Best Weighted Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Let’s dive into the fascinating world of weighted blankets which have been the most popular “bed partner” for many people in recent times. You might be wondering what is a weighted blanket, how does it work, and which weighted blanket is best for you.

Well, today, you’re about to learn everything about blankets in this article, including what material they are made of, the science that explains why they work so great, some of the specific features that these weighted blankets have to offer, and more.


We further compiled a list of the top products available in the market right now to help you find out the best weighted blanket as per your requirements; so, without further ado, let’s start with some basic facts about them.

What Is A Weighted Blanket And How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, a weighted blanket is a particular type of blanket with some additional weights. They come in a wide range of weight variations, from five to thirty pounds, and you should choose one depending on the age and comfort level of the user.

The working mechanism of weighted blankets is very simple. In layman’s terms, it mimics a deep hug or cuddling effect and provides that calming and protected feeling at the time of sleeping.

That extra weight can perform a therapeutic procedure we call “deep pressure stimulation” to the sleeper that effectively relaxes the brain and nervous system which aids in relieving pain, reducing anxiety level, and consequently ensuring a deeper sleep.

Although previously only therapists used to recommend weighted blankets for their patients; it’s now become far more widespread as more and more people are getting aware of the amazing health benefits these wonderful blankets offer.

Weighted blankets are never meant to replace your regular quilt, you will get the maximum benefit only if you use both in conjunction on the bed.

What Materials Are Weighted Blankets Made Of?

The primary difference between a traditional comforter and a weighted blanket is the materials they are made of.

A regular blanket consists of only two components, the blanket itself and its cover, while its weighted counterpart actually uses another important element, the fillings, which gives the weighted blankets their unique characteristics they’re known for.

Like other quilts, manufacturers make use of several types of fabric, including cotton, polyester, chenille, fleece, rayon, minky, flannel, and microfibre to construct the padding and cover for the weighted blankets.

However, some rare kind of weighted blankets can be fabricated by weighted weaves only that are hand-knitted, instead of any stuffer or fillings.

Now, coming to the most crucial element of a weighted blanket, the stuffers, and it’s the particular thing that gives weighted blankets its weight. They can be of three categories mainly, including micro glass beads, plastic poly pellets, and steel shot beads.

There can be other materials, like sand, pebbles, grain, etc. to be used as fillings in a weighted blanket. However, if you’re looking for the best weighted blanket within your budget, try to avoid them by all means as no renowned brand uses those unusual low-quality materials in their blankets.

Who Can Be Most Benefitted From Weighted Blankets

Several studies have been conducted on the health benefits of weighted blankets all over the world, and the results are promising.

Indeed much more researches are still going on to find the exact extent of the benefits; however, according to whatever researchers found so far, we can safely say that weighted blankets help you fall asleep faster, they lower the anxiety level, and assist in sleeping for an extended period.

Apart from these common benefits that anybody can avail regardless of their medical conditions, these products aids in relieving symptoms and complications of various chronic conditions, including, ADHD, autism, anxiety, osteoarthritis, Insomnia, and sleep disorders.

So people with such clinical conditions would reap the most benefit and the symptoms will be reduced noticeably if they continue using weighted blankets along with their medications.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Weighted Blanket

1. The Stuffer Materials

Most of the major brands primarily use either micro glass beads or plastic poly pellets as fillings to their weighted blankets. Both are equally efficient in terms of functionality, and what stuffer material you’re going to choose would be largely based on your personal preferences.

Micro glass beads are heavier material compared to the plastic pallets, but they are smaller in size – almost similar to the sand grains. Now, as glass beads are smaller and weigh more than the equal amount of plastic pallets, the weighted blankets made with glass beads tend to be thinner than the ones that come with plastic pallets inside.

On the other hand, using plastic pallets as stuffer make a weighted blanket hefty in size, so it will be you who need to decide if you like the voluminous look of a weighted blanket or a thinner one while retaining more or less the same weight.

That’s being said, plastic pallets are cheaper material; hence it would cost you a bit less than its glass bead peers. Similarly, expensive brands use glass beads in their blankets, though that doesn’t offer any significant gain in terms of performance over plastic beads.

Some companies additionally use polyester fiberfill along with the main stuffer material, to add a bit more warmth. Unless you crave a warm feeling at night, opt for the one without such filler to get a more breathable and cooler experience.

2. Designed With Disposable Cover

It’s a hassle washing even the regular kind of comforters, so it’s obvious that washing a weighted blanket and keeping it clean for a longer period would be a heck of a job due to its sheer weight.

Blankets can get dirty due to various reasons, like pet fur or coffee stains or, and if you want to avoid that – make sure to buy a weighted blanket that comes with a removable cover. Ensure that you use the one specially made from soft fabric, or preferably cotton.

Cotton is far better than other fabrics. It’s more breathable compared to the Minky; however, minky provides more comfort with added warmth in colder weather.

3. The Size

Ideally, you will consider a weighted blanket for an adult that should cover the full body starting from the neck. That’s the reason people usually look for a twin-sized one when it comes to buying weighted blankets as that ensures it will cover them well while sleeping without not much extra hanging from the sides of the bed.

Now, if you want to have a weighted blanket for your kid, then look for a smaller version in size and weight. However, be certain that your blanket should properly cover your child up to prevent it from sliding off the bed at the time of sleeping.

If you’re still confused over the blanket size, you need to start with measuring your bed first. If it’s a queen-sized bed, go for a weighted blanket that is twin-sized. Or if the bed is a king-sized one, a queen-sized blanket would suit your needs better.

The following is a collection of the major options available in the market with their main features, pros, and cons to help you in selecting the best weighted blanket as per your requirements.

Top 15 Best Weighted Blankets 2020

1. Quility

Quility Best Weighted Blanket

Are you in search of the best weighted blanket for adults? If yes, then your search ends here as Quility is not just your everyday blanket brand, and It always lives up to maintain its quality by putting some extra effort to craft highly comfortable weighted blankets.

Thanks to the cutting edge 7 layered formula and the high standard sewing, Quility assures quality and durability, and that’s what their customers love about these weighted blankets.

In terms of the weight, its ultra-breathable cotton layers offer premium comfort to the users. The outer part is stitched with 100% cotton, and they used with no-glued polyester padding along with additional polyester layering. The extra polyester layer consists of high-quality micro glass beads.

This unique layering construction help to regulates the temperature effectively, and it further ensures adequate sealing of the stuffer materials so that no bead leaks from the blanket.

The removable cover, which is made of superior quality Minky fabric, makes the blanket enormously soft and cozy so that you can enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep at night.


  • It is not toxic, skin-friendly and free of odor
  • Two additional layers of polyester prevent wear and tear due to regular usage
  • Made of 100% cotton, which offers great breathability


  • Some customers complained the blanket feels a tad hotter than they expected.

2. YnM


Are you looking to add a cozy touch while sleeping? The weighted blanket from the YnM is going to give you a cozy night of quiet and uninterrupted sleep you always desired.

This sensory blanket helps your body to stay calm during sleep so that you can experience a quality deep sleep you always wanted. It’s equally effective in providing the required comfort for both kids and adults.

YnM cotton weighted blanket snugly hugs your body. It comes with ultra-smart seven layering technology with glass beading that regulates heat effectively to let you stay cool all night. The duvet wrapper is breathable and it’s crafted from high-quality bamboo.

While choosing the size, consider 10% of the user’s body weight and add 1 pound extra, if the user is an adult. And In case you want to share the weighted blanket with your partner, select the king-sized one.


  • The cover is made of 100% breathable cotton
  • Certification from Oeko tex
  • Deep stitching secures the interior with the duvet cover
  • Equal distribution of weight
  • Improved and relaxed sleep


  • The uneven presence of sand can make one feel like floating

3. ZonLi


ZonLi, the Avante Garde brand, boasts of offering the best weighted blankets for adults. It surprises you with an array of mindblowing benefits at once.

First is the pricing that comes with a discount of 10% when you purchase the blanket and cover together, which is great considering the quality it has to offer.

Talking about quality, and Its 2-layer microfiber is sewed using a high-density stitching technology that makes sure the blanket never leaks any bead.

Furthermore, the whole blanket is divided into smaller sized squares to ensure even distribution of the glass bead stuffers.

ZonLi weighted blanket is a functional and smart addition to the bed, and it’s an ideal item to gift someone you love and care for.

Another plus side of this weighted blanket is it can serve you in all seasons, thanks to its two-layer cotton padding that can regulate your body temperature efficiently.

We recommend you should take the duvet wrapper along with the blanket while purchasing because of the following reasons:

  • It adds years to the life of the blanket
  • You can clean it without any hassle
  • You don’t have to stick to any particular monotonous color
  • The three amazing combinations of cool bamboo, the warmth of Minky and soft cotton provides you the ultimate pleasure.


  • The size of the blanket is smaller a bit to snugly fit with your body shape
  • It’s machine-washable


  • The cost of the product is not very pocket-friendly
  • A few users reported leaked glass beads
  • Some customers didn’t like the overall stitching quality

4. Weighted Idea

Weighted Idea

Wondering if a weighted blanket can help you sleep better? Then make sure to have the best deal from Idea.

The Idea, as a brand, believes in designing a blanket with super– soft materials. It uses authentic breathable cotton as the outer cover which makes it easily usable and washable. Therefore you can hug the blanket around throughout the year irrespective of seasons.

The weighted blanket made a distinct place in the hearts of the users for its versatility. You can include this in any place, like simply deck up the couch or put in a separate portion on the bed.

Regarding its style, texture, color, and size – the Idea weighted premium blanket is more beyond a cookie-cutter.


  • Ideal for gifting
  • People of all ages can comfortably use it
  • Comes with smaller 5×5” sized pockets
  • Designed with 8 robust looped corners


  • Beads inside the blanket can move to the edges creating a void in the center

5. Luna


The smartly designed and cutting edge concept of Weighted blanket from Luna will outshine most other weighted blankets in sheer quality. The 7 layered high-tech padding is responsible for the proper distribution of beads which disseminates the weight evenly. The addition of delicate fluffy cotton makes it super easy to handle.

In terms of temperature regulation and breathability, Luna is the leader in the weighted blanket industry.

It’s hassle-free to take care of the LUNA weighted blanket as mere gentle washing is enough to keep it in out-of-the-box condition for years.


  • It is made of environment-friendly materials
  • Does not have any toxic element as the tiny glass beads are safe to use
  • Certification from the Oeko Tex
  • 100% cotton used
  • Available in various colors and textures
  • High-quality stitching


  • The fabric quality may not seem satisfying to a few

6. Coolmax


Coolmax promises to redefine the word comfort in a new way by assuring to offer deep pressure stimulation for the users with their high profile weighted blanket. Many people struggle each day with sensory problems, and thanks to its anti-gravity design, now they can stay at comfort with these blankets.

From children to adults, Coolmax weighted comfort blankets suit people from every age group.

Instead of low-quality glass or plastics, the blankets feature excellent nano ceramic-based beading technology, which with the combination of silk, ensures that the fillings will stay in place while adding serenity to the whole stitch.

The double duvet wrappers add warmth and act as the heat ventilator at the same time.


  • Get two additional duvet wrappers
  • The weights get distributed to ten anchor points.


  • Some may find the blanket a little heavier

7. CuteKing


Looking to include a weighted blanket in your bedroom accessories? You’re not going to regret it if you check out the wide range of Cuteking weighted blankets.

Apart from the usual features guaranteed by its seven-layered material padding, like enduring and breathability, CuteKing now added two layers of microfiber in this year’s collection. The limited use of fiber and more of micro glass beads make it more comforting to the sleepers by regulating inside temperature.

The perfectly stitched compartments prevent the beads from spilling out easily. It further ensures the right size and fine distribution of the weight so that it fits well on you to make you feel easy inside the blanket.


  • Can be used year-round
  • Soft to use and comfortable for any aged people
  • Additional polyester assures no tear or leakage.
  • Free of lead and toxin, not allergenic or free from any bad smell.
  • Non-sticky polyester offers the ultimate level of coziness.


  • It doesn’t come with a duvet cover, which you have to purchase separately.

8. RelaxBlanket


If you want a weighted blanket that can give you a close to cuddling feel, RelaxBlanket should be at the top of your list. It simply gives the true feeling of a hug with the promise of a relaxed sleep at night.

The RelaxBlanket received the certification from the Oeko Tex which assures its quality. The presence of additional fiber material along with the microbeads makes it a long-lasting companion for users.

Additionally, it is free of any toxins and made with only tested anti-allergic fabrics. It doesn’t have any bad smell like some of its competitors, which makes this weighted blanket an ideal choice for the most.

The tight-lock stitching makes sure that the beads stay in their position no matter how it gets handled. Also, users didn’t report any bead-leakage to date.


  • Limited fiber ensures the right temperature for a good night’s sleep
  • Breathable fabric


  • It creates an irritating noise due to movement of the glass bead fillings

9. Hypnoser


Your quest for a top-of-the-class weighted blanket could end with one from the Hypnoser range of weighted blankets.
Besides adding warmth, it gives an almost realistic human hugging touch. The sewing technique used accurate computer knitting, which offers the highest durability without compromising on luxurious design.

The exceptional quality blanket consists of glass bead stuffer instead of plastic pellets, and the equal distribution of the fillings makes it super-premium.


  • Suits people of all ages
  • It’s machine-washable
  • Comes with a removable duvet cover without any extra cost
  • The beads do not cause any noise


  • A few users reported beads leakage



If you’re looking for a weighted blanket made of 100% organic cotton, look no further as COHMO cotton weighted blanket can provide the pure bliss of ultimate comfort with its high-quality natural cotton fabrics.

The heavenly feeling of getting a calm hug while ideally covering up your body helps users to immerse into a deep peaceful sleep.

The nano-ceramic technology infused with glass-beads ensures less noise while during movements. Additionally, COHMO cotton weighted blanket comes with multilayer profile designing that adds durability and warmth.


  • It is to dust resilient and very easy to clean
  • High-tech sewing and well-stitched inner pockets ensure no glass-ball leakage
  • Enduring construction
  • Duvet wrapper made of Minky fabric
  • 8 looped design
  • Available in various colors like grey, aqua, and blue


  • Though rare, some users complained of glass bead leaking incidents

11. Pine And River

Pine And River

Looking for a gift for your loved one that will hug him or her the way you do and keep remind of your warm caring touch for the years to come? The Pine and River weighted blanket with its ultra-plush fabric would be the perfect gift idea in that case.

What could be better if you can rest in a cozy weighted blanket after a hectic day which offers adequate comfort, thanks to its relaxing Minky fabric construction? Instead of low-quality plastic pellets, they use an in-house engineered silica compound to fill the blanket pockets.

Furthermore, the primary fabric used to craft these blankets is made from natural bamboo that comes with a unique body-heat regulating property which is enough to make you feel cool on a hot day.

Bamboo is a sustainable plant that doesn’t require any chemical fertilizer, groundwater or harmful pesticides, and that makes Pine and River ultra plush weighted blankets an environment-friendly product.


  • High-quality Minky makes you feel warm
  • No use of cheap plastic beads
  • The right distribution of weight
  • You can wash it easily in the machine
  • Organic bamboo fabric is highly efficient in controlling body temperature


  • Gives a feeling of sand powder
  • Not easy to put on
  • Not much information about its silica infusion technology provided in the product literature and therefore people can get confused
  • thinking breathing silica might harm the lungs.

12. HomeSmart Products

HomeSmart Products

Are you often get disappointed by the false promises of blanket manufacturers where they claim king size but the blanket doesn’t even make to the ends of your bed?

HomeSmart Products is a brand known for its perfect sized offerings where if they promise you a king or queen-sized best weighted blankets, you get exactly that.

You can pick the giant-sized weighted blanket from their vast array of collections. Their supreme quality weighted blankets come in various sizes and weights that fit well regardless of the size of your bed or mattress.

The main highlight of these blankets is the fabric, which is 100% natural breathable cotton and superbly dense with 400 thread count.


  • Great heat-regulating properties
  • 10 anchor loops
  • Made of machine-washable materials


  • Need to buy the duvet covers separately

13. Bedextra


People who are suffering from body pain, anxiety, depression, lack of enough sleep, and various other related conditions can find a solution for all their problems in a Bedextra adult weighted blanket.

This luxuriously designed weighted blanket is crafted of naturally-sourced top-grade cotton, which makes it one of the softest blankets available right now.

Dual-layered non-sticky padding technology assures a full night of deepest sleep you ever wished.

These blankets use next-generation HugBeads as their fillings instead of standard plastic or glass beads. HugBeads is a patented technology that uses micro-spheres of a special kind of quartz material.


  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Highly efficient temperature regulation technology
  • Provides deep touch pressure stimulation
  • Evenly distributed fillings
  • Patented HugBeads stuffer
  • Comes with duvet cover
  • Certification by Global Organic Textile Standard


  • Some complained the blanket is not sufficiently thick

14. Chilla


Sleep deeper, sleep faster, sleep cooler – that’s the motto of Chilla, one of the most renowned weighted blanket manufacturer.

Crafted using 100% cotton fabric by their advanced proprietary technology, the blanket is super breathable and it let air flow from the warmer side to the cooler part of the blanket. Which means the blanket never overheats no matter how long you wrap it around.


  • Available in both king and queen sizes
  • Multiple color options
  • Made in the USA


  • You won’t be able to turn the inside cover out

15. SAFR


Searching for a luxury high-quality weighted blanket, but want to avoid the cheaper plastic pellets? Your search may end here as SAFR home therapy offers a huge collection of weighted blankets in every size that utilizes non-allergic, odorless, top-notch glass bead fillings.

The blanket comes with two types of removable covers to suit weather conditions. The UltraSoft type is perfect for a colder condition when you crave for a little warmth, and the ChillFab would be the ideal choice for a cooler sleep if it’s hot outside.


  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • End to end stitching promises no leakage
  • No plastic beads fillers
  • Makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed


  • The cover bag may not be large enough

What Are The Positive Sides Of Buying The Weighted Blanket?

Elaborating on the positive sides, you will see that many therapists are super excited about the weighted blanket. So let’s scroll below to understand why so.

1. Offers Calmness To The Body

Do you need to calm your sensory- nervous system? Do you feel panicked? Do you suffer from stress? If one of these conditions is troubling you, then make sure to have the best weighted blankets as it is proven to reduce symptoms to a great extent during sleep.

They offer deep pressure touch which is an effective therapy to reliably reduce anxiety from the sense organs. It further facilitates the integration of the sensory nerves as well.

2. A Feel Of Getting Hugged

Hugging is emotional therapy. When someone hugs you that makes you feel relaxed and relieved from emotional burdens. Thanks to its cozy hugging micro beaded fillers, you can expect to get a similar feeling from weighted blankets.

3. Puts Away Stress

Stress is something that all needs to cope up with in life. Therefore, after a tiresome day, you always look to de-stress your body and mind. According to many therapists, the weighted blanket could be the right companion that offers you a soothing cuddling touch you deserve after a long workday.

4. Designed For All Ages

Weighted blankets come in every size and weight to fit everyone’s requirements. No matter whether you are an aged person or perhaps you want one for your kids, you will sure to find one in the perfect shape and size. As per the market reports, you will find this type of blankets in overall six types of sizes.

FAQs on Weighted Blankets

1. What Is The Working Theory Of The Weighted Blanket?

The production of serotonin is responsible for offering happiness, and decreased production of the same can lead to stress or depression. Therefore, the purpose of the weighted blanket is to offer a calming sensation to the neurotransmitters of your nervous system.

Due to these unique properties of weighted blankets, many people treat this as an occupational or deep pressure touch therapy.

2. What Is The Most Important Health Benefit Of Weighted Blankets?

You can also refer to the weighted blanket as the gravity blanket. It is an integral component of the therapy called sensory-integration and can be used for autistic patients as well as for others to help them dissuade from mental health ailments like depression or anxiety.

3. Do You Think It Is Safe For Babies?

Weighted blankets should be used for babies above one year, and you must select the weight and size of the blanket according to their ages strictly. Consult your physician if you’re planning to purchase one for your kid as he is the right person to give you the best recommendation.

4. What Should Be The Ideal Weight Of The Weighted Blanket?

The weight of the weighted blanket should be within 1 to 2 pounds. But you can add an extra 10% weight on the said number; however, please note, that also depends on your comfort level.
Before you make it your permanent sleep companion, make sure to use it for a certain period and see how you feel.

Best Weighted Blankets – Final Words

Weighted blankets can be considered as your personal in-house therapist that can perform deep pressure therapy almost similar way to provide all the benefits, of course, without the visit charges. Many studies have already shown that they have some significant positive effects on people with various neuro conditions, including ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression.

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