Best Mattresses For Back Pain 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Linenspa 2. Lucid3. Tuft & Needle
Linenspa Best Mattresses For Back PainLucid 10-InchTuft & Needle

Back pain can be caused due to many reasons such as being overweight, a sports injury, long-standing or sitting hours and even an uncomfortable and lumpy mattress, which may not offer proper support to your body and spine.


Whatever the reasons for back pain, no one would like to have the back pain because it makes one very uncomfortable and stressed throughout the day and even disturbs one’s night sleep.

While medications may ease back pain and also treat it, one of the ideal and long-term solutions for this problem is the use of the best mattress for back pain. Such a mattress offers your body and spine the best alignment for it while ensuring that your body gets all the support it needs while sleeping.

You will be glad to know mattresses are now being designed by companies to ensure you have a comfortable and restful sleep.

You are sure to wake up refreshed and energetic because these mattresses are incorporating special features that provide much-needed relief to people from back pain. We will also provide you with some essential buying tips so that you can make an informed choice.

Top 20 Best Mattresses For Back Pain 2020

1. Linenspa

Linenspa Best Mattresses For Back PainThis beautifully designed hybrid mattress has combined the responsive support given by the inner springs with the ultimate contouring comfort of memory foam. Such aspects will provide you with a mattress that allows you to enjoy the best of both the different techniques for crafting a mattress.

What you get from this dual technology concept is a comfortable and robust mattress that offers the best support to your back and spine for many restful pain-free nights that you will enjoy for a long time to come.

The sleek design of the mattress is backed with a plush layer of memory foam that minimizes the pressure points and quickly helps your spine align itself for maximum comfort.

It also sports a well-designed knit cover that can be easily cleaned by you to keep the mattress looking new and fresh always. You will be amazed to know that this mattress has more than 20,000 positive reviews and the “Amazon’s Choice” tag, making it very popular and appreciated by people who have used it till now


  • The tempered steel springs ensure that the mattress will be durable and firm for many years.
  • It comes with ten years of limited warranty for your peace of mind


  • It does not have cooling gel infused in it

2. Lucid

Lucid 10-InchWith over ten thousand positive ratings, this fantastic dual layer mattress is one of the most popular mattresses available on Amazon. The highly responsive open-cell design memory foam at the top layer of this mattress easily compresses under your body weight. It aligns with your body’s curves to give you relief from your pressure points.

It is also ideal for those people who are not able to get a full night’s proper sleep and often wake at night with body heating issues, as the top layer has cooling gel infused in it. This cooling gel gently draws out the heat from your body and gives you a cool surface to sleep.

You are sure to get hours of refreshing sleep that helps you awaken rejuvenated and active in the morning.

The mattress is also covered with specially designed moisture-controlling Tencel blend fabric that is well known for its temperature regulating and air ventilation properties.

The memory foam used in the mattress is CeritPUR-US certified for safety, quality, and durability, which ensures the safe health of your family.


  • Dual-layer mattress for superior support
  • The base layer is 7.5′ high-density foam that gives this mattress its medium firmness
  • Compact packaging for your convenience


  • Decompression of the mattress may take time

3. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & NeedleThose suffering from back pain will appreciate the firm support and relief from back pain that this mattress provides. It has been built with Tuft & Needle’s own indigenously developed adaptive foam. Soft and bouncy, the foam also offers adequate support for your back and spine by proactively adjusting to your backs’ shape.

The mattress also maintains the optimum temperature for you to sleep comfortably on it by not being too hot or cold. It marks a very different and refined approach to mattress construction as compared to materials such as latex and memory foam.
Since it does not have coils or springs, the mattress does not make any disturbing movements or sounds when you shift sides, ensuring that your partner’s sleep is not disturbed.

You will be impressed to know that the indigenous craftsmanship and superior build of this mattress have won it more than 8,500 positive reviews on Amazon, along with the “Amazon’s Choice” tag, making it the best firm mattress for back pain.


  • CertiPUR-US certified for quality, safety, and durability
  • Two distinct layers for maximum support


  • Firm build may not be suitable for all people

4. Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Sleep Innovations ShilohIf you are looking for a queen size mattress, then this premium dual-layer design mattress will help you wake up refreshed and energetic every day for many years to come.

Its twin layers have been designed to give you a cloud-like feeling while sleeping on it. It ensures that your body gets the proper support it needs to avoid any back-pain problems.

The mattress features 2.5″ in-house developed memory foam technology, which easily adjusts its shape as per the contours of your body. It relieves the different pressure points in your body for a soothing, deep sleep that will help rejuvenate your body.

The 9.5″ base foam on the hand, adequately supports the memory foam so that it maintains its shape and gives you a good night’s rest for many years.

This mattress is also ideal for all sleeping positions, as it has a medium-firm construction that will not allow the mattress to sag, no matter where you rest your body weight on it. It is a Certi-PUR certified mattress, so you can rest assured about its quality and safety for your family. It has been manufactured in the USA and comes in an easy to assemble packaging.


  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, and pollens
  • Ready to use within minutes of receiving the packaging
  • It comes with an easy to clean luxurious soft knit cover


  • It should feature more color options

5. Classic Brands

Classic BrandsWhat makes this the best mattress for back pain is its three distinct layers that have been designed to give maximum support and convenience to your body.

The top gel-infused memory foam layer ensures your body gets the best properly aligned support it needs while also keeping it cool by drawing away from the excess heat from it.

Memory foam is often used in this high-end mattress is known for its form retaining properties and the ability to contour to your body’s shape smoothly. It was earlier used by astronauts to help them withstand the high atmospheric pressure.

The middle layer of this mattress is designed for better air ventilation, while also giving the mattress sufficient bounce and rebound properties.

What makes this mattress durable, supportive, and long-lasting is its bottom layer that has been made with high-density foam for durability and years of pain-free, relaxing sleep.

You will be glad to know that this well-designed triple layer mattress has received more than 3,500 reviews for its quality, durability, and comfort from satisfied customers.


  • CertiPUR-US certified for quality, strength, and safety.
  • Easily adjustable for all beds and bases


  • It could be too heavy for one person to handle it and install it.

6. Vibe XL

Vibe XLYour search for the best mattress for back pain ends with this high quality, superior build 12-inch mattress by Vibe. This mattress has able to acquire more than 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Many buyers have highly appreciated it and pinned it with the “Amazon’s Choice” tag on the Amazon website.

What makes this mattress unique and good for you is its 12-inch top layer that has been infused with cooling gel to draw away the heat from your body for a relaxing night’s sleep so that you do not get up frequently at night. This mattress boasts of hypoallergenic material, not to mention it has been CertiPUR-US certified.

The weight of your body is divided equally throughout the mattress for the best support as it has a 7-inch base of high-density foam, which is both strong and durable to last you for many years of uninterrupted and refreshing sleep.

Mattress comes with a luxurious stretch knit quilted fibre cover that adds an attractive look and elegance to your mattress.


  • Resistant to dust mites, molds, and bacteria
  • It can be easily fitted on all adjustable bases


  • Decompression may take some time

7. Perfect Cloud

Perfect CloudDesigned to be comfortable for all sleepers, this 12″ full-size mattress by Perfect Cloud boasts of three unique and distinctive layers with specific features. These factors will aid you in getting a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep without any interruptions or turning and tossing around in bed.

The indigenously designed 1″ top layer is made of quilted plush air-infused foam, which is paired with a 1.5″ layer of cooling and ventilating gel-infused foam. It is further supported by a 2″ gel-infused memory foam that not efficiently retains its original shape once you wake up.

Still, it lets you have a cool refreshing sleep by quickly dissipating the excess heat from your body.

This well-designed mattress, which has received more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, comes with a premium textile knot cover that gives your mattress an exquisite and beautiful look. The product also helps in proper air circulation within the mattress to keep it cool.


  • Suitable for all sleeping styles
  • Motion isolation feature helps you turn sides, without disturbing your partner


  • Full decompression of the mattress may take some time

8. Prima Sleep

Prima SleepThis memory foam mattress has been showered with more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It has been designed to give your head, neck, and shoulders the support.

It also ensures the proper alignment of your spine so that you can get rid of any back pain problems that generally result due to improper alignment.

The strong and durable top layer will easily handle your body weight so that you enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed sleep at night. You will find this mattress useful in all weather conditions since it also has a proprietary cooling I-Gel infused in it, which helps the mattress maintain a constant cool temperature.

It also has a high-density foam bottom layer, which prevents the memory foam from sagging and helps keep it in its original shape. All the three layers of this mattress work together to give you a high performing and long-lasting mattress you will appreciate for many years to come.


  • Soft feel, luxury mattress
  • It provides relief to your pressure points


  • A bit on the heavier side

9. Olee Sleep

Olee SleepThis CertiPUR-US certified mattress with multiple foam layers will give you a unique sleeping experience and ensure you wake up refreshed and energetic in the morning.

This best mattress for back pain has been designed with three different layers that work together to give your back and body complete support while also dispersing the weight equally among the mattress.

The I-Gel cooling foam on the top is well recognized for its cooling properties. It will ensure that you do not toss and turn at night. It will take care of heat emitting from your body, which is often the cause for a night of disturbed sleep and frequent interruptions at night while sleeping.

It also has the best-in-its-class air ventilation, thanks to its well-designed curved middle layer. What keeps the mattress stable and reliable is its high-density base form. Overall, this mattress is a good value for money and ensures a peaceful sleep. You will be glad to know it has received more than 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon.


  • Indigenously designed memory foam to support your body
  • High-density foam for better durability


  • The firm design may not be suitable for all

10. Sweetnight

SweetnightIf you are looking for a mattress that will give you dual-use, then this uniquely designed mattress by Sweetnight will not let you down. It has a very innovative flappable design that enables you to use the mattress both ways comfortably.

It is a zone foam design mattress with extraordinary firmness and support in specific areas. You will notice this mattress features four individual layers for your comfort.

The much needed and appreciated 2″ top layer is crafted using a gel-infused memory foam that is well known for its cooling properties. It is a big help to those people whose body tends to emit a lot of heat at night due to the natural metabolism and healing process of our bodies that take place at night.

The 5-inch foam layer adds to the comfort factor of this mattress as it relieves your pressure points and keeps your body well balanced on the bed. To keep the mattress long-lasting and durable, it has a 3-inch dense foam base at the bottom.


  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Well-designed layers for maximum comfort


  • It may have a new mattress smell for a few days

11. Twin XL Latex Hybrid

Twin XL Latex HybridHybrid mattresses are designed to offer the best features of the different technologies used in a single mattress. This aspect such a mattress better than just buying a coil-based or memory foam-based mattress.

This dual-technology hybrid mattress by Lucid offers both high-quality cooling gel-infused memory foam, along with independently wrapped coils, which facilitate better airflow. The coils also help isolate motion making them suitable for people who frequently change positions while sleeping.

The coil bass also provides edge support and aligns your spine with relieving your pressure points while you sleep, which makes it the best mattresses for back and neck pain. The premium memory foam in the top layer is well supported by natural latex to give the mattress a subtle bounce and spring type feeling.

This unique combination of two different materials makes the mattress both hypoallergenic and breathable for your comfort. This attractive mattress has received more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon because it comes with a stylish two-tone cover finish.


  • Washable cover, keeps the mattress looking fresh and new
  • The two individual transition layers help minimize motion transfer


  • Medium firmness may not be suitable for all

12. Sweet Night

Sweet Night QueenSudden motion by your partner can disturb your sleep at night, and leave you awake for many hours. Thankfully, you can get rid of such a problem if you buy this innovatively designed motion isolating mattress by Sweet Night.

Queen-sized mattress has an astonishing 775 independently wrapped coils designs within it so that you can get comfort and have a relaxed sleep.

Each coil has been designed for pressure relief to reduce the discomfort faced due to back pain. It also moves independently to minimize the effects of motion transfer between partners, so that you get a well-deserved good night’s rest.

This mattress has been designed with 3 zone pocket springs so that your body’s weight is evenly distributed so that you can get complete support from head to toe.

The memory foam top layer, while keeping your body cool, also ensures that you do not feel the independent coil springs while sleeping. The quilted design top cover is skin-friendly and designed to give the mattress an elegant look.


  • It helps in achieving perfect spinal alignment
  • Certi-PUR-US Certified for safety and durability


  • It takes 72 hours to decompress

13. PrimaSleep

PrimaSleepIt is an ideal mattress for all types of sleepers, thanks to its different top layer that supports your body weight quickly. This mattress also maintains the body shape giving it adequate support at the pressure points to relieve any back or shoulder pain problems. No wonder many buyers have hailed it as the best mattress for low back pain.

The top layer also has a specially developed cooling gel, known as I-Gel, which absorbs the heat from your body and disperses it safely to give you a cool and relaxing surface to sleep. This feature is handy for sleepers who often get up at night due to body heating problems.

The three different layers of the mattress are designed to support each other and ensure a comfortable sleeping experience for you. The center layer is made of foam and helps in better air circulation throughout the mattress to keep it cool and well air-ventilated.

The bottom 4.5″ foam layer gives the mattress its overall stability and strength while supporting the memory foam to retain its original shape. The mattress comes with a well-designed jacquard cover, which looks new always.


  • A multi-layered mattress designed for comfort and stability.
  • Designed to maintain a constant temperature


  • Slightly heavy for a single person to be able to install it

14. Best Price Mattress

Best Price MattressComfortable and stylish, this mattress has a well-designed multi-layer construction, which has won it more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon. It is a medium-firm mattress, which makes it perfect for a well-deserved sleep after a tiring day at the office or home.

The body-conforming properties of the top layer adequately relieve your pressure points of back and shoulder. The top layer has many air ventilation points, which increase the breathability of the mattress and assist the infused cooling gel to keep your body cool while sleeping.

The manufacturers have tried and tested this mattress for strength and durability so that it gives you outstanding performance for many years. High-density foam has been used in the base to support the above two layers.

The knitted cover made of poly-jacquard has a stylish looking satin piping border and a non-slip bottom to ensure your mattress does not slide off the bed. If you are prone to lose your sleep and wake up frequently due to your body heating up at night, then this product is the best option.


  • CeriPUR-US certified memory foam
  • Ten years of warranty


  • Ideally cannot be used as a standalone mattress, and will need a base for better performance

15. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-Inch

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-InchIf you choose this mattress, you are sure to get a mattress that respects your sense of style with an impressive and stylishly designed quilted cover mattress.

It ensures you get a good night’s sleep and wake up full of energy in the morning. This 12″ Queen sized mattress has been crafted as a luxurious and premium sleeping mattress for all sleeping positions and people from average build to bigger body types.

This Shiloh mattress also provides you with much-needed pain relief through pressure points and a personalized alignment—a feature that is often seen only in high-end mattresses.

The indigenously developed DuoComfort design and SureTemp memory foam top layer ensure that the mattress aligns itself perfectly with your body for maximum support and stability while sleeping.

This medium feel mattress offers adequate support from head to toe, due to which it is one of the most popular mattresses on Amazon and also the best mattress for back support with more than 500 positive ratings.


  • Designed for optimum comfort
  • It keeps your body correctly aligned, to prevent back and shoulder pain


  • The medium firm design may not suit all sleepers

16. Early Bird

Early BirdPeople looking for a satisfying and rejuvenating sleeping experience will love this mattress as it has been designed with pressure-relieving memory foam, which contours itself to match your body’s shape and give it adequate support.

It also has a cooling gel in the top layer, which ensures that your body does not get too heated at night. It makes sure you sleep comfortably by absorbing the heat generating from your body and providing you with the perfect cold surface to sleep on in return.

The medium firm construction of this mattress has been designed to be comfortable and ideal for side and back sleepers, while also making it the best mattress for back pain. The design of this mattress is compatible with all adjustable base frames. This mattress ideal for its craftsmanship and the fact that it is made in the USA, which makes it pocket friendly.


  • Ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly mattress
  • Low decompression time, making it ready and perfect for use within 48 hours


  • Not a hybrid model

17. Sweet Night Queen

Sweet Night QueenThis mattress provides adequate support and comfortably contours to your body’s shape. It is ideal for those who are suffering from back pain and looking for a mattress that could help them sleep better and pain-free at night. The mattress designed and crafted by Sweet Night has been specially built for back pain relief, making it the best mattress for back pain.

What makes this mattress highly comfortable and perfect for sleeping on are its 3 zone layers that have been designed to offer maximum support and pressure relief to the different parts of your body. The mattress also helps to align your spine so that you can get rid of any exertion on the lower back.

It is a medium-firm mattress with cooling gel-infused on top so that you can get a refreshing and cool experience while sleeping at night.

The CertiPUR-US certification of this mattress boasts of its superior quality, build, and durability so you can rest assured it will provide you a night of restful sleep for many years to come. Not to mention, the rayon cotton blend cover is of breathable quality and will keep your mattress looking good and new for many years.


  • Proper ventilation and ergonomic design for the best comfort while sleeping
  • Chemical-free, making it safe to use for your entire family


  • The medium firm build may not be suitable for all people

18. Inofia Twin XL

Inofia Twin XLWhat makes this mattress unique and popular is its hybrid construction with individually wrapped pocket springs that offer high-quality motion isolation whenever you move in bed.

Each of the springs works together with the other springs to provide your body with the support it needs, while easily balancing its weight for a relaxing and comfortable sleeping experience. The CertiPUR-US certified memory foam used in this mattress is of high quality and completely safe for your children.

The top cover of this mattress is also skin-friendly and has breathable properties that ensure that it always remains soft to touch. The mattress also has a net cover on the sides, which provides maximum airflow within the mattress to keep it well ventilated.

An “Amazon’s Choice” product, this mattress has received more than 400 positive reviews from customers who have used the product and found it good enough to leave a review to guide other users.


  • Hybrid design reduces pressure point build-up and the feeling of rolling on the mattress
  • Better airflow through the mattress, due to the placement of pocket springs under the mattress.


  • No cooling gel layer

19. Casper Sleep

Casper SleepThis mattress by Casper is an “Amazon’s Choice” product. It features four distinct layers for your comfort and provides the best-zoned support for your body at night.

The premium foam used in constructing this mattress helps your body achieve the best spinal alignment for it, which helps reduce any back pain problems that are usually caused by uncomfortable mattresses.

This mattress uses open-cell foam technology, which makes the foam more breathable and also provides better overall ventilation to the mattress by dispersing the hot air through small tiny pores. The result is you get a cooler mattress at night, which helps you relax and sleep more comfortably.

This mattress is considered as the best mattress for back pain—an ideal option for all types of sleepers, no matter what your height or weight.


  • Zoned system design, for better support to the entire body
  • It helps in the body is adequately aligned while sleeping


  • No cooling gel in the top layer

20. Leesa

LeesaSuperior edge-to-edge support and individually wrapped pocket springs are what makes this mattress by Leesa, a much favored and popular mattress. This hybrid design mattress also has a memory foam top, which contours to match your body’s shape for personalized support without hassles.

The hybrid design of this mattress is very responsive and maintains adequate pressure on your body’s pressure points to give you relief from both shoulder and back pain. The cooling Avena foam on the top is a new addition that helps your body cool at night.

This mattress is covered with the iconic four stripes cover, which is a sign of its quality marksmanship. The cover is easily washable and does not have any tapered edges, making it one of the best breathable and comfortable covers in the market.


  • More than 1,100 individually wrapped pocket springs for superior comfort and support
  • Shape-retaining memory foam


  • No cooling gel

How The Right Mattress Can Help Reduce Back Pain

No matter the cause, back pain is one of the primary reasons that people are not able to sleep comfortably. One who suffers from it keeps on tossing and turning at night to find the ideal sleeping position that helps reduce the pain. Some people prefer sleeping on their sides; others even try sleeping on their stomachs as an antidote against the same.

Considering the number of hours, one spends sleeping, it is vital to get good quality sleep for the overall relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. Sleeping also acts as a healing of the body.

One should make all the efforts possible to have an undisturbed sleep at night. The best mattress can help you get the optimum sleep required for you and your body, by reducing the effects of back pain and also preventing the same.

However, selecting the best mattress for lower back pain that will be suitable for you is not an easy task and needs careful consideration. The wrong choice can also aggravate the pain further.

The firmness and cooling properties of a mattress plays a pivotal role in supporting your spine. These are some of the critical factors that you should always look for while buying a mattress.

Given the wide variety of mattresses available in the market and their features, you may not be able to differentiate between them, which could result in you not being satisfied with your purchase in the long term.

To assist you with the decision to buy the best mattress for back pain, we have already provided you with the list of all the best mattresses that have received positive reviews from customers who have tried them.

1. Causes Of Back Pain

To understand how a mattress can help you with your back pain problems, one needs to have a deeper and better understanding of the various reasons for back pain, mainly the reasons that cause it. This knowledge will help you have a proper and well-researched approach to solving your back pain problems and ensuring you with a solution so that you can get rid of it.

2. Being Overweight

This factor is considered one of the primary factors behind the majority of the back pain cases since carrying excess weight leads to a strain on the back muscles and even the spine. This strain gradually increases and results in back pain.

3. Sports Injury Or Falling

A sports injury may also cause back pain problems to recur at a later stage in life, even though the wound or injury may have healed up earlier. Back pain can also be caused by falling heavily on the ground, especially on your back, during which you may have caused unexpected stress on the back muscles.

4. Sciatica

This factor usually occurs when a nerve in the back gets compressed due to our daily activities and also being overweight.

5. Carrying Heavy Weights

If you are not used to carrying heavy weights around the house or at your workplace and happens to carry some, this can exert your back muscles by lifting something heavy. Such a situation can cause a back pain problem.

6. Uncomfortable Sleeping Position

This factor is also one of the primary reasons for back pain, as sleeping in an awkward position or not getting adequate support for the back may lead to it getting stressed, resulting in back pain.

How Back Pain Affects Sleep

People who suffer from back pain can be divided into two significant categories. 1) Acute Back Pain – Wherein people face back pain suddenly and only for short durations. 2) Chronic Back Pain – This describes the pain felt by people who have been facing it for a long time, with the pain being consistent.

In both the scenarios, the sleep of individuals is disturbed at night, with people waking up often at night to change their sleeping positions or apply a muscle-relaxing gel. This frequent waking up also interrupts their ability to go back to sleep and get a night of proper deep sleep, resulting in them feeling tired when they wake up the next day.

These factors, while sleeping does not allow the body to heal itself naturally and build up its energy levels. It also increases the stress levels, causing mood swings and anxiety throughout the day, which also affects one’s ability to work at home or in the office.

Factors For Selecting The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Choosing the best mattress for you is now a cakewalk when you are provided with plenty of options. We have made you aware of the different brands and models of mattresses available in the market. Also, we informed you about the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress so that it will help you make an informed decision.

Apart from knowing the best features and benefits, it would also be helpful to understand the different factors one should consider while selecting a mattress. To assist you with your buying decision, we have put together a few of the top factors you should consider while buying a mattress.

1. The Type Of Mattress

Not all mattresses are the same, but many differ significantly in the type of material used. It all depends on the craftsmanship used in preparing them. The materials used in the mattress significantly affect its overall performance, comfort, and durability, and so on. One needs to know more about it. Allow us to put forward some of the different types of mattresses.

2. Foam Mattress

These are the most popular mattresses available nowadays due to the comfort and firmness they offer. They are considered the best mattress for back pain, especially the ones with memory foam technology. These mattresses quickly adjust to the shape of the sleeper and give the maximum support and comfort to the body.

Memory foam mattresses are known for their form retaining properties and quickly regain their original shape once the sleeper awakens. They are made from the material polyurethane, which uses our body’s heat to change and adapt its shape to the body’s curves, thereby giving our back and spine the strong support it needs to be correctly aligned.

Apart from memory foam, most mattress manufacturers use a dense quality of foam at the base of the mattress. It remains firm always, giving the mattress it’s overall shape, support, and durability. It also acts as a support base to the memory foam and helps it regain its original shape quickly.

Some foam mattresses also have a cooling gel infused in them in the top layer to absorb any excess heat generating from the body so that the body remains cool and comfortable. This aspect helps the sleeper enjoy an uninterrupted sleeping session.

  • Innerspring mattress

It is one of the earlier designs of mattresses, which is still popular and used all around the world for many decades. These mattresses contain coils known as springs, which are independently wrapped and placed inside the mattress along with materials like cotton, foam, and polyester, and so on.

The springs are flexible and keep adjusting as per the weight of your body. Even if you move during your sleep, the spring provides better support to you. These mattresses, however, tend to be a bit noisy due to the constant movement of the springs as they adjust to your sleeping position.

What makes them attractive is their budget pricing, as compared to mattresses made of foam materials. Unfortunately, these mattresses tend to sag in some areas, as the springs get worn out over some time.

  • Hybrid Mattresses

This mattress is designed to give you the benefits of both foam and spring mattresses. No doubt, it has won the hearts of many sleepers the world over due to their comfort, stability, and long-lasting performance. The innerspring coils within the mattress aid in better ventilation and breathability of the mattress, which keeps them cool.

Memory foam is usually used in the top layers of these mattresses as a perfect complement to the inner springs to give the body the additional comfort. The mattress also adapts itself to the shape of the body and provides the desired support to keep the body and spine properly aligned.

  • Latex Mattress

Latex, which is also known as rubber, is used in the construction of these mattresses to give it a very comfortable and cushioning feel. The rubber used in these mattresses is usually derived from tree sap and may be mixed with artificial or synthetic latex. Mattresses made of latex adapt to the shape of the body to give it the support it requires, though they may tend to be a bit hot due to the rubber component in them.

3. The Support System

The essential role of a good quality mattress is to give your body the support it requires and also relieve the pressure from different points in the body. It is the primary role of a mattress to aid the body in getting relief from back and other types of body pain. Mattresses are made to be soft, firm, and medium-firm so that you can select the one best suitable for you.

The medium-firm mattresses are the most preferred ones, as they are not too soft to sag down and become uncomfortable to sleep. Medium-firm mattresses offer a more relaxed and supportive feeling and are more comfortable.

4. Depending On Your Sleeping Position

Each one of us inadvertently moves at night and keeps changing our sleeping position until we are comfortable. While some may prefer sleeping on their back, others may prefer sleeping on their side and even the stomach.

Once you are sure of the position you are comfortable sleeping in, you should look for a mattress that offers you the best comfort in that position.

Some mattresses have different support levels in different zones, based on the sleeping position preferences of sleepers. So make sure you inquire or learn more about the support the mattress offers for the different areas in your body.

FAQs on Best Mattress For Back Pain

1. Why Is A Good Quality Mattress Important For Those With Back Pain?

A good quality mattress can help reduce the back pain one is suffering from by providing adequate support to the entire body while sleeping. It also helps in aligning the spine with the rest of the body since improper alignment is often the reason for back pain.

2. Why Does Our Body Give Off Heat While Sleeping?

Our bodies naturally heal at night, due to which we may heat up a bit. This aspect often leads to us waking up frequently and having a night of interrupted sleep. Usually, as a result, one wakes up tired in the morning. An excellent cooling gel-infused mattress can help solve this problem and help us sleep more peacefully.

3. What Is The Ideal Sleeping Position To Avoid Back Pain?

While sleeping on the back is considered the best remedy to avoid back pain, you can try sleeping in different positions such as on your side and stomach if it helps provide relief from back pain.

4. Are Hybrid Mattresses An Excellent Option To Buy?

Yes, such mattresses usually combine the best features found in different types of mattresses. Hybrid mattresses typically have a memory foam layer supported by a spring layer, which helps you get excellent support and flexibility from the mattress for a more comfortable sleep. Hybrid mattresses also usually have a gel layer on top, which adds to the cooling factor of the mattress and helps us sleep better.

Look For The Best Mattresses For Back Pain

If the back pain keeps occurring frequently and disturbs your sleep at night, then a good quality mattress can help us get relief from our back pain.

Not to mention, shoulder pain is something that most of us have begun to experience in our day to day life. In this case, just selecting any mattress will not do, as it needs to be designed for maximum comfort and support to the body while also dissipating the excess heat from our body.

A good quality mattress apart from providing pain relief is also essential for us to have a relaxing and comfortable sleep from which we can awaken fresh and energetic to take on the day. The critical question, however, is which mattress is best and what are the features one should look for while buying a mattress.

Hopefully, this question and many other questions in your mind about purchasing the best mattress for back pain will be adequately answered in this guide, along with the list of the mattresses you can select from to meet your requirements.

Buying a mattress is a long-term decision, and it is not something we would like to replace often, so it is advisable to do proper and thorough research on them before actually buying one.

No matter what mattress you select, always ensure that it offers a warranty on its quality and manufactured by a company that has considerable experience in manufacturing mattresses. Take your time to think and make an informed decision.

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