong postures, lack of activities and wrong lifestyles.

But don’t worry if you cannot make changes in these things, you can still relive your back pain by using the best pillows for back pain. These pillows helps you in relaxing your body muscles suffering from wrong postures and stress.


This is a best buying guides for those who choosing the right pillow for your back pain. It gives you the top 20 best pillows for back pain along with various other mandatory details, which are vital before you are planning to buy a pillow that’s for your back pain.

Top 20 Best Pillows For Back Pain 2020

1. ComfiLife

ComfiLife Best Back Pillow For Back Pain

This knee pillow will ensure a comfortable sleeping position at night, which is perfectly designed to fit between your knees. It relieves from upper back pain, lower back pain, and even from sciatica pain.

This type of pillow is exclusively designed for people with back pain resulting from wrong sitting and sleeping postures. It cannot provide relief for people with prolonged medical complications.

Unlike other ordinary pillows, this is the best pillow for back pain, as it does not flatten as time goes by. The foam is made up of a cut memory type, which helps in retaining its fluffiness and comfortness for a longer period.

They are designed in such a way that it helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body by proper alignment of the spinal cord, hip bones, and legs.

These knee pillows can be washed in a washing machine. They do not emit warm air, as it is designed with aerated foam. The weight of the product is 12 ounces with a 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches dimension.


  • Eliminates hip pain, back pain, and knee pain
  • Economical
  • Easily washable
  • Good customer service


  • Not suitable for people with severe medical history related to sciatica and back pain.

2. Epabo


These EPABO pillows assure you with comfortable night sleep and give you a refreshed morning with flexibility in the neck, back, hip, and knee. The material used for pillows covers gives you a cozy feeling.

This is suitable for all types of sleepers, namely, back sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers, and tummy sleepers. Initially, you might feel uncomfortable, but in a week, your neck, spine, hip, knees will get aligned in the proper position. If you are suffering from sleep problems, this pillow will drift you to the sleeping world very soon and very deep.

The counter-memory foam makes your pillow aerated and cool. They are made up of anti-allergic fabrics that are dust-free, which will also make the pillow soft and silky.

Under the pillow, there is a 0.8 ” thick foam, which is removable to reduce height. This feature is suitable only for back and side sleepers.

The pillow is very soft at the same time, and it will be firm; hence it will flatten as time moves by. The pillowcase is made up of non-toxic material and can be easily removed and washable either by hand or washing machine. The zippers allow you to remove the pillowcase. Do not wash the memory foam.


  • Helps in alleviating severe back pain and neck pain
  • Very comfortable
  • Easily washable
  • Adjustable height


  • High price
  • Not suitable for all kinds of neck and back pains

3. Snuggle-Pedic


This is the best pillow for back pain that is designed by the doctors that automatically aligns your neck, spine, hip, and legs to any sleeping position. This is particularly designed for maintaining proper posture, thus relieving you from all types of back pain, neck pain, and knee pains.

The pillow cover can be easily removed, and the thickness of the memory foam can be adjusted that suits and, at the same time, relieves you from discomfort. They provide extra aeration feature as the fabric is made up of bamboo viscose, Lycra, and polyester.

The foam is made up of a combination of Dust resistant, a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and less volatile organic compound that is tested under laboratory and certified by certified USA bed manufacturers. These pillows come in standard, king, and queen sizes.


  • Easily removable and adjustable to any thickness
  • Good customer care
  • Improved sleeping quality


  • Expensive
  • Can feel comfort only after consistent usage

4. LoveHome


These back cushions are suitable for those who suffer from the lid and lower back pains and for those whose work pattern is prolonged sitting and long car drivers. They align your spine in the correct posture and help you overcome all mid-back and lower back discomforts.

They are also recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for people with post-surgery recovery, spondylosis, and sciatica lower back pain.

The memory foam is of high quality, which does not flatten for a longer period. It adjusts foams according to your back curve and retains its foam firmness and relieves you from back pain. The memory foam offers you a cool and aerated feeling. The outer covers are easily removable and washable.

Love home back cushion offers good customer support with a 60 days return policy. The cushion comes with an elastic strap that is adjustable to any chair type like office chairs, dining chairs, car seats, wheelchairs, and so on.


  • Improved posture
  • Suitable for car drivers and 7+ hours sitting at chair work type


  • People with severe low back pain and neck pain cannot be satisfied

5. Cushy Form

Cushy Form

If you are looking for the best pillow for back pain, the Cushy pillow will serve your needs. They will offer you a perfect night’s sleep that is deep and sound.

This also relieves knee pain when the pillow is placed between knees, resulting in a higher resting posture of the knee, which causes discomfort.

They are more suitable for side sleepers and properly align your spinal cord in the correct position, which is the main thing causing discomfort in the neck, hip joint, lower back, and knee areas.

The cushy foams are very soft with free aeration and adapt accordingly with the body temperature.

These pillows can also be used by post and pre-pregnant ladies, post-surgery recovery, and other leg alignment problems. This back pillow maintains the firmness for a long time due to visco-elasticity memory foam.


  • Highly recommended by physiotherapists, doctors, and sports trainers.
  • Provides complete relief from sciatica problems, injury, and bursitis
  • Washable


  • Quite expensive but worthy

6. Coop Home Goods

Coop Home Goods

This pillow is adjustable in such a way that you can fill or refill the fillings according to your sleeping position and posture. The memory foam is made up of microfiber and cooling gel that offers you a good night’s sleep with proper spine alignment.

Coop home pillows are freely aerated and fluffy as the foam is a mixture of polyester and bamboo viscose type of rayon material. They are also dust mite defiant and hypoallergenic that gives you a fresh feel while sleeping on this pillow.

They are high-quality pillows that are certified by CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold. You can return this product if you are not satisfied within 100 nights of sleep.

This product comes with a ½ lb of additional fills if you want an elevated softy back pillow.


  • Highly suitable for side sleepers.
  • Adjustable and extra filling package.
  • Comfortable.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Initially smelling odd for few days

7. Contour


This is the best leg pillow that provides perfect support for your legs as well as knees. Generally, side sleepers will suffer from back pain and knee pain due to wrong sleeping posture.

With this pillow, the side sleepers can feel supportive legs and knees, which improves your sleeping posture, thereby eliminating discomfort in the hip, lower back, knee, and sciatic pain.

The memory foam technology used in this pillow comes with bigger air holes for free aeration. Hence it emits the heat absorbed from your body outwards, there giving you a cool feeling and reduces the heat produced by the foam.

The memory foam of this pillow adapts according to your body curves for both men and women. You will not feel any restriction on your leg postures due to its perfect curve fitting foam blend. This pillow can be used for post-pregnancy recovery, post-surgery recovery, and spine alignment problems.


  • Perfect and comfortable sleeping
  • Does not flatten on persistent usage


  • Hard pillow
  • Non-washable

8. Milemont


If you are looking for a perfect pillow that offers you a sound sleep and fluffiness, this milestone bamboo charcoal memory pillow is suitable for you. These aerated pillows absorb and deviate your body heat outside, giving you a cool and odorless sleep.

These pillows are made up of non-toxic and non-chemical blendings, that are certified by CertiPUR-US standards. The pillowcase is made up of bamboo and polyester materials. This type of pillow is suitable for back, tummy, and side sleepers.

The pillowcase is easily removable and washable, but the inner pillow filling should not be washed. This pillow comes with suitable height for your spine alignment with some of what hard firmness.

This pillow must be hand washed and comes with a double pillowcase after washing dry in the shade instead of direct sunlight for longevity.


  • Easy washable
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Retains its shape even after several compression


  • Not suitable for soft pillow lovers

9. Marnur


This pillow comprises two side armrest features, extended wedge, aerated cavity, and cervical counter. The pillowcase is made up of polyester and bamboo material.

The design of this pillow perfectly fits your neck and relieves you from neck pain and back pain. This pillow is suitable for side, back, and tummy sleepers.

The ergonomic design of this pillow adapts to your neck perfectly and regains its shape even after persistent compression. The material of this pillow is hypoallergenic and healthy for skin as it is designed with highly breathable memory foam. The pillow cover is easily removable and machine washable.

The most attractive feature of this pillow is it is designed with ends that are with different heights, namely 5.3″ and 3.3″. So that you can sleep at any end, whichever you feel comfortable. The pillow will take its original form after a night’s sleep in a slow manner and, therefore, no need to worry about deforming the original shape.


  • Provides a comfortable sleeping position
  • Good smelling unlike other back pillows


  • The side armrest is not that much useful

10. Milemont


If you are looking forward to the best pillow for back pain, this milestone product will be suitable for you. This pillow is firmer than the traditional ones, and that firmness will provide perfect support to your neck, back, and spinal cord.

The ventilated gel foam gives you a good night’s sleep with better aeration and absorbs your body heat and ventilates it out, giving you a cool sleep. This pillow is designed with two-sided technology, one with ice-cool technology, which gives a cool feeling during summer and another side with polyester technology that makes you warmer during the winter season.

The pillow has a double pillowcase and can be easily removed and washable. This product comes with a 10-year warranty and 30 days money refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

The pillowcase has two sides, in which one side is made up of 50% polyester + 50% Ice Fiber Another Side 65% polyester + 35% Tencel. The gel foam should not be washed in a washing machine.


  • Two-sided technology for both summer and winter usage
  • Easily washable and durable
  • Maintains its shape on persistent usage


  • Expensive

11. Abco Tech

Abco Tech

This pillow is an orthopedic type, which helps in relieving pain caused in the lower back, hip, knees, joints of the ankle, and nerve with sciatica complications. This is the highly recommended pillow, especially for osteoarthritis, post-surgery recovery, and pregnant ladies.

This pillow is particularly designed for side sleeping people, which will allow them to place the pillow between thighs, between knee joints and ankle joints.

By proper placement of the pillow, it will align your spine, back, hip, and legs to a proper posture, and aids for healthy and happy sleep at night.

The memory foam of this pillow is made up of viscous elasticity and hence will maintain its shape without deformation. The memory foam will be firm as well as soft, that will adapt easily to your body curve.

The pillow cover can be easily removed with the help of zippers and can be washed in a washing machine. The pillow cover is composed of a mixture of hypoallergenic material and sweat retention material, which keeps your body cool with no toxic odor.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves completely from sciatica problems, muscles strain, and varicose veins
  • The package comes along with bags that makes it easy to carry along.


  • Not ideal for those having tummy and back sleeping habits
  • Quite expensive when compared to other products

12. Uttu


These types of pillows are curved, which helps in supporting your head, neck, and shoulders designed especially for side, back, and tummy sleepers. The pillow is designed in such a way that, in the center, there will be a memory foam with a 4.7″ curve at one end and 3.9″ at the other end.

You can also remove the center part of the memory foam, which will reduce the height of both sides to 3.5″ and 2.8″ on both sides.

This pillow will provide you with incredible support for your head and neck, thereby improving your posture while sleeping. This pillow is designed to match the varying body curves, giving you a comfortable feel.

Generally, a pillow made up of memory foam will get harder during the winter season. But this sandwich pillow is made up of UTTU dynamic foam, which will remain softer and firmer at all seasons. This pillow comes with a dimension of 23.6″×14″×4.7″/3.9 that suits all sleeping patterns.

The pillow cover is made up of bamboo fabric, which is a blending of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo, which resists body sweat and gives you a cool feeling.


  • Easy height adjustment as per your body curve
  • Three-layered pillow
  • Good customer service


  • The foam, to some extent, produces toxic smell and so unsafe to kids.

13. AngQi


This type of pillow is exclusively designed for pregnant ladies, and it comes in U shape. This shape makes it ideal for any type of body curve, and you can use it throughout your pregnancy period.

This pillow is made up of Jersey cover, which will provide perfect support to your entire body while sleeping. This is specially designed for pregnant women, as it relieves them from all types of pregnancy-related discomforts.

This pillow is not only designed for sleeping. You can also place this on the bed with different positions for watching TV, reading books or just to slide for relaxing and so on.

The pillow has an outer cover, which is made up of jersey material, giving you softness, and it can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine.

The inner cover is made up of polyester material for longevity and durability. The inner foam is also made up of a hollow fiber made up of polyester assuring you a good night’s sleep.

Zippers are available on both inner and outer covers. Through the inner cover zipper, you can either add or remove the filling as per your requirement.


  • Applicable to side, back, and tummy sleepers.
  • You can also nurse your newborn with this pillow
  • Great alternative for pregnant women.


  • Expensive when compared to other back pillows

14. BeautifulLife


It is made up of viscoelastic memory foam, which provides the perfect support for lower back, upper back, knees, and ankle joints.

These pillows are highly recommended by doctors, orthopedics, physiotherapists, and sports trainers as it relieves back pain, recovers from osteoporosis, and post-surgery complications.

This pillow is suitable for side, back, and tummy sleepers. This pillow, while lying, can be placed under ankle joints, between knees or between thighs. While sitting in bed, couch, chair, or car seat bed, you can place at the backside for relief from back pain.

The pillow is covered with 100% cotton cover, which can be easily removed and washed. They will not get flatten while you sleep.


  • Aligns spine and back to correct posture
  • Relieves from sciatica and scoliosis


  • Not suitable for a highly complicated medical condition

15. Milemont


This shredded memory foam pillow will give perfect support for your neck, back, and spine with softness at the same time firmness. The memory foam is highly aerated so that you will feel cool and good night sleep.

This pillow is perfect for side, back, and tummy sleepers. The memory foam of this pillow maintains firmness so that it will not deform its shape after multiple compression.

The pillow cover is made up of non-toxic material, and it will produce some natural smell, which is harmless, and so no need to worry about the smell. This pillow is certified by CertiPUR-US foam association. The pillow cover is also highly breathable, resisting sweat. This pillow comes with ten years of warranty.

As the memory foam is filled by tearing it into various pieces, they are easily movable, and you can alter to whatever shape you want. The outer and inner cover of the pillow is not removable and cannot also be washed.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Firm and fluffy for longer period


  • Will take two weeks of time to set according to your body curve

16. Mkicesky


This pillow is designed in such a way that the middle part will be hollow that supports your head; the down part is designed somewhat steeply so that it will support your neck.

The sides of the pillow are wedged edges that support your face. This design is to ensure you from the relief of neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and headaches.

The memory foam of this pillow is a slow rebound type so that it will perfectly provide support to the neck, back, and hip. The inner cover is a 100% breathable cover, and the outer pillowcase is made up of non-toxic, hypoallergenic polyester/rayon material, which can be easily removed and washed in hand or in a washing machine.

The pillow sides come with different heights such that one side has 4.2″ height, and the other side has 5.3″ height, and you can choose any height you prefer.


  • Suits to anybody curves
  • First, you will find it uncomfortable, but in 1 or 2 weeks you will feel very comfortable.


  • The button in the middle of the pillow is unwanted

17. Nature’s Guest

Nature’s Guest

This type of pillow is ideal for those who frequently change from back sleeping position to side sleeping position and vice-versa. Depending upon your comfort, you can refill the filling with your desired height.

The pillow is designed in such a way that the middle part supports your neck may be a narrow part or wider part.

The sides are ideal for a side sleeping position, that perfectly aligns your neck and spine to the proper posture. The pillow cover is 100% cotton, which has no odor and no toxic smell. You can easily refill the filling of the pillow with a dual zipper provision.

This pillow cover is 100% hypoallergenic and is highly recommended by doctors, physiotherapists, and sports trainers.

If you are looking for the best pillow for back pain, this will be the right choice. It relieves you from back pain by providing proper support for your neck area.


  • Adjustable and comfortable pillow
  • Relieves from all spinal cord related complications


  • Not suitable for soft and fluffy pillow lovers as this will be harder and firmer

18. Coisum


This pillow is made up of 60 density memory foam, which retains its firmness, thereby avoiding the sink of the head and neck when you lie down. This firmness helps in alleviating all neck related problems and spine problems.

The pillow is designed in such a way that there is a hole in the center and two wings like the design. The central hole is to support your neck and lower head skull when you sleep in back, and the wings are there to align your spine and back when you lie on the side.

The memory foam is medium hard and hence rebounds to the original shape in 60 seconds. The sides of the pillow are designed with varying heights so that you choose the side which is suitable for you.

The pillowcase is made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic material, which can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine.

The pillowcase is highly breathable and adjusts according to the body temperature. The pillowcase is made up of non-toxic material. Do not expose the pillow to direct sunlight, as it might damage the pillow foam and lose its elasticity.


  • Perfect support for neck and back
  • Slow rebound mechanism


  • Some people might feel harder

19. Wonwo


This brand’s pillow is designed with a dimension of 23.5*13*4.7/3.9 inches. The pillow has two sides, one with elevated height and the other with normal height so that you can choose the height of choice and comfort.

This design of this pillow aids in alleviating neck pain, cricket shoulder, stiff neck, and aligns your spine in line with your body.

The outer pillow cover is made up of bamboo fiber, which is smooth and soft. The outer cover can be washed either in hand or in a machine. The inner cover is made up of 100% breathable material, which safeguards the memory foam.

The memory foam is made up of non-toxic, harmless materials, and they are firmer and soft, which gives perfect support for your neck and back.

The memory foam will not deform its shape and remains the same for longer usage. The memory foam should not be washed as its shape will deflate. The memory foam is certified by CertiPUR-US association.


  • The memory foam will rebound in 3-5 seconds
  • Odorless pillowcase
  • Auto-thermal adjustment feature


  • Firm and harder pillow
  • Not ideal for people suffering from severe cervical spondylosis

20. Royal Therapy

Royal Therapy

This type of pillow is ideal for side and tummy sleepers. The memory foam is white in color and shredded, which allows the free movement of fillings that can adjust according to your sleeping position.

The outer cover is made up of 100% bamboo fabric, which is harmless. The inner pillowcase is made of 100% non-toxic breathable material.

The memory foam is certified by CertiPUR-US, which has hypoallergenic properties and avoids the growth of bacteria, fungi, or any other dust particles.

The memory foam will resist heat, which will give you a deep, sound, and sweat-free sleep. The outer bamboo fabric cover can be easily removed and washed either in hand or washing machine.

This high-quality memory foam will retain its original shape in 3-5 seconds. They will not flatten on consistent use like regular memory foam pillows. This pillow is suitable for those suffering from severe neck pain, back pain, and postural problems.


  • Highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists
  • Firm but at the same time soft


  • Quite expensive when compared to other memory foam pillows

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Back Pillow

There are many varieties of pillows for back support, and you need to buy the appropriate one according to your needs. As reviewed from the above section, you can find that few pillows come with the same height, few with different heights on both sides on both sides, and so on.

So before buying a perfect back pillow for you must consider the following factors so that you will not end up buying an inappropriate type of pillow leading to various discomforts in the neck, back, and knee areas.

1. Height

This is the most important feature you must consider before buying a back pillow. Some may be of 5 feet tall, who will require only a small back pillow, while a 6 feet tall person cannot use the same.

Few people may also wish for a back pillow. That will also support their Lumbar region. So choose a back, keeping in mind about your height and the need.

2. Straps

If you sit and work for a long time for more than seven-plus hours, you will definitely need a back pillow with adjustable strap feature.

Without that strap feature, your pillow might slip, or you need to adjust the pillow whenever you get up from the car seat or office chairs. Make sure the straps are made up of strong materials so that it will not cut down on frequent usage.

3. Washable Covers

If you are a person seeking 100% cleanliness and have some skin allergies, it is better to choose a pillow tin in which the pillowcase can be removed and washed easily. It will also give a refreshed feeling when you sleep on clean and neat pillow covers.

4. Fillings

The back pillows come with a variety of fillers, namely buckwheat, polyester fiber filling, memory foam, inflatables, and mesh. Depending upon your need, you must choose a pillow of appropriate filling.

If you wish that your pillow should not flatten on consistent usage and must return back to its original shape, it is better to buy a pillow with memory foam technology.

5. Size

The pillows generally come in different sizes, namely standard, super standard, queen, king, Euro, and body pillows. The body pillows are ideal for side sleepers, especially for pregnant women.

They come in a dimension of 54 20 inches or 48 20 inches. The Euro pillows are suitable for those who require a perfect headrest. They are square-shaped with varying heights on both the ends.

The king-sized pillows come in a dimension of 20 36 inches, which comes with a broad space so that you toss your head freely and sleep. The queen-sized pillow will be of 20 30 inches.

The super standard will come in the range of 20 28 inches, and standard type of back pillows will come in the dimension of 20 26 inches.

6. Pillow Thickness

These pillow generally come in three different thicknesses. Depending upon your requirement and postural problems, you need to choose an appropriate one. The different thickness are as follows:

  • High that is greater than 5 inches, which will be loved by side sleepers
  • Medium with 3-5 inch thickness suitable for side and back sleepers
  • Low with less 3-inch thickness, which is appropriate for back and stomach sleepers.

7. Pillow Position

The position where you will generally place your pillow also plays a vital role before you choose the best pillow for back pain. Some people may place their heads completely over the pillow.

For such people, a pillow with low and medium thickness will be suitable. Some people may place their heads partially only over the pillow. For those people, medium to high thickness pillows will be appropriate.

8. Weight

Depending upon your body weight, you should choose a back pillow of appropriate thickness. If your weight is above 230 pounds, you might highly compress your pillow, so you will require a low or medium loft pillow.

If your weight is less than 130 pounds, the compression will be reduced so that a high loft pillow will be ideal for you. If you are between 130 pounds and 230 pounds, you must choose a medium loft pillow.

9. Bed Type

For a mattress that sinks deeply, a medium to low loft pillow type will be appropriate. For firm mattresses, a high loft pillow type can be chosen.

10. Sleeping Position

You must choose the back pillow, depending upon your sleeping position. If you have the habit of sleeping at the back, you must choose a pillow with medium support for your head, neck, and spine.

If you have the habit of sleeping at a side position, you must choose a firmer pillow so that there will be a proper alignment of the spine with the whole body.

If you sleep on your tummy, then you need to choose a soft and fluffy pillow, as it will make your head toss easily without any discomfort.

So keeping in mind the presented factors before buying a back pillow will assure you a sound and deep sleep without any discomforts in the head, neck, and back areas.

Back Pillows And Their Impact To The Total Well Being

Back pain is the most miserable pain that will make your sleep pattern disturbed, which will ultimately affect your daily routine and your mental well being. Prolonged back pain might make it difficult to get up from bed, toss to the sides, and disturb your good night’s sleep.

1. Aligns Body

While the serious cases may be due to severe medical complications, mostly the back pain arises due to long sitting and standing type of work. When you sit for a long time, you will not be able to maintain proper posture, which is the main reason for your back pain.

In order to alleviate the postural back pain, you can use some of the best pillows for back pain, which will relax your body muscles. The spinal cord is the central part of the human body, which will connect to the main brain system and other neural systems.

If you sleep in a position such that the body is aligned properly with head, neck, back, and hip, you can easily overcome all sorts of pains in the body.

So choose a pillow such that it will perfectly aligns your upper body in proper posture by placing pillows in the areas where you feel comfortable.

Choose a pillow that satisfies your comfort necessary like some would like to place the pillow between knees, thighs, full-body resting against the pillow, under ankle joints, or at the back if you are in sitting position.

2. Impact On Sleeping Position And The Pain

Even if you buy the best pillow for your back pain, some people might not get the feeling of relieving back from pain. This is because of the sleeping position.

Based upon your sleeping position, you must buy the back pillow, which will help in providing complete recovery from all sorts of pain. Following are the sleeping positions and the pillows that you may require for them:

a. Back Sleeping Position

If you have the habit of sleeping at your back, a firm and thick pillow will not provide you proper support of the upper body, which will further aggravate your back pain. You must buy a pillow, which should be thin and firm.

This type of pillow will contain memory foam fillings, which will be filling the gap between the neck and the pillow. For back sleeping positions, buy contour pillows, which will have a hollow center and elevated wedges at the sides. Initially, for one week, it will take time for your body to set with the pillow. But after that, you will really feel comfortable, and you will never feel any discomfort at night and in the morning while you get up from the bed.

b. Tummy Sleeping Position

Tummy sleepers will generally sleep on their stomach, which will not provide any support to the back and neck. Actually, if you are a tummy sleeper, you should never use any pillows, as your body and bed should be at the same level. But this is not possible, and hence you should choose very thin and soft pillows, which will give you the feeling that you are lying with no pillows.

For better results, you can also place another thin and soft pillow beneath the hip, which will keep your spine aligned with the neck, hip, lower back, and knees. By proper alignment, you will have a sound and deep sleep, ending up with no discomforts.

c. Side Sleeping Position

This is the most commonly used sleeping position by most of the people, which is the correct sleeping position, as it maintains proper posture. While sleeping at the side position, there will be perfect support to your head, neck, and shoulders, which will eventually align your spine in the correct position with the lower body.

For a side sleeping position, it is better to buy firmer and higher pillows, which will make your head elevated above the shoulders, with proper filling and support between the neck and shoulders.

Contour pillows also work best for side sleepers, as it will have different height at both ends, and you can choose the side which will be comfortable for you.

For additional support for your spine and lower body, you can place a soft and thin pillow between your thighs. By doing so, you can recover from postural related back pain, neck pain, stiff shoulders, and hip pains.

Thus this section provided you with insight on the impact of back pain due to sleeping positions and the ways to alleviate the postural problems.

Types Of Pillow Filling

There are different types of pillow fillings, which will make your pillow firmer, softer, supportive, low height, high height, or medium one. Depending upon your pillow requirement, you must be choosing the filling type used in the pillow. The following section will give you several types of pillow fillings along with its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Down Pillow Filling

This type of filling is made up of bird feathers that are present at the bottom of the bird’s feather body. This fluffy bottom part of the feather is called down.

The pillow filling will be a combination of both feathers and down. This type of filling might give u a feeling of rubbing against your face when you sleep sideways.

This pillow will be very soft and retain its shape without deformation. This pillow is very suitable for all sleeping positions. It will provide excellent support to your head and neck.

But this will produce heat, giving you a warm feeling, which will be unbearable during the summer season. They are quite expensive and difficult to clean.

2. Feather Pillow Filling

This type of pillow will be apt to side and back sleepers. The pillow filling is composed of 100% feathers without a down part, which will easily adapt according to the shape of the pillow. They are cheaper than down pillows.

These pillows might get flatten on consistent usage. They will produce some odd smell and cleaning is also very difficult. It has been made fluffy for every use, which many people will not prefer.

3. Polyester Pillow Filling

Polyester fiber filled pillows are easily available in the market and extremely cheap pillows. This type of pillow will be suitable for back and side sleepers and thin body tummy sleepers.

These pillows will not get flatten easily and will be firm. They are light-weight pillows, which will make your cleaning easy.

But these pillows are not aerated properly, leading to sweating, and your body might get warmed up, which is not a good thing in the summer season.

These pillows on persistent usage will generate lumps all over the area, which will disturb your sleep pattern.

4. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Filling

This type of pillow filling is suitable for all types of sleepers. The memory foam generally retains shape and does not deflate on consistent usage.

It will give you perfect support to your upper body parts and preferred by many people. Memory foam is not easily adaptable to your body curve.

But shredded memory foam will contain several torn pieces of foam, which will move according to your body curve and give perfect support for your neck, head, and shoulders.

The memory foam is made of blending of polyurethane and other chemical substances, which will produce a toxic smell, and they are claimed to be toxic. Other than that, the memory foam is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Buckwheat Hulls Pillow Filling

The buckwheat pillows are firmer pillows, and they are easily adaptable according to your body curves. They are also non-toxic and give you a pleasant odor. They can be easily cleaned and come for a long time.

These types of pillows are easily breathable. People who need soft pillows will not like this type of filling. They also produce some sort of sound while you toss while sleeping.

6. Microbead Pillow Filling

The microbead filling is made up of polymer beads, which are similar to buckwheat fillings. But in this case, the beads are made up of synthetic materials.

They are fully aerated, and hence you will cool sleeping, and they easily adapt according to your body position and hence gives you a comfortable feeling.

But this type fill might get flatten on consistent usage and will deflate after successive compression. As they are made up of polymer crystals, they produce some toxic smell.

7. Shredded Latex Pillow Filling

Unlike latex filling, the shredded latex filling will be very flexible, and easily movable parts will make you feel comfortable while sleeping. Gives perfect support to your head, neck, and shoulders.

The filling is the combination of both natural and synthetic material, and hence they are not toxic. These pillows are suitable for back and side sleepers as they are soft and firm.

But they do have some rubber smell, and the pillow filling is also expensive.

FAQs on Pillows For Back Pain

1. Will Pillows Completely Relieve Back Pain?

Definitely yes, if you choose a proper pillow type according to your sleeping position. If you lie on your back with pillows under the knee joints, you will never feel any discomfort in your back.

2. Is It Mandatory To Use A Pillow If Your Mattress Is Firm?

If your mattress is firm and you are back sleeper, it is not mandatory to use a pillow. But if you feel uncomfortable without a pillow, you can buy thin and soft pillows.

3. What Is A Hotel Type Pillow?

At hotels, where people will come and stay with different sleeping positions and with medical complications, they will design a pillow in such a way that it will give you comfortable sleep with proper support on the neck, shoulder, and back.

4. What Is An Orthopedic Pillow?

Some people might have medical complications in any part of the body, namely, neck, shoulders, hip, back, knees, and ankles. So choose a pillow such that it will provide adequate support to the body parts which are under medical supervision.

5. What Will Inside A Neck Pillow?

A neck pillow will be having foam or fiber materials inflated with water, which will give perfect support for your neck pain.

6. What Is Cotton Filling, Is It Good?

The cotton filled pillows are 100% natural and will be soft. They are 100 % breathable and give you a cool sleep. These pillows are hypoallergenic and easily cleaned and washed. But they might get lumps over time, and you need to frequently refill the filling. It will be noisy also.

Best Back Pillows For Back Pain – Your choice?

There are several varieties of back pillows available in the market for back pain. So before you choose one, you must have a clear picture of what type pillow will be suitable for you based on your sleeping position, your body weight, mattress type, and medical complications, if any.

You should also choose a pillow with perfect fillers, which should be 100% breathable, non-toxic, and a washable pave the way for a happy and good night’s sleep without any discomfort.

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