Best Mattress Toppers 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Linenspa2. Lucid3. Lucid
Linenspa Best Mattress TopperLucidLucid 4-Inch Ultra Plush

As the term itself suggests, mattress topper it is an extra layer added above the mattress. These are 1″ to 3″ thick and their main purpose is to add an extra softer, comfortable and cooler layer on your existing mattress with an aim to enhance the quality and comfort during your sleeping sessions.


Since toppers are much cheaper compared to the mattresses, many people prefer to upgrade their existing mattress with the best mattress toppers, instead of investing a bulk on a new mattress altogether.

If you are also looking for one, then this guide will give you complete information about how to find the best one, what factors you must consider, and what are some of the best options available in 2020.

While buying the best rated mattress topper, you think of a lot of factors starting from your budget to comfort, size to material, attachment option etc.

Based on these essential factors, here we have given a comprehensive list of most efficient, popularly on demand, and user-friendly mattress toppers with some of the best mattress topper reviews.

Top 15 Best Mattress Toppers 2020

1. Linenspa

Linenspa Best Mattress TopperDesigned with ultra-plush memory foam to maximize your comfort and ease while sleeping, the Linenspa Gel Infused memory foam mattress topper is one of the best deals in the market within the best mattress topper review.

The product is available in two thicknesses that is 2 inches and 3 inches in an extensive variety of sizes, which includes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, King, California King, Queen and RV Queen.

Crafted with a gel-infused mechanism in which the gel beads integrated inside capture and dissipate heat in order to avoid overheating, thereby maintaining temperature.

Since the topper is made of memory foam, it quite effectively distributes the body weight evenly so as to align the spine, which once again helps to keep the pressure points at ease and comfort. This means it not only relieves aches and pain, but also avoids getting one.


  • Contoured design infused with gel
  • Easily captures and distributes body heat
  • Offers seamless support and balance to your spine, thereby relieves pain
  • Offers balance to pressure points


  • Somewhat hard, not too soft

2. Lucid

LucidLucid brings an all in one comprehensive intense sleep comfort solution with the new Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with 3 inches of ventilated gel memory foam.

This product is made to enhance the pressure relieving comfort at distinctive pressure zones like knees, hips, pelvis and shoulders. This means that with this softer and more comfortable mattress topper, you can have all your pressure areas extensively cushioned.

Completely within pocket friendly budget, this topper offers you a soft cushioned layer which is also responsive and airy. Ventilated design is an added advantage that enhances better airflow, thereby also improving comfortable sleep.

Available in a variety of sizes and thickness, you can find the one that best suits your requirements and preferences. And the plush gel integrated in it regulates temperature.


  • Plush gel technology improves temperature regulation, thereby offering cooler sleeping surface
  • Improved air circulation owing to advanced ventilated design
  • 3 years warranty


  • It is too soft and delicate to withstand rough usage

3. Lucid 4-Inch Ultra Plush

Lucid 4-Inch Ultra PlushThis topper from Lucid is dedicated to offer you a comfortable sleep with its luxurious four inches of high-quality gel memory foam. This remains cool and comfortable throughout your sleeping sessions because of its ventilated design.

Both gel and ventilated design together enhance air circulation and breathability of the mattress topper.

Memory foam used to make this mattress topper is also effective in evenly distributing your body weight. It is available in a wide range of sizes, right from twin to California king size.


  • Memory foam acts in a therapeutic way to align your spine
  • Eliminates stress of pressure points
  • Ultra-Plush technology makes it softer


  • It has low density, which means it is too soft to offer intense support

4. Leisure Town

Leisure TownThe Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper by Leisure Town is integrated with the latest HNN Cooling Technology with high end temperature regulation. This mattress topper is uniquely designed with a cloud-like surface crafted of 300TC, which is 100% cotton.

Owing to this superior temperature regulation, there is less heat and sweat on the surface. Leisure Town has brought in a seamless fibre fill technology in which snow down alternative fill is used instead of goose and duck feathers.

This has increased not only the hygienic aspect, but has also eliminated worries of stains and odour. Owing to the 100% cotton covering and thickness of the topper pad, it can also resist liquid spills up to 200ml.


  • Innovative HNN Cooling Technology for improved heat control effect
  • Comes with 21 inches fabric on all sides of the topper so as to wrap and fix to the mattress beneath
  • The new design of quilting seam makes the topper effectively softer and more supportive
  • Available in 4 unique patterns


  • The cover is partially water resistant and cannot obstruct water if the amount of spill is more than 200ml

5. ExceptionalSheets

ExceptionalSheetsThe eLuxury Bamboo Top Mattress Pad from ExceptionalSheets offers a comprehensive fitting solution with a unique fitted stretchable skirt in order to snuggly fit even 18” thick mattresses.

This keeps the topper tightly attached in place. Uniquely made for allergenic and hypersensitive users, this is made with plush rayon from bamboo cover.

Inside, it is filled with down-alternative cluster fibre, which makes this mattress topper hypoallergenic. The product keeps up with customer satisfaction as well, since it is laboratory tested and Consumer Product Safety Commission certifies it to be 16 CFR Part 1632.


  • The Ultra Soft Bamboo Top fabric is 60 times more effective in seamless distribution of body heat
  • It can reduce pressure up to 51% in essential pressure parts like head, shoulder, back, hip etc.


  • A bit expensive than others

6. Oaskys

OaskysOaskys has designed a comfortable and affordable Pad Cover Cooling Mattress with 300TC combed cotton surface, which essentially helps to make the topper cooler.

It is filled with alternative down fill of 49 Oz, offering a cloud like fluffy comfortable layer on your mattress. The mattress topper is a comprehensive package of highly breathable, cool and ultra-soft material.

Innovative and unique seam enhances the softness. There is square jacquard on the topper so as to prevent the filling from moving out of place. There is also elastic made fabric pocket on the corners for easy and tight attachment with your existing mattress.


  • Machine washable, but dry it naturally
  • Offers absolute comfort, coolness and softness, since it is 100% cotton made
  • 62 oz superior quality fitted combed cotton
  • Enhances comfort
  • Soothing to sensitive skin
  • Available in all sizes
  • Not too thick nor too thin


  • Lint may appear after a few washes

7. Sleep Innovations 4-Inch

Sleep Innovations 4-InchThis 4-inch Dual Layer Topper from Sleep Innovations is featured with double layer of gel memory foam and quilted fibre fill. It is a product that redefines sleeping comfort and luxury.

The 2-inch quilted fibre fill on the top proves to be the best pillow top mattress topper and offers extensive softness, while the second layer of 2-inch gel memory foam offers required support to your body structure.

The gel memory foam especially works by absorbing heat from your body and distributing it, thereby maintaining an optimal temperature range, keeping you cool throughout. Therefore, it keeps you at an optimal temperature for a full night of undisturbed sleep.


  • This is a very thick yet soft mattress topper that aims to give you most comfortable sleep at night
  • Hypoallergenic surface helps to keep your mattress topper fresh
  • Great choice for people looking for medium firmness with intense support
  • Comfy soft plush top


  • Topper is not machine washable, but it’s cover is

8. Linenspa Gel Swirl

LinenspaOnce again, another good buy, with great ratings on Amazon. The Linenspa manufactured Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper is an affordable buy within $80. This means without breaking your bank account, you can ensure comfortable sleep with this gel infused memory foam topper that offers dual benefits. The gel mechanism helps to distribute heat and offers a cooling effect.

The memory foam offers intense support and balance to your body. The topper made of memory foam helps to balance your weight and offer support to the alignment of your spine, thereby alleviating all the pressure points of your body. This helps to relieve existing body aches as well as avoid development of body pain.


  • Integrated with ventilated gel swirl design
  • Memory foam is known to relieve pressure
  • Affordable price
  • Available in 2 inch and 3 inch versions
  • Available in all sizes


  • Does not offer much cooling effect as advertised

9. D & G

D & GThe Gel Fiber Mattress Topper from D & G THE DUCK AND GOOSE CO is a comprehensive product offering support and softness.

The gel technology offers optimum balance and support for your spinal alignment, whereas the overfilled structure of the topper embedded with 1400GSM super soft down alternative offers you luxurious comfort. Thickness and softness are what combine this product to make a plush topper.

Crafted with the latest down filling, this is the most effective alternative of a memory foam or a feather filled topper. Since it is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, it eliminates odour of feather filled toppers as well it is cooler than most memory foam toppers.


  • Both stitching and anchor bands ensure fitting secureness to a position
  • It can be easily fitted to all mattresses with depths from 6″ to 22″
  • Ideal pick for all latex as well as memory foam mattresses


The topper is machine washable, but you are advised by the manufacturer not to wash the product in a top load washing machine, since agitators can damage the fibre


10. Easelan

EaselandEaseland understands how important it is to feel soft and comfortable while sleeping. This is why the King Size Pad Pillow Top Mattress Cover designed by the company uses 100% cotton fabric.

The product compiles the use of soft pure cotton fabric with 63 oz Hollow Down alternative microfiber which is elastic in nature. Besides that, the topper is filled with 30oz down alternative fillings, which in short offers a cloud like soft feeling you have always wanted.

It is made with deep pocket design, which is a skirt like stretch all around the topper so that it can be wrapped and fitted with the 21inch 130GSM single-track elastic fabric. Easy to attach and absolutely skin friendly and soft, this product is a value for money buy within $60.


  • 300TC 100% cotton fabric used on the surface is skin friendly, soft and breathable
  • The product is machine washable, which means easy maintenance
  • Uses alternative microfiber, which is odour free and soft
  • 360 degrees all round deep pocket design allows easy and convenient attachment with the mattress


  • Though soft, it flattens pretty fast

11. Best Price Mattress

Best Price MattressConveniently priced for high end comfort and affordability, this CertiPUR-US certified 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Best Price Mattress is a simple yet good pick for a healthy and safe sleeping style. The product comes with a simplified design of 1.5” initial layer of memory foam and the rest 2.5” crafted of high-density base foam.

The top layer of the product is infused with healthy extracts of Green Tea, which is an essential component with agents that effectively help in minimizing stress levels and enhancing comfortable sleep. The layer of memory foam on the top helps to offer all your body pressure points perfect cradle and hug so as to offer optimum support.


  • It helps to isolate all motion transfer on the surface
  • Easy to maintain for the product is hand washable
  • Manufacturer offers 5 years warranty


  • Seems to be harder than described in product description, so not a good choice for people with back pain

12. Mattress Topper Queen

Mattress Topper QueenLooking for a comfortable and revitalizing mattress topper made from gel memory foam. Then your search comes to an end with this Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Milemont.

Plush technology integrated gel memory foam used in the product allows you to feel the softness and comfort, whereas the memory foam hugs to all your curves and supports your pressure points seamlessly.

Temperature regulating advanced gel beads infused within the memory foam uniformly distributes body heat while you sleep, letting you feel cooler and comfortable. The product is easily available in a plethora of sizes like Twin, Full, Queen and King.


  • Contour of the topper seamlessly aligns with all the pressure points and offers spine support
  • Integrated with breathable open cell design
  • Cool gel swirl regulates temperature


  • Not enough cooling effect

13. Milliard

MilliardCrafted with 100% gel memory foam, Milliard 2 inch mattress topper hugs your body curves, relieves pressure, and supports the pressure points, thereby reducing pain and stress of joints and muscles.

It comes with a premium grade 2.5 pound density within an astounding price range, and thereby also prevents from flattening fast or even from losing its shape after a few uses.


  • Improved air ventilation and temperature regulation owing to superior gel technology
  • Conforms to CertiPUR-US standards for product content, durability and design


  • Cooling effect is not much felt

14. Karrism

KarrismKARRISM has made this healthy, comfortable, restful sleep enhancing mattress topper with 100% 400TC cotton which is not only comfortable in warm climatic conditions but is also breathable. This means less sweat and less odour as well.

The product comes with unique heat regulation technology, in which heat is dissipated uniformly to keep you cool while you sleep. The thickness ensures absolute cloud like comfy feel. Deep pocket design ensures that in spite of heavy motions, your topper does not skid from position.


  • Skin friendly and odour free owing to alternative down filling
  • Deep pocket design ensures easy positioning and secure attachment
  • High quality 400CTC 100% cotton fabric used


  • The fabric is too delicate to take harsh machine wash

15. ViscoSoft

ViscoSoftThe all new Serene 4” high density Mattress Pad from ViscoSoft is the modern and advanced version of ultra tech mattress topper, which redefines relieved and restful sleep.

Designed with 2.5 inches of neutral gel memory foam that can quite effectively regulate temperature by distributing body heat throughout, it can keep up the cooling effect all through the night.

In order to add to your comfort, the product is also layered with 1.5 inches of fluffy down alternative, which acts as a plush layer to reinforce pressure-relieving comfort.


  • Relieves pain and soreness with a perfect blend of support and softness
  • Lab tested latest Memory Foam formula eliminates all odours
  • Available in all sizes


  • Does not distribute body heat that efficiently

Factors To Look For While Buying Best Mattress Toppers

When you plan to buy a mattress topper, it becomes important to gauge multiple factors. The choice and preference of a mattress, even for a mattress topper, can widely vary from person to person. Here are some of the most sorted key factors to consider before you buy the best memory foam mattress topper.

1. Size

The first and foremost thing that you need to check in your mattress topper is its size. The one you choose largely depends on your bed size as well as your existing mattress size on which you are planning to use it.

If you do not pay heed to the proper size required for your bed, it might be quite difficult to position it on the mattress, and having it in position as well.

In case its bigger, it might slip down or slide away on any side, while getting down or up. And if it is smaller than the required size, it can be pretty uncomfortable to lay it on existing mattress.

2. Density

You need to be concerned about the density of the material stuffed inside while choosing a mattress topper. The density, in case of toppers, is very important, as it distinctively affects comfort, better sleeping position, and ease of portability.

A low density mattress topper would be the best mattress toppers for college, as low density would obviously mean lighter weight, which makes it much easier to shift from one room to another or to keep aside during the day.

Now, density, as it is known, is measured in pounds per cubic feet, while in some countries it can also be measured in kg/m3. Generally, in case of the best foam mattress topper, the price of the products ascends with the density. Basic toppers in the market are available with moderate range of density, which is around 2 to 6+ pounds per cubic feet.

However, when your preferences incline towards enhanced body support and improved support for your body shape while sleeping, you need to invest in a high-density mattress topper. Low density mattress toppers measuring 3 pounds per cubic feet or below are soft and less supportive since. When you get on to them, you literally feel like sinking in.

Apart from that, toppers with density between 4 to 5 pounds per cubic feet offer better body balance too, and they are comparatively less dense, yet soft and cozy. Whereas, people with medical issues like spondylosis, back ache, neck pain, etc. are recommended to use 6+ pounds per cubic feet mattress toppers, which offer best body shape support and best alignment to body.

3. Thickness

Mattress toppers vary in their thickness just like their density. Generally, you can find a thickness range between 1 inch and 4 inches. When you are thinking of upgrading an existing mattress with a topper, it is good to go for a thicker topper, since if your mattress is already aged and worn out, you will need a good, firm thickness on the top to feel good.

Even for user with heavy weight, a thicker topper is convenient to support heavy weight. It is actually better to buy a thinner topper only when you already have a new mattress and you intend to add just a little bit of extra comfort to it.

4. Firmness

If you are still confused about what is the best mattress topper for you, then the answer lies in your sleeping habits, your body weight, and your personal preference.

Basically, there is one vital factor that largely influences the requirement of firmness in your mattress topper, which is your sleeping position. While people with heavy weight need more firmness, you should primarily consider your sleeping style while choosing a mattress topper.

Find your sleeping style and choose the best topper for your mattress accordingly:

For back sleepers: A person who sleeps on his back quite naturally needs to align his spine, and when you align on your spine, your body exerts greater pressure on the surface below.

And this is when it calls for a firmer base underneath. A firm mattress topper, in such cases, helps not only to comfort your body alignment, but also the weight and pressure exerted.

For side sleepers: In case you are a side sleeper, your body does not align in an ideal position while sleeping. Rather, it is in a curved form in which some particular body parts exert greater pressure than the others, like the hips, shoulders, neck etc.

Similarly, pressure is also felt on these areas, and in order to comfort this kind of sleeping, once again, as per your body weight, you need moderate to high end firm mattress toppers.

For stomach sleepers: Ideally, you should not sleep on your stomach, as it gives a bad alignment to your spine and exerts maximum pressure on the pelvis region, causing stress and pain on the spine. However, those who still like sleeping in this position should incline towards buying firm toppers.

5. Material

There is an extensive range of materials used to make toppers, including foam, latex, feather, regular pillow, cotton, etc. You can also find best down mattress toppers that are meant to be extremely soft and cozy. So, you have a wide variety of choices in terms of materials.

However, every material has its own line of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, memory foam is known to fit best in the shape of your body, offer superior support to spinal alignment, and help in relieving pressure, but it is generally said to have an odour at first. Wool and feather are plush, but toppers with them often lose feathers and do not fit firmly.

So, know the pros and cons of all materials, and choose the one according to your personal requirements and preferences.

6. Maintenance Needs

Since mattress toppers are meant to be laid on the top of your bed and mattress, they are largely prone to accumulate dust, dirt and foul smell. Therefore, you need to take special care of them to keep them clean, hygienic and odor-free.

Feather made and cotton toppers are easily washable. Some are machine wash compatible, while others have to be dry cleaned or washed by hand. So, before buying a mattress topper, check their washing instructions and make sure that you can easily follow them.

7. Attachment Method

While using mattress toppers, it is very important to ensure that the topper stays in place over the mattress in order to have a comfortable sleep. If you do not attach the topper properly with the mattress, it will skid, slip and move out of place.

Manufacturers give different ways of attaching a topper to the mattress, like elastic straps, hooks, loops, buttons, skirts, etc. In case of elastic straps, all you need to do is to attach the elastic straps in the corners of the mattress, and the diagonally designed straps stay affixed.

Skirted toppers come with a skirt all alongside which can be wrapped and folded around the mattress to stay in place.

Find the attachment method provided with the topper you are planning to buy, and make sure you are comfortable with it.

8. Temperature Regulation

While buying a mattress topper, it is important to understand that there are few toppers which are made with special materials and designs intended to regulate body temperature.

Therein, if you have a general tendency of feeling hot while sleeping, you can invest in the best gel memory foam mattress topper or feather topper which tends to be cooler compared to memory foam toppers. Memory foam retains body heat and tends to make you feel even warmer.

9. Budget

Coming to the price range of mattress toppers, you have high end, extensively high-quality mattress toppers which are high priced, but you can also find the best cheap mattress topper which is easily affordable.

Most people buy mattress toppers because they don’t want to spend money on buying new mattresses.

So, their ultimate aim is to save money and they won’t be able to do that when they buy a topper that is too expensive. So, fix your budget and find the best deal according to your requirement.

10. Warranty

When you invest in branded and quality toppers, the manufacturers generally offer warranty of at least 1 year to 5 years. Manufacturers generally offer up to 2 years of warranty on manufacturing defects, which is not applicable for any other issues. Understand the terms and conditions of the topper’s warranty before buying one.

FAQs on Mattress Toppers

1. Why Do I Need A Mattress Topper?

An old and worn out mattress often gets hard, wilted and saggy, and leads to a line of problems including disturbed sleep, lack of comfort, and body ache, especially spinal aches, neck pain, back pain etc.

As per experts, every adult requires 8 to 9 hours of sound and undisturbed sleep in order to keep going through the actions of a day, and stay healthy and fit.

If your mattress is disordinate, hard and uncomfortable, then you need to have a mattress topper to enhance comfort level, ease the body stress, access comfortable sleeping positions and minimize uneasy turnings.

Moreover, it is helpful for those who don’t want to invest in an all-new expensive mattress or those who already have a new mattress which is not conveniently comfortable. You can easily buy best foam mattress topper and avail comfort within affordable range.

2. Is It Good To Use Mattress Toppers?

Ideally, if you do not have any exclusive medical conditions or doctor suggested sleeping restrictions, then mattress toppers are good for you. But people who have been prescribed to use specifically copper infused memory foam mattress or gel mattress due to spine problems and body aches should use a topper only after consulting their physician.

3. Are Mattress Toppers Washable?

Whether your mattress topper is washable or not basically depends on the material it is made out of. For example, memory foam and latex made mattress toppers are generally non washable, whereas cotton, microfiber, wool or hollow fiber toppers can be washed easily.

4. Which Is The Best Mattress Topper Within Budget?

Mattress toppers are available in various types and qualities, however when you are looking for the best in the market, perhaps 100% natural latex mattress toppers are considered to be the best in terms of quality and comfort.

However, these latex toppers are pretty expensive, and if you cannot afford to have such a high-end investment, you can also look for the best rated memory foam mattress topper. These are moderately priced, yet offer quite enough padding and support.

5. Which Mattress Topper Should I Use For Backache?

If you have a backache problem, you will need a balanced and good support for your spine so as to ease the stress and tension caused due to inappropriate pressure exertion while sleeping on too soft or too hard surface.

For this reason, latex or memory foam made mattress toppers can be good, since these offer substantial support and balance to your body.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep with the Best Mattress Toppers

All in all, mattress toppers are made with the purpose for improving and enhancing sleep quality. These toppers not only act as a soft and comfy cushion over the mattresses, but they also offer support and balance to your body structure, so that every pressure regions like shoulders, spine, neck, pelvis, etc. get adequate support and cushioning while sleeping, thereby enhancing comfort of sleeping.

So, when you intend to buy the best mattress topper on amazon or even from retail, you can go through the above list of best picks in the market for this year.

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