Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Lucid2. Lucid3. Classic Brands
Lucid 10" Best Mattresses For Side SleeperLucid 5"Classic Brands Cool Gel

One-third of our lives are spent sleeping, so it makes sense for us to invest both time and money in ensuring our sleep is comfortable and relaxing, so that we may wake up refreshed and energetic the next day.

Given the huge variety of mattresses available in the market, one should select the mattress best suited for him and the sleeping position he prefers.


For example, when we are looking for the best mattresses for side sleepers, we should look for one that easily adapts to the shape of the body and gives the maximum support, since most of the individuals keep changing their positions while sleeping at night, with some preferring to sleep on the back, while some on the side and even on their stomachs.

Why Do People Prefer Sleeping On Their Side?

While comfort would be the main and foremost reason for sleeping on their sides, there are also many health benefits associated with people preferring to that way.

Side sleepers, also tend to snore less as compared to those who sleep on their back or stomach. Some of the other benefits are reduced back pain, improved breathing and better digestion.

Why Do You Need A Different Mattress If You Are A Side Sleeper?

If you are someone who likes sleeping on his side for the better comfort and relaxation it offers, then you should pick the best mattress for side sleepers, for their special design and unique features that have been incorporated, to provide you with a night of deeper and uninterrupted sleep.

All side sleeper mattresses have a firm and supportive design that helps your body properly align as per its natural curves.

Selecting a good mattress is not easy and requires careful consideration and thought before you find one that perfectly satisfies your requirements.

To assist you in your quest for the best mattress for side sleepers, we have put together a list of the best ones available in the market for your reference.

Top 20 Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers 2020

1. Lucid 10″

Lucid 10" Best Mattresses For Side Sleeper

A well-designed mattress that is ideal for side sleepers due to its medium-firm built. This mattress is made of two distinct layers for your comfort.

The 2.5 “ top layer has cooling gel infused in it, to keep your body cool and comfortable at night, while the bottom 7.5” high-density foam, gives you the medium-firm support your body needs after a long workday.

The highly responsive memory foam has been designed to compress evenly under your body’s weight, and contour to its shape to provide relief at the common pressure points.

The well-ventilated design of the top layers also facilitates a better airflow, which helps your body relax and sleep better.

The mattress also comes with a Tencel blend fabric cover that has been crafted to provide comfortable air layer on the mattress’s top surface, while also helping maintain the moisture around it.

All these amazing features have been appreciated by the customers and have helped it to get more than 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon as well as the prestigious “Amazon’s Choice” tag.


  • Simple to set up as it is delivered compressed and rolled up in a box, for easy handling.
  • Memory foam helps the mattress contour easily to your body’s shape for proper alignment while sleeping.


  • May sag a bit after prolonged use

2. Lucid 5″

Lucid 5"

Specially designed for small children, this memory foam mattress has received more than 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

It has a 1” thick ventilated top layer that also includes a gel layer, to keep your child cool and comfortable while sleeping, by drawing away the heat generated from his or her body while sleeping. The top layer of the mattress has been designed for better air circulation for your kid’s comfort.

What makes this mattress suitable and excellent for small children is its ingeniously designed 4″ thick bamboo charcoal infused bottom layer that easily absorbs all odors, to keep your mattress smelling like new. Your child can also sleep comfortably and in a more relaxed position with the support foam this mattress has in its bottom layer.

This “Amazon’s Choice” mattress is also hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about any toxic or chemical products being used in this mattress that could trigger allergy issues in your child. It’s a perfect first mattress for a child, who is transitioning from a crib to a bed.


  • Perfect form and fit for all small-sized beds
  • Ensures an odor-free, cool sleeping surface for your child


  • Not suitable for big children

3. Classic Brands Cool Gel

Classic Brands Cool Gel

Enjoy a good night’s sleep and awake refreshed with this uniquely designed mattress that has three individual layers, with each of them having a special feature for your ultimate comfort at night.

The top memory foam layer also has a cooling gel infused in it to draw the heat away from your body, which is one of the reasons for many individuals having a disturbed sleep at night.

The memory foam easily adjusts to the contours of your body to give your body a comfortable sleeping position while also helping your spine the support it needs. Additionally, this medium-firm mattress provides better pressure relief for the stress points of your body, so that you don’t face any kind of body aches when you get up.

This self-ventilating mattress by Classic brands has received more than 3,500 positive reviews on Amazon from satisfied customers all over the world. It has been CertiPUR-US certified and can easily be adjusted as per the bed or base you are planning to lay it on, making it the best memory foam mattress for side sleepers.


  • Shipped compressed for easy delivery and fast setup, wherever required.
  • Offers maximum breathability and support due to its unique design


  • Standard size may need to be adjusted as per your bed

4. Vibe


If you love sleeping on your side and are looking for a mattress that offers you a well deserved and comfortable sleep at night, then this gel-infused mattress by Vibe is ideal for you as it is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

This mattress has received more than 3,000 positive reviews from satisfied Amazon customers, due to which it has been recognized as an “Amazon’s Choice” product.

The hypoallergenic foam of this mattress is resistant to all forms of dust, mites, mold, and bacteria making it suitable for all those who may have an allergy problem. Its quality and build meet the tough standards set by the CertiPUR-US program.

Its memory foam layer easily adjusts to the shape of your body to give it the firm support it needs at night.
Many people wake up disturbed at night due to their body heating up, resulting in them feel tired when they wake up in the morning.

To combat this problem, the manufacturers of this beautiful mattress have infused the top 2″ layer with cooling gel, which draws the heat away from your body and cools it down, to give you a highly refreshing sleep.


  • Has a well designed luxurious, stretch-knit quilted fiber cover for better durability and easy cleaning.
  • The mattress can be easily adjusted as per the base of the bed.
  • Comfort foam layers help reduce the pressure points in your body


  • It needs some time to decompress and regain its original shape.

5. Nectar


One of the best mattress for side sleepers with back pain, this Queen sized mattress, designed and crafted by Nectar, has a unique cooling cover, that has been made from Tencel, which absorbs moisture from the air and is more breathable, and softer compared to other standard covers.

So confident is Nectar that you will like this mattress, that it offers a 180 night trial for Amazon customers.

The two individual layers of gel memory foam easily draw away all the excess heat from your body to provide you with an uninterrupted and pleasing sleep at night.

It also adjusts to your unique body shape and contour, resulting in optimum support to your spine and body. This mattress has been designed with five layers, for maximum support and comfort to suit all types of sleepers.

Nectar also offers two premium quality free pillows with this mattress, and it has received more than 1,500 positive reviews on Amazon to give it the highly appreciated “Amazon’s Choice” tag.

The lifelong warranty on this mattress is the best and probably something never-before-seen in the mattress industry.

Designed for the best comfort, these mattresses are also soft enough to give you a luxurious, plush feeling while sleeping.


  • Maintains a cool temperature on even the hottest nights
  • Helps relieve pressure points in your body


  • A bit expensive

6. Olee Sleep

Olee Sleep

A beautiful and sturdy mattress that has a 100% polyester covering to give it a very sleek look, while also being comfortable to wear. This mattress has been crafted and built with a 5 layered hybrid design for superior support and comfort whenever you sleep on it. It has a strong 7.5” coil, that helps maintain the firmness of the mattress.

The specially designed 1.5″ soft memory foam easily adjusts to your body shape and gives comfortable and adequate support to your body and spine.

The top layer has also been infused with a cooling gel to relieve you of any heat-based issues that prevent you from having a restful sleep. This gel ensures that the mattress maintains a cool temperature throughout the night.

The high-density foam used in this mattress is also very flexible and elastic enough to adjust to your sleeping positions, be it on your back, side or stomach. Given the high usefulness and benefits of this mattress, it is no wonder that it has received more than 1,300 positive reviews on Amazon and also the “Amazon’s Choice” tag.


  • It is the best hybrid design mattress for side sleepers as it incorporates the benefits of both memory foam and coil spring mattresses
    ‘Has cooling gel-infused to keep your body cool


  • Mattress may sag in some cases due to prolonged use.

7. Classic Brands

Classic Brands

A superbly designed mattress, that has been crafted with dual technology for your comfort and relaxation. This mattress combines the best of both worlds, with a gel memory foam to keep your body cool while the 8″ of wrapped innerspring coils offer the ultimate coziness while sleeping by moving independently and reducing the strain and discomfort you feel during body movements on bed.

This mattress has been paired with a stylish and beautifully designed pillow-top knit cover that gives a very gorgeous look to the mattress’s overall aesthetics.

The quilt cover has also been given a corded edge and coordinating sides for better breathability of the mattress, while you are sleeping.

The top layer of this mattress has been built with shape-retaining high-quality memory foam, that easily decompresses to its original shape.

The mattress has been created to be resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria, and other allergens, making it a great hypoallergenic mattress. You can also rest assured about the quality and durability of this mattress as it is built as per CertiPUR-US standards.


  • Wrapped innerspring layer for maximum comfort and firmness
  • Can be easily adjusted as per your bed’s base


  • Decompression of new mattress may take some time

8. Sweetnight Gel Queen

Sweetnight Gel Queen

Designed to be used with either side being on the top, this mattress is also suitable for those who suffer from back pain as it perfectly contours to your body to give it maximum support and comfort.

This Queen sized mattress has a 2” gel memory foam based top, that while retaining its original shape also keeps your body cool when you’re asleep at night.

This multi-layered mattress has been designed with a 2” shape retaining memory foam top, 5” of strong and comfortable foam that helps relieve the body’s pressure points and keeps your body balanced in the middle and a 3” high-density foam at the bottom, which offers edge-to-edge support for better durability and relaxing sleep at night that you need.

This mattress is also healthy and suitable for daily use, as it is hypoallergenic and does not contain any harmful substances. The beautiful, breathable Rayon cotton fabric cover prevents stains from forming on the cover and also helps your mattress remain odor-free by resisting any mold and mildew formation.


  • CertiPUR-US certified for quality
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers


  • Slightly bigger size would be better

9. Prima Sleep 10″

Prima Sleep 10"

Have a refreshing night’s sleep with this well-designed, attractive looking mattress by Prima Sleep which has received more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon.

The top layer has been designed to give your body and spine the maximum support, by contouring as per its shape while also easily supporting its weight.

As you sleep, your body keeps dissipating heat which often makes our sleep uncomfortable and results in us waking up frequently at night.

Prima Sleep addresses this problem by infusing the top layer of this mattress with a cooling gel that draws the heat away from our body, giving us a peaceful uninterrupted sleep at night that helps us awake refreshed the next day.

The middle and bottom layers of this mattress have been designed and crafted to support the top memory foam layer in order to maintain its original shape and to provide better ventilation as well. The poly jacquard cover that is dispatched along with the mattress helps it look fresh and clean even after prolonged use.


  • Best for the side sleepers due to the firm support it offers
  • Also suitable for people with back pain problems


  • Need more color options

10. Sweetnight Queen Size

Sweetnight Queen Size

This Queen sized mattress has been specially designed for those people who face sleeping problems due to various ailments such as body pain etc and even those who face excessive body heating problems.

Three different layers with special benefits help address your sleeping issues so that you enjoy a relaxing good night’s sleep that ensures you awake fresh and energetic the next day.

Crafted using a mix of Rayon, Viscose, and Polyester, this is a healthy and hypoallergenic mattress that is also CertiPUR-US certified; therefore, you can be assured that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is also ideal for all sleeping positions and one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

This mattress also has the best in its class temperature regulation, due to its unique design that has millions of open cells acting as airway chambers, giving the mattress the best ventilation to keep it cool. The top layered memory foam also retains its original shape easily, giving you a firm and supportive mattress for many years to come.


  • Unique airflow design for improved air circulation
  • Has an edge-to-edge support design


  • Mattress decompression may take up to 72 hours

11. Inofia Hybrid Innerspring

Inofia Hybrid Innerspring

Try this Hybrid Innerspring mattress for 101 nights risk-free, till you are convinced that it is perfectly suitable for you.

The unique combination of foam and springs that this mattress sports, helps you enjoy the twin benefits of memory retaining foam along with individual springs that contract and expand to support your body structure and weight easily.

The memory foam used in this mattress is well known for its form retaining properties and giving your body the maximum support at night by adjusting its shape to meet your body contour.

The top cover of this mattress is also designed to be soft and easy to sleep on, making it ideal for all types of sleepers, while also keeping them cool with better airflow all around it.

This mattress has been CeriPUR-US certified for durability and quality, while also ensuring that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. Inofia offers a ten-year warranty on this mattress that has received more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon.


  • Pocket-sized springs maintain airflow through the mattress for better cooling properties
  • Unique hybrid design helps reduce pressure build-up within the mattress


  • Needs 72 hours to expand to its original shape

12. Sweetnight Queen Size

Sweetnight Queen Size

Style meets substance with this well ventilated and ergonomically designed mattress that is suitable for all those looking for a comfortable and high-quality product.

It uses the latest technology and cooling gel to keep your body cool and relaxed so that you wake up fresh and full of energy. It has multiple layers that are designed to meet any individual’s specific requirements according to the shape of his or her body.

The medium firm design is ideal for those who suffer from muscle pain, while also helping to keep your spine properly aligned and targeting the different stress points in the body.

This is also the best mattress for side sleepers, due to its solid construction and total body support from head to toe.

It is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress that ensures it does not contain any harmful chemicals and substances, which may not be good for your family’s health.

This well-designed mattress with more than 500 positive ratings on Amazon, comes with a breathable Rayon fabric cover which keeps the mattress looking fresh and new for an extended period.


  • Superior cooling properties due to its gel-infused construction and air-ventilation design
  • Edge to edge support


  • Heavily built, may need assistance to unpack.

13. Inofia Twin XL

Inofia Twin XL

A twin XL mattress, that has been indigenously designed by Infoia to offer the utmost comfort and support to sleepers. A gel-infused top layer helps keep the body cool at night to give the sleeper a very relaxing sleep, while slowly dissipating the excess heat generated from his or her body. It has been designed to support all body types and different positions while sleeping.

Its firm construction and support, ensure that the mattress does not sag down when you sleep on it, while the memory foam adjusts to your body’s shape to give it the support it needs while sleeping. This sleekly designed mattress also has a net fiber around it, to dissipate heat and give the mattress better ventilation to keep it cool.

What makes this mattress useful and the best mattress for side sleepers is its hybrid design with inner springs that facilitate the easy movement of your body across the bed during sleep. It has also been CertiPUR-US certified for your confidence in its durability and quality.


  • Good support for those with body pain problems
  • Easy to install and suitable for all bed types


  • Needs 72 hours to decompress

14. Sweet Night Full Size

Sweet Night Full Size

No more tossing and turning around in bed or spending sleepless nights, with this uniquely designed mattress that offers a cool comfortable night sleep, thanks to its gel-infused top layer and well-ventilated craftsmanship.

A 10″ mattress that has encased tempered steel coils built inside it for maximum support and to complement the memory foam layer, which easily adjusts as per your body’s shape.

Most of the muscle and joint pain problems occur due to inadequate support to the body’s stress points and excessive pressure on the back, shoulders, and hips.

This specially designed hybrid mattress gives your body the complete support it needs to keep you pain-free, while also ensuring the removal of excess heat to keep you cool and comfortable at the time of sleeping with its gel-infused top layer.

The inner springs also keep the mattress in shape, when you toss and turn on it to adjust your body for a sleeping position most comfortable to you. All these features and benefits have got it around 400 ratings on Amazon and also the preferred “Amazon’s Choice” tag.


  • The unique design resists the sagging of the springs and mattress
  • Retains its original shape due to the shape retention memory foam
  • Offers perfect spinal alignment when lying down


  • Needs a few weeks of break-in time

15. Sweet Night King Size

Sweet Night King Size

If tossing and turning in bed by your partner is disturbing your sleep, then you should consider this well designed King size 10″ gel-infused memory foam mattress by Sweet Night.

This mattress has individually wrapped inner springs that work together to give you better and superior motion isolation while also providing maximum support to your body and its unique shape.

Your body weight is also well supported by these springs that distribute the weight evenly among them for your utmost comfort. What further adds to your comfort and relaxing sleep is the high-quality memory foam that adapts to the shape of your body to give it maximum support where it needs the most i.e. your back and spine.

For those looking at a comfortable and cool mattress, the gel-infused top layer is perfect as it helps to quickly and easily get rid of all the excess heat being generated by your body to give you a very cooling effect, that lets you have a relaxed and refreshing sleep.

You will also never feel the presence of the spring coils, thanks to its thick foam top layer, which is very comfortable to lie down on.


  • CertiPURR-US certified for quality and durability
  • It comes with a quilted knit pillow cover that is both skin-friendly and breathable.


  • May needs a few weeks for you to get used to it

16. Inofia


Inofia is one of the well known and reputed brands that manufacture, good quality mattresses that help people sleep better and comfortably. This 10″ gel-infused mattress is another good product manufactured by them, as it helps keep your body cool at night, to give you an uninterrupted good quality sleep, which will make you feel energetic and refreshed the next day.

The multi-layer foam system also has highly useful memory foam as a part of its craftsmanship, so that your body and spine can get all the support it needs to relax the painful stress points in your back and shoulders.

Each of the mattresses produced by CertiPUR-US is certified for hygiene and quality and guaranteed to keep your family safe from all toxic chemicals.

An open-cell design ensures optimum ventilation within the body which helps keep it cool and also eliminates all bad odors. You can rest assured that each part of your body is getting the best support since high-quality dense foam has been used in the base to support the top memory foam layer.


  • The cooling gel in the top layer absorbs excess heat from your body
  • Complete body support from head to toe


  • May take time to get decompressed

17. Nature’s Sleep

Nature's Sleep

This is the best mattress for side sleepers and those looking a comfortable night sleep without waking up frequently due to excessive body heat issues, as it has been infused with superior quality gel in the 2″ top layer.

The specially incorporated cooling gel actively dissipates all excess heat from your body and gives you a cool surface to lie down on to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

It also has one of the best-in-its-class 8” moderate density foam core, which has been aligned perfectly with the top layer to give your body the optimum support it needs while also being durable enough to last for many years.

You can also easily wash it’s allergen resistant cover and keep the mattress looking fresh and new. The highly durable cover sports an interesting stone suede design and also has a non-skid bottom so that your mattress does not slide off the bed. This is a CertiPur-US certified mattress design that guarantees long term usage.


  • Unique compact packaging for easy transportation
  • Latest gel technology for best in its class cooling capacity
  • Comes with a washable cover


  • Slightly heavy for a single person to install the mattress

18. Allrange


A hypoallergenic mattress pad, that is dust and mite resistant for your family’s safety and health. Its unique diamond stitch design and quilting pattern prevent the polyester stuffing inside the pad from clumping together and shifting, giving you an even spread through the pad for your comfort and also to cushion your pressure points perfectly.

It is made of sweat absorbing Coolmax fabric and 200-thread count cotton, which is one of the best materials when you are looking for a pad to keep you and your mattress cool at night.

The materials used in making this pad have been selected for their quick sweat absorbing properties as well as evaporating it quickly so that you feel cool and dry while sleeping.

This pad has been designed to fit your mattress perfectly and keep it looking like new as it is also easily washable and dryable.


  • It helps to prevent heat buildup, giving you a more relaxing and comfortable sleep.
  • High-quality cotton material used to craft it, for a long-lasting performance


  • No gel infusion to absorb heat

19. Leesa


Manufactured in the USA, this mattress has been designed for those who are looking for a luxurious mattress that is also designed to give them a good night’s sleep, and help them feel rejuvenated and active the next day.

The unique triple layer combination gives you a mattress with three distinct premium layers and individually wrapped pocket springs that help you get edge-to-edge support from it.

The top layer is made of cooling Avena, which draws heat away from your body, while the memory foam layer easily adjusts to your body’s unique shape to give it complete support from toe to edge, including your spine. It also helps relieve the pressure points on your back, so that you experience a painless sleep at night.

This mattress comes with Leesa’s specially designed 4 strip mattress cover, which is virtually seamless and highly breathable and ventilated for your comfort and relaxation.


  • Individually wrapped springs provide support all over the mattress and even on the edges
  • Keeps you cool, by absorbing your body heat


  • Does not have a gel-infused layer

20. Sweet Night

Sweet Night

This is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers as it has a hybrid design that offers the advantages of dual-technology in one mattress for your comfort.

The spring design is great for comfort while the memory foam layer helps give you body and spine much needed support while sleeping.

Each mattress has hundreds of individually wrapped springs that adjust on their own as per your body’s weight. They also help you sleep comfortably in any position you want, without any sagging. They also help relieve the pressure points on your back etc. so that you don’t face any pain on your back, hips, neck, etc.

Since each coil moves independently, you can easily change the side without disturbing your partner while sleeping. The top layer of this mattress is also infused with cooling gel, to keep your body cool and comfortable, so that you don’t get disturbed and wake up due to excess heat generated from your body.


  • CertiPUR-US certified for quality and durability
  • The unique hybrid design offers many body support benefits


  • Memory foam design may take some time to get used to.

Top Factors For Selecting The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

While one is now aware of the different brands and best mattress for side sleepers, it may still not be an easy choice to make, given the different features and advantages each brand of mattress offers.

For us to make a better-informed decision, we need to know about the several factors that differentiate these mattresses from one another.

Some of these important factors are:

1. The Type Of Construction

Two of the most common types of mattresses available for side sleepers are the memory foam-based and spring-based ones, with the third and most popular version being the hybrid models that incorporate both these technologies.

While both memory foam-based and coil spring-based ones have their special features, advantages, and disadvantages, it is the hybrid ones that are the clear winners, since they combine the best attributes of both of these technologies.

Simply put, coil-based mattresses have individually wrapped coil springs that give support to the entire mattress, while memory foam mattresses adapt to the shape of the body and retain their original shape after one sleeps on it.

The hybrid ones have both coil springs as well as a top layer of memory foam, to give the back and shoulder the necessary support they need, for us to sleep comfortably and prevent any pain from occurring.

2. The Coolness Quotient

Most of us inadvertently produce some heat at night due to our body’s metabolism and the natural healing process. This heat sometimes interrupts our sleep and causes us to wake up at night.

Most of the latest mattresses incorporate cooling gel technology in the top layer so that the gel absorbs this excess heat and keeps our bodies cool and comfortable.

This is a very important feature and one should consider it while selecting a mattress, as the absence of the same can cause us sleepless nights even after changing the mattress.

3. The Different Layers

A good quality mattress should ideally have 3-4 layers of different materials, to properly support your body while also keeping it cool. The top layer could be of gel-infused memory foam while the middle and bottom layers could be of dense quality foam, that will keep the mattress firm and strong, to last us for many years.

FAQs on Mattress for Side Sleepers

1. Why Does One Need To Change Their Mattresses Over A Certain Period?

Due to prolonged usage, mattresses tend to sag in some areas and even have lump formations. This uneven structure of the mattress leads to us developing back and body pain, as they are not properly aligned with our bodies.

2. Does One Need A Gel-Infused Mattress?

If you face sleep disruptions due to excess heat generation at night, then you could consider a gel-infused mattress, otherwise, you don’t need one.

3. Are Thicker Mattresses Better?

Thicker mattresses usually have 3-4 different layers with specific properties and features that improve the overall quality and performance of the mattress. This is also the reason, thicker mattresses are considered as the best mattresses for side sleepers.

4. How Long Will It Take, For A Mattress To Regain Its Original Shape Once It Has Been Unpacked?

Depending on the manufacturer and type of material used in constructing the mattress, it could take 24 – 72 hours for the mattress to gain its final shape and thickness.

Select The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers And Enjoy A Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Given that sleep is an important part of our body’s crucial functions and it’s the time when our physical system heals and refreshes itself, you should take adequate care to ensure that you get the required hours of sleep every day.

However, just sleeping on any mattress may not do, as it could lead to back and shoulder pain and even insomnia problems, due to its wear and tear over the years.

Look for a mattress that incorporates the latest technologies and has a very strong foundation to support your body’s weight easily and comfortably, before you buy one.

If the mattress company offers a trial period, then do take them up on it as that will help you judge better if that particular mattress is well suited for you. Ideally, it should also have gel infused in the top layer to keep your body cool and comfortable while sleeping.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you study all the different factors associated with buying a mattress completely and make a proper and informed choice, as good quality sleep is an essential part of living a healthy life and the natural healing process of the body.

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