Best Crib Mattresses 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Graco2. Dream On Me3. Dream On Me
Graco Premium Best Mattress For BabyDream On MeDream On Me, Twilight

Newborn babies sleep for up to 18 hours a day, and a restful sleep is indeed a necessity for proper growth and development of your little bundle of joy.

For that, you need to select the best crib mattress that has gone through stringent safety checks, is comfortable, and is also very durable to give your baby the absolute best.

To avoid spending money on a low quality mattress and to save some time on your purchase, go through this buying guide that can help you select the best mattress for your baby.

Here, we have listed top 15 best crib mattresses for your baby, types of mattresses available, and how to choose one.

Top 15 Best Crib Mattresses 2020

1. Graco Premium

Graco Premium Best Mattress For Baby

Compressed into a lightweight box, the Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress provides perfect firmness for ultimate comfort and protection of your little one.

This mattress is certified by GREENGUARD Gold, it is free of banned phthalates, lead, and mercury, and it follows all the relevant federal requirements for flammability.

This mattress is made of high-quality, breathable foam and features a water-resistant, flexible exterior cover. It offers the perfect firmness for child health and development, and has a center made of breathable foam to optimize airflow.

It is also backed by a limited factory warranty of 6 years. To wash the outside cover, wash with hands or use cold water for machine wash on a delicate cycle, and then hang to dry.


  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification
  • Water-resistant, removable, washable outer cover
  • Rigorously tested and certified
  • Made up of 100% polyurethane foam
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Chemical smell for the first few days of purchase

2. Dream On Me

Dream On Me Best crib mattress

This Playard mattress provides a welcoming and comfy environment for your baby. This mattress has four 90-degree angles fitting Graco Playards with matching 90-degree angles within the play yard area where the mattress is placed.

This excellent mattress is made of high-quality fabrics and finishes. Specifications include a durable non-allergenic, anti-bacterial cover that wipes clean with gentle soap and water and helps resist mold, mildew, and odor.

Please ensure that it fits securely in the play yard without any holes between the mattress and sidewalls. Never use this mattress at the top level of the play yard in its basin place, and also remove all foreign items from the play yard. All Dream on Me mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified to give your baby a safe indoor environment.


  • Quality materials and excellent workmanship
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial waterproof cover
  • Passes all flammability tests
  • 30 days warranty


  • The plastic covering can be noisy

3. Dream On Me, Twilight

Dream On Me, Twilight

Your kid will curl-up peacefully on this Dream on Me’s Twilight Spring Coil Mattress. Designed with premium materials and workmanship, this lightweight mattress contains 80 long-lasting, interwoven, heat-tempered, steel coils, providing optimum warmth and protection to the baby.

Each side of a protective polyurethane foam cover offers a soft sleeping surface. Special attributes include a hypo-allergenic, silicone insulating coating and lock-stitched waterproof binding for long-lasting protection and a Fire blocking sheet, a combination of fibers that serve to eliminate fire’s effects and restrict its spread.

The triple laminated protective cover, free of phthalate and asbestos, is stain-resistant to help protect against internal leakage of liquids. Clean wipes with mild water and soap; reversible style helps mothers to select a brown cloud print or a white side.


  • Lightweight mattress
  • Protective polyurethane foam wrap
  • 30 days limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Greenguard gold certified for a healthy indoor environment
  • Reversible style
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Too small for standard cribs

4. Milliard Hypoallergenic

Milliard Hypoallergenic

This mattress features a unique blend of firmness and comfort that is perfect for babies and toddlers. It has a 28D foam for a comfortably firm sleeping surface. Your infant will be cradled with cool foam, but it won’t sink in. This mattress is ideal for babies, infants, and toddlers of all ages.

The premium foam crib mattress is built to fit without gaps in any standard size crib or baby bed. The mattress ships in a compact and rolled up form, which can take up to 72 hours to expand completely. The waterproof structure of the mattress covers it from leaks and spills, and it wipes clean quickly. The cover is smooth and won’t crinkle when the kid is asleep.

It meets the federal anti-flammability criteria and is made from certified foam CERTIPUR. The foam covers supersede other with a superior high-density structure that does not lose shape


  • Comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Meets federal anti-flammability requirements
  • Superior high-density construction


  • May contain harsh chemicals and fiberglass

5. Milliard


This Dual Comfort Mattress is produced by Milliard with your child’s safety and comfort in mind. Memory foam is snug and form-fitting, as many parents prefer a firmer mattress for new-borns.

So, this double-sided mattress with a firmer, more supportive layer is easier to navigate with little arms and safer for little ones. The firm side is suitable for babies, while toddlers would prefer the softer side.

Meets and exceeds all US safety standards and requirements, as the foam is CERTIPUR certified to be low VOC, free of heavy metals, and tested by an independent laboratory. The 100% natural cotton cover is hypoallergenic, soft to touch, features an anti-slip layer to keep it in place, and it’s precisely fitted to reduce wrinkles and bunching as your infant sleeps.

You don’t have to worry about night time accidents and daytime spills, as the cover is water-resistant and machine washable.


  • Waterproof washable cotton cover
  • Double-sided mattress
  • Certipur certified
  • 100% natural cotton cover is hypoallergenic


  • No instructions to differentiate between the two sides

6. Dream On Me, Sunset

Dream On Me, Sunset

Dream on Me 3 “Sunset Super Strong Portable Crib Mattress will give your baby luxury protection and comfort. Rest assured knowing that this mattress is phthalate-free and lead-free and made with standard materials and unbeatable workmanship.

The product includes high-density insulation, and a durable covering that helps resist mold, mildew, and smell. With warm water and gentle soap, clean and wipe easily and quickly. Complying with the federal flame retardant norms, this mattress comes with 30 days manufacturer warranty for any issues.


  • Promotes airflow
  • 30 days warranty
  • Complies with 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards
  • Waterproof cover
  • Fits standard port crib
  • Cheap price


  • Poor packaging

7. Big Oshi

Big Oshi

This 2 inch foam mattress would be the right addition to the bedding system of your little one. Crafted from waterproof, antibacterial, and hypo-allergenic material, it helps in the prevention of mold, odor and mildew in all conditions. Dream on Me gives first preference to quality and makes only the most comfortable mattresses for little ones to sleep on.

This is a high-quality mattress that is comfortable and nice to provide a deep sleep to your little one. Simple to clean, strong and robust, this mattress offers good protection for years to come. It is Greenguard Gold certified, and is free from lead and phthalates.


  • Greenguard Gold certified
  • No lead and phthalates
  • Extremely comfortable
  • 30 days warranty
  • Cheap price


  • Thinner than expected

8. Milliard


Built from a firmer foam base and upholstered with top-quality memory foam, this mattress blends endurance, convenience, support, and luxury for the best sleep. It retains its form and does not bottom out over time while providing utmost comfort and support.

The ultra-soft bamboo cover provides a softness layer, which is durable and machine washable for easy care. The crib mattress is designed to help control the sleep temperature by optimizing airflow, and an advanced system also helps with weight distribution for a more restful sleep.

The foam is classified as a low VOC and free of heavy metals by Certipur. The mattress meets or exceeds all of US crib mattress requirements. Milliard foam is verified and approved by separate, qualified research laboratories.


  • Firmer foam base
  • Washable ultra-soft bamboo cover
  • Long-lasting


  • Expensive

9. Kolcraft


This crib mattress has a high coil count of 150, meaning the coils are tighter together to have a firmer base. It is built with 150 strong gauge coils interwoven for toughness and protection, and it also comes with a dense all-around hypoallergenic safety cover that provides the baby with a solid base and remains safe and protected for years.

Breathable & hypoallergenic, the embossed reinforced waterproof cover is built with waterproof binding such that the whole surface can be washed with soap and water.

The normal ventilation pocket makes the mattress fresh without tiny metal vents being used. Measuring 51.63 x 27.25 x 5 inches, it suits all the crib frames as well as the bed frames for toddlers.

A manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on workmanship and matting is provided with the mattress. It meets or exceeds all standards on flammability, lead and phthlalate and does not contain any harmful fire retardant.


  • Greenguard Gold certified for indoor air quality and low chemical emissions
  • A 10-year warranty on workmanship and materials
  • Waterproof and breathable cover


  • Pricier than other similar mattresses

10. Newton


This mattress was designed keeping in mind the comfort, safety, and health of the baby. This mattress comes with Innovative Breath-Thru system which allows oxygen to flow naturally and is known to minimize the chance of suffocation and CO2 re-breathing even when your baby begins turning over at night.

This mattress regulates temperature to avoid overheating, reduces sweaty backs and enhances sleep efficiency. The patented Wovenaire center is made of 90 percent free air and 10 percent food-grade polymer.

All is covered in a breathable, unwrappable, three-dimensional fabric that allows air to flow with additional convenience and peace of mind

It is highly recommended by pediatricians, as its washable, with no foam, latex or adhesives. Newton is hypoallergenic and free of off-gassing. It is 100% washable, and Greenguard Gold Certified for lowest emissions and lowest VOCs.


  • Innovative Breath-Thru Technology
  • 100% washable at home
  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Long-lasting


  • Smells unpleasant for the first few days

11. Dream On Me 3

Dream On Me 3"

Dream on Me 3 “Spring Coil Mini Crib Mattress is the first of its kind. You no longer have to compromise for comfort. The interwoven steel coils are covered in a hypoallergenic, polyurethane foam and secured by a protective cover and lock stitch venting.

This mattress comes with an anti-bacterial waterproof cover, which helps in the prevention of mold, mildew, and odor and also has 30 days warranty.

It is made with durable materials and helps to clean quickly with warm water and a mild wash. Lead and phthalate tested, this mattress passes the Federal Standard of Flammability.


  • Quality materials and workmanship
  • Anti-bacterial waterproof cover
  • 30-days warranty
  • Supreme comfort and quality


  • Not recommended for play yards

12. Dourxi


This baby crib mattress comprises two-stage dual firmness to protect your infant. It features a firm side for babies, and another firm side with cushions for toddlers.

This modified approach includes particular care focused on the child’s different stages, like safety for infants and comfort for toddlers.

This mattress fits any standard full-size crib and toddler bed. This crib mattress will be shipped compressed in a small, lightweight, easy to carry box.

Certified by Certipur foam, it helps create a healthier sleeping environment for your baby, and provide the firmness recommended for babies and toddlers.

Dourxi provides the best, safest quality materials for the production of phthalate-free mattresses that follow federal flammability requirements and approved by GreenGuard and CertiPUR.100 percent Dourxi crib mattresses are backed with 60-day refund and 10-year warranty.


  • Washable cover
  • Certipur-US certified
  • 10-year warranty
  • 2-stage dual firmness


  • Expensive

13. Milliard


With a convenient Wipeable Sheet, the Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress provides a perfect mix of comfort and protection from head to foot, encouraging safer and more restful sleep for your little one. This crib mattress has a solid foam foundation and a comfortable sheet of high-quality memory foam.

Holding its shape, over time it won’t bottom out, thus providing maximum comfort and support to your toddler. The crib mattress is designed to help control the sleep temperature with optimum airflow, and an innovative approach helps with weight distribution for a more restful sleep. The memory foam is superseded by 3 lb. construction that does not lose form.

Inside the mattress, the casing is placed in a safe and natural fiberglass lining that meets all fire protection requirements without the use of chemicals in its purest form for protection.


  • High-quality memory foam
  • Natural fiberglass lining
  • 10-year warranty
  • Convenient wipeable sheet


  • Cover disintegrates after a few months

14. Napyou


It is a great baby mattress with a firmer side for infants, and a softer side for toddlers. A comfortable layer of foam will keep your baby safe and comfortable all night long! The foam layer of the contouring memory encourages proper balance in the neck and back of your infant.

It comes with a special, durable, organic cotton covering that is reusable and essentially breathable. It fits most normal sized cribs and toddler beds. They are made with certified Certipur -US foam only, thereby ensuring a healthy sleep environment.


  • A comfortable layer of foam
  • A firmer side for infants, and a softer side for toddlers
  • Organic cotton covering


  • The mattress doesn’t have clear indicators on which side is firm or soft

15. Hiccapop


This mattress provides optimum configuration for the developmental needs of growing children. The infant side blends the firmness with gentle foam support that is vital for protection.

When you turn the baby mattress to the softer side, you get high-density memory foam from Certipur-US for premium comfort and protection for your baby.

Rounded corners and superior edge help provide a perfect match for traditional cribs. Since there would be no gaps on the edges of the mattress, you will no longer need to worry about missing toys and pacifiers.

The ultra-soft Jacquard cover is durable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, with a tie stitched on the handle to avoid liquids and stains. It is resistant to mold, mildew, bed bugs, and dust mites, and is free from any unpleasant odors. The good quality zipper makes for quick removal of the cover for washing in the machine and drying.


  • Dual-sided foam crib mattress
  • Extra thick for super comfort
  • Leak-free
  • Machine-washable
  • Certipur-US seal


  • Not suitable for play yards and mini cribs

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Crib Mattress

There are many types of baby mattresses available in the market today, each having its own unique specialties and features. Undoubtedly, few qualities make one crib mattress better than the others. Let’s check these factors one by one to help you choose the best mattresses for baby.

1. Firmness And Support

For your baby’s complete growth and development, its advisable to choose the best toddler bed mattress with the ideal firmness and support.

The crib mattresses are firmer than other types of mattresses, as they need to ensure babies’ safety and support their growing bones. So, it’s best to purchase the mattress that is rated for infant use.

There are many accidents reported due to suffocation, whether be it from overheating, getting stuck face down or for unknown reasons. Hence, it’s important to buy a crib mattress with proper support, the right amount of firmness and support.

The best way to check firmness is to press the mattress in the middle and at the edges, and when you release it, it should snap back immediately.

2. Size

The best crib mattress should be able to fit snugly in your baby’s crib, with no space between the crib frame and side of the mattress. If there is a gap in this area, there would be a danger of suffocation and entrapment hazard. So, make sure that your mattress fits your crib perfectly and snugly.

The federal government standardizes the size of all crib mattresses and crib sizes, but not every mattress can fit properly in every crib due to minor differences in each one. So, before you buy a mattress, make sure you have your crib’s precise dimensions.

3. Ventilation

Mattress vents allow increased ventilation and encourage the escape of moisture, thereby avoiding mold, mildew, and odor. So, look for the small, reinforced holes along the sides of the mattress when selecting one. The more holes in the mattress, the better they would be for the ventilation purpose.

4. Weight

An average foam crib mattress weighs about seven or eight pounds, but some can weigh up to 20 pounds as well. Polyurethane foam mattresses can be even heavier. Innerspring coil mattresses are around 15 to 30 pounds.

So, make sure that it has a reasonable weight, as anytime you adjust your mattress’s cover, you’ll be hoisting one side of it, or lifting the whole lot.

5. Cover

To protect the mattress from unavoidable incidents and leaks, find a breathable waterproof cover for the mattress. Removable covers make the taking off and washing simple. Make sure it fits snugly and goes under the crib cover, which would keep it from being a threat to suffocate.

An ideal cover for mattress has:

  • Waterproofing (to stay safe during leaks)
  • Breathability (to keep baby cool and comfortable)
  • An anti-microbial layer (to enhance bacterial protection)
  • A hypoallergenic barrier (to remove allergens)

Whatever functionality the cover provides, test to see if the seams of the cover look durable. Plastic seams can have hardpoints, so it’s better to avoid them. Check the fabric seams to ensure that they are not stretched/strained, as they may tear when stressed too much.

6. Material

There are different materials used to make mattresses available in the market, including innerspring, foam, and organic models. Take some time to research and learn about the drawbacks and benefits associated with all three types of mattresses, and finally make a convenient and comfortable choice for your little one

Give attention to the chemical and industrial compounds used in the mattress. For example, flame retardants are classified as PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), vinyl and polyurethane foam emit toxic gases and may harm the infant, etc.

Some say materials such as latex can induce an allergic reaction in infants. So, it’s important to look closely at the mattresses and find a label of “organic”.

To avoid chemicals used during standard manufacturing of mattresses, select the mattress made with organic or natural materials.

According to experts, chemicals left on the mattress after the manufacturing process can aggravate current medical problems and even cause new and potentially harmful health issues. The organic mattress could be the best option to build a chemical-free atmosphere for your infant.

A number of these materials include:

  • Organic cotton
  • Wool
  • Coconut fibers
  • Food-grade polymers
  • Plant-based foam
  • Natural latex

Due to the quality of organic and natural materials, organic crib mattresses are often costlier, but that should not be the concern when you are worried about your child’s safety.

7. Standards And Certification

Safety is the most important factor while choosing the best baby crib mattress. There are additional famous certifications to check while looking for the best baby mattress that is manufactured using natural or organic materials. Here are a few certifications you must look out for:

a. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

It is a standard for organic fiber-made textiles. According to the GOTS website, the requirement “defines strong environmental standards in the whole supply chain of organic textiles and also includes conformity with social requirements.” Textiles can only be GOTS accredited if they include at least 70 percent of organic fibers.

b. Greenguard Certification

The GREENGUARD Credential Program is a research program on consumer goods and plastics emissions. It checks for business and government quality-related requirements.

Please be mindful that there is no standard for “real” mattresses, so you can look at the unique qualification you are interested in for each mattress.

c. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification

This certification ensures that research was carried out, including the processing done and that the product was tested for hazardous substances. Bear in mind that only certain pieces of a crib mattress can be approved as Oeko-Tex, so read the fine print.

8. Cost

There is no need to break your entire nursery budget for buying the best crib mattress for your baby. Many good quality crib mattresses are available within an affordable price range.

However, to get some new high end features, you may have to pay extra. For instance, if you are planning to buy a mattress made with an allergen reducing cover or pure organic materials, you will need to spend more on it.

9. Safety And Comfort

Safety and comfort should be the foremost priority while buying the best infant mattress. You need to check different types of comfort features and safety and security standards and certifications for crib mattresses, as it can be an overwhelming chore for new parents.

While it’s best to take recommendations from a pediatrician, we have compiled a list of some of the most important factors to help you make a wise and safe decision for the healthy comfort of your baby.

Types Of Mattresses For Cribs

1. Organic Crib Mattress

Cotton and wool are both organic mattress types. Cotton-type mattresses are easy to clean, apart from being sturdy as well. They are breathable in the way that they allow the air to reach within, thus saving the baby from heat and sweat.

Wool also makes an ideal mattress, as it will keep your baby comfortable through the bitter cold of the winter. In the summer it can be an exceptional heat and perspiration absorbent, comparable to cotton.

The benefit of an organic mattress is that it does not induce any allergies and asthma in your infant. Aside from that, it’s eco-friendly and contains fewer additives or none at all. Organic products are always a better choice for young infants.

2. Synthetic Crib Mattress

Synthetic baby mattresses are made of foam or polyurethane. As a result, chemicals are often used in the production process.

Because there is no such thing as natural foam or natural polyurethane, it is widely regarded as synthetic. It can contain dangerous materials that will affect the skin and health of your infant.

If you are going for this type of mattress, it’s better to select one that is hypoallergenic, tailored and appropriate for infant use. While foam mattresses quickly heat up, which is especially beneficial during cold weather, it has trouble absorbing the baby’s sweat in warm weather, which can cause rashes on the baby’s skin.

It is also a poor absorbent of other types of liquid, such as milk spills, water or baby pee. This discomfort could disrupt your baby’s sleep. This is a good means for the child’s playtime, though, and can be quickly washed with a vacuum cleaner or merely dried in the sun.

There are also other types that are considered best mattresses for babies in the market, such as innerspring mattresses, mattresses made of synthetic fibers, and natural silica.

While both synthetic fiber and silica are artificial, they undergo processes that may make them less dangerous or non-toxic at all.

Review the product’s description or label before you purchase it. Nonetheless, some of these chemicals can also cause an allergic reaction to your baby’s skin, especially if your child is too sensitive to chemicals.

3. Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are getting very popular these days, as they are lightweight and less expensive than others. They are also available in a range of thicknesses, normally ranging from 3 to 6.

Pick a foam mattress that is specifically designed for an infant, as it should be firmer and should be able to maintain its shape. Avoid memory foam crib mattress, as they allow the baby’s head to create an indentation or pocket, which could increase the chances of suffocation of the child.

4. Dual-Sided Mattress

You can always find dual-sided crib mattresses that are hard on one side for babies and infants, and softer and more flexible for toddlers on the other side. Such a mattress will save you money in the long term, as you don’t have to buy a second mattress while your child grows.

5. Innerspring Mattress

This traditional type of mattress has steel coils inside, making it resilient and sturdy. Below the tubes, the innerspring mattresses have layers of assorted cushioning fabrics, such as polyester, cotton or foam.

Innerspring mattresses are described by their coil count, the more the number of steel coils in the mattress, the more supportive it is. The steel gauge is the thickness of the coil, the lower numbers are thicker. Some mattresses have metal border rods for improved stability around the edges.

FAQs on Best Crib Mattress

1. Which Mattress Is Good For A Baby? Soft Or Firm?

When it comes to the mattress of your infant, firmer is better. A mattress that is too soft will conform to the baby’s shape and pose a risk of suffocation and SIDS.

2. How To Test The Firmness Of Mattress?

To evaluate the firmness of the baby mattress, you must push the mattress in the middle and at the corners. If it pops back quickly and does not suit the form of your palm, its firm.

3. What Is The Difference Between Innerspring Mattress And Foam Mattress?

Foam crib mattresses are typically made of polyurethane and sometimes latex or soya and are lighter in weight. Higher-end foam mattresses may be thick, but they are not as heavy as innerspring mattresses.

Innerspring crib mattresses have coils within the mattress to provide protection. Crib mattresses may have up to 280 springs; the larger the spring size, the firmer the mattress would be.

4. Can We Purchase A Second-hand Mattress?

Only a fresh new mattress is recommended for use. Although many mattresses are hypoallergenic and immune to dust and mite, diaper leakage, bottle spills, and the like, when poorly washed, can cause bacteria to develop.

This can be avoided with a new mattress. However, a cleaned and properly handled used mattress, passing down can certainly be a cost-saving choice.

5. What Are The Dimensions Of A Crib Mattress?

As regulated by the Federal Government, the size of the regular crib mattress is 27 1/4 inches wide x 51 5/8 inches long and not more than 6 inches thick. Mini crib mattresses are less than 24 inches wide x 38 inches long and not more than 6 inches thick.

Choose The Best Crib Mattress For The Safety And Comfort Of Your Baby

So, now that you know how to choose the best crib mattress for your baby’s bed, and you have gone through some of the best products available out there too, make sure that the one you choose fits properly in the crib, and it is firm yet soft enough to conform to the shape of your baby’s body. Also check the quality, material, cover and other aspects of the mattress before purchasing it.

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