Best Travel Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Easeland2. Kingole3. “Travelrest
Easeland Best Travel BlanketKingoleTravelrest

Did you know that common blankets provided in planes and other public transports are rarely ever washed? Imagine all the germs that could be clinging onto the material. We doubt you would find it is safe to use these blankets anymore.

Having a good multipurpose portable travel blanket is the best choice you could give yourself, to stay clean and safe through your journey. Here’s the perfect guide to solving your blanket worries.


Say no to public travel blankets and find the best travel blanket of your own through this quick guide.

With the different varieties and designs of blankets available in the market, it can get pretty challenging to find one that perfectly fits your bill. Read further to find out the top picks of blankets and quick tips on how to choose the best one as per your requirements, preferences and budget.

Here is a list of our hand-picked models of travel blankets approved and rated by frequent buyers and our experts. These products and their descriptions will give you an insight on how a top of the line blanket should be.

Top 20 Best Travel Blankets 2020

1. Easeland

Easeland Best Travel Blanket

This plush luxury polyester blanket is one hundred percent microfiber, made to be softer and warmer than regular blankets. The polyester make is 100% fade and shrink resistant, giving you infinite use without any loss in quality. Available to you in a wide number of colors in 330GSM, the blanket is elegant, compact and a perfect choice for your travel baggage.

With two different sides, one being smooth and the other plush, it gives you a variety in texture too. This versatile blanket can be used in all seasons without any stuffiness or discomfort. Slather it on while in your bed, couch, plane seat, car seat or even as you travel.

You can just as easily wash this in your machine and still find infinite days of use. Priced within $20, this travel blanket is worth every single penny and serves its purpose in style.


  • Shrink-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • No lint
  • Season-friendly
  • Available in so many colors


  • Thin material, but warm

2. Kingole


Made from high-grade microfiber flannel, this premium fleece throw is of soft and plush texture. The polyester material makes the blanket very lightweight and durable with regular and long use. Moreover, it is comfortable to be used through all seasons.

By making the blanket monochrome, Kingole gives the throw blanket an elegant appeal. Being plush in nature, you could also simply throw the blanket on the couch and give it a regal look. What’s more, the microfiber material is easy to wash and maintain without any hassle.

Being velvety in nature, you can rest assured to remain comfortable wherever you go. Weighing a mere 1.6 pounds, you may carry it in your luggage without any fear of added weight as you travel. Reviewed positive by over 85% buyers on Amazon, this throw blanket is the one you could gift yourself and your family.


  • High-quality microfiber
  • Multiple size availability
  • Shrink resistant
  • Plush feel
  • Available in different colors
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Edges are not finished properly

3. Travelrest


Travelrest brings a uniqueness to travel blankets with a wrap-around feature to this 4 in 1 blanket, allowing you to don it like a poncho. This plush fleece blanket can be used as a poncho, a blanket, zip it up and carry it in its carry case along with a strap. What’s more, this coral blanket features a pocket and a stuff sack too.

Weighing a mere 20 ounce, you can just as easily carry around this travel blanket anywhere you go. Use it as a blanket, a pillow or even while lounging around in a plane, car, your RV or even for those on a wheelchair.

The high-quality material gives you an infinite number of uses, while being resistant to shrinking, fading and even regular wear and tear.


  • User-friendly pocket
  • Poncho design
  • Fuzz-free
  • Fitted zipper
  • Large in size


  • Only two colors available

4. Oceas


Most blankets end up facing damage due to wash troubles or material unsupported to water damages. Oceas brings the all-new ergonomic versatile waterproof blanket, making it more durable and lightweight than ever before. Use it during travel, at home, during camping, or anywhere you wish without any hindrance to packing, coverage or cleaning.

Oceas has designed the blanket such that it stays dry and keeps you warm with ease, without allowing any heat to seep through. A double coating of polyurethane to the polyester backing gives the blanket durability in all weather conditions.


  • Weather proof design
  • Plush material
  • Compact model
  • Large size
  • Come with an attractive, easy-to-carry bag


  • Only 3 color options

5. BlueHills


Wielding and swathing a travel blanket has never been so easy. BlueHills now brings the latest in premium quality highly compact travel blankets unlike ever seen before.

Available in multiple colors, this blanket comes with a soft carrying case, also enabling to convert the blanket into an instant plush pillow. The entire case can be carried around with the help of an attached hand luggage belt, or even slung on your shoulder like a backpack.

The blanket has been made using creative patented design, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable through all seasons, no matter where you are. Being lightweight, you can carry this throw blanket around wherever you go and find a perfect solution to your travel troubles.


  • Easy carry case
  • Easily folds down
  • Useful carry case
  • Multi-purpose case that makes a pillow


  • Repacking is not easy

6. Cabeau Fold’N Go

Cabeau Fold'N Go

With this easy to use, fold and go travel blanket, you can now rest assured to be comfortable and swathed without fear of germs or infections from public blankets. What’s more, with a carry bag, you can turn your blanket into a pillow and rest your head on it. The carry case is also plush and extra soft for your comfort.

The premium quality French microfiber gives deluxe coverage while also easily folding down into a portable compact case with a handle. Compatible with machine wash, the blanket is easily washable with low maintenance. So, use this product as a blanket, a throw, a cushion, a lumbar or back support or carry it around like a mini-case when not in use.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy zipping
  • Multipurpose design
  • No lint during wash


  • Only 2 color choices

7. Cloudz


Designed with a simple monochrome self print design, this travel blanket by Cloudz is the most unique and simplest solution to your travel comfort needs.

Being thin and lightweight, this viscose blanket can be easily rolled up and stored into any small bag or even in your hand luggage without any hitches. The design is even opted and preferred by most airlines and so will suit your air travel blanket needs.

The blanket also comes in a variety of colors and designs to suit your requirements, such as the camouflage pattern or other vibrant colors with self print designs. You can also easily store the blanket in the overhead bin in airplanes as you travel.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy roll up
  • Perfect temperature
  • Vibrant color options


  • Very thin

8. Stalwart 75

Stalwart 75

Unlike most blankets, Stalwart brings you an automotive heatable blanket. No more worries about freezing up. Simply plug in the blanket and cuddle up under your new travel blanket. The compact design allows you to fold it up and stow it within the car’s dashboard and retrieve it when you need.

Wired up with almost invisible wires that are adaptable to car charging points and are extra long to even reach up to the back seat of the car, this polyester fleece throw blanket will keep you warm throughout your journey. This blanket is the perfect choice for your car travels, camping, tailgating or even during a vehicle emergency.


  • Car friendly
  • Maintains heat temperature
  • User friendly control


  • Not washing machine friendly

9. Style Basics

Style Basics

The ultra soft plush throw blanket by Style basics brings you a lightweight micro weave velvety travel blanket, perfect for your travel comfort solutions. The blanket is aptly sized to fit you perfectly throughout your travel and keep you snug. Style Basics also provides a soft and plush carrying case which easily accommodates the blanket without any fuss.

Both the blanket and the case are stain resistant and are guaranteed to stay clean through your rough use. Once packed up in the case, the blanket can also be used as a pillow during your long travels.

Convenient case handle allows you to carry the case on your luggage, your shoulder or your back with ease. Style Basics also provides a heavy duty clip that lets you connect the case to your luggage, backpack or even your stroller in a snap.


  • Super soft texture
  • 100% polyester
  • Retains softness
  • Super-warm feel
  • Available in so many sizes and colors


  • Sheds lint

10. ForestFish


If you are under a budget and are on the lookout for an attractive yet portable fleece blanket, then this plush throw is the perfect choice for you. Apt for a long plane, car or train journey, this blanket is all plush and shouts of comfort by the look of it.

ForestFish brings you a machine washable, fade and pill resistant, printed blanket with neatly sewn up edges. You could use it as a throw for your couch or as a blanket, or even as a comfortable pillow once folded up. What’s more, you can even give this travel blanket to those you love as a sign of comfort and your love.


  • Budget friendly
  • Fashionable appeal
  • Printed design
  • Available in four attractive patterns
  • Cozy feel
  • Compact size


  • Carry case is not so easy to carry, as it does not have any handles, zippers or clips

11. World’s Best Cozy

World’s Best Cozy

Making it to the top of the line among premium travel blankets is the one and only cozy-soft portable travel blanket by World’s Best. Unlike every other cheap and troublesome blanket, this affordable blanket gives you complete warmth as you travel, without any inconvenience.

The compact design allows you to easily roll up and store in your luggage while also leaving ample space for your books, toiletries and other souvenirs. This micro fleece blanket is also easy to maintain with simple machine wash.

You could tumble dry it too without facing any loss in quality. This fine quality blanket is the answer to all your travel comfort worries.


  • Lightweight blanket
  • Easy compact storage
  • Budget friendly
  • Ample coverage


  • Only one color available

12. World’s Best Cozy

World’s Best Cozy

Easy to wash and portable blanket made of 100% polyester material, this blanket by World’s Best gives you complete comfort and warmth no matter where you are. The lightweight design allows you to easily pack up the blanket without any hassle in your luggage.

The microfleece blanket has a luxurious appeal and gives you a feeling of being secure and comfortable. The length and coverage of the blanket is more than sufficient to cover you from head to toe.

While you pay a budget friendly price of less than $10, you get to enjoy a first-class experience with this travel blanket by World’s Best.


  • Microfleece build
  • Cozy-soft feel
  • Easy wash
  • Compact storage


  • No color variations

13. Bosa


Made up of both cotton and natural bamboo, this premium travel blanket by Bosa is completely eco friendly and has a strong breathable build.

Made from natural materials, the blanket is guaranteed skin friendly. Bosa has designed the blanket such that it becomes a premium travel blanket, assuring warmth and cozy use.

Unlike other artificial blankets that could cause skin abrasions or cause reactions, this blanket by Bosa is 100% skin friendly. The lightweight design allows you to carry the blanket within its carry case with absolutely no hassle whatsoever. The carry case is of high quality with smooth performance.

Carry the blanket by Bosa no matter where you go and enjoy a comfortable trip rest assured. Not only will you now travel safe, but you are also leaving the environment clean and safe by using this travel blanket.


  • Eco friendly design
  • Breathable material
  • Hygroscopic build
  • Compact and portable


  • Not sufficient coverage

14. Lets Innovate Life

Lets Innovate Life

Adding fashion to comfort, Lets Innovate Life brings you a unique design in this 4 in 1 travel blanket. Be it a plane, car, train or any form of travel, or even your house, this plush blanket by Lets Innovate Life is thick enough to keep you completely warm and comfortable despite the temperature you are in.

This blanket just as easily packs into a compact carry case that is provisioned with a special strap, giving you leverage as you travel.

Made from thick and plush polyester, the blanket also comes with two mesh pockets to store your little trinkets and other essentials, thus giving you easy access to them during your travel. Be it your travel documents or even a snack, stash them conveniently and travel rest assured.

This versatile travel blanket also comes with an additional blow up pillow that can also be compressed and stored in the case along with your blanket. Travel in style with this blanket from Lets Innovate Life and make your travel easier and comfortable.


  • Versatile design
  • Multiple uses
  • Ergonomic packing
  • Compact portability


  • Only 3 colors available

15. Pendleton


Pendleton brings you the best in travel blankets with this wool blanket design. Made from a soft wool material with nylon back, the blanket is woven to keep you warm under all conditions and make you feel comfortable during your travel.

No matter where you are, be in a car, a plane, a train or even at the comfort of your own home, this blanket is sure to keep you warm and cozy.

The blanket comes with a carry case that easily accommodates the blanket in a sleek and compact manner. You will find the blanket to be useful even when folded into its case, when it serves as a pillow or a neck roll.

Being compact, portability is never an issue. A simple travel strap allows you to attach the blanket case to your backpack or luggage without any hassle.


  • Super soft material
  • Premium quality
  • Multipurpose blanket
  • Easy travel strap
  • Attractive color options available


  • The blanket is a little bulkier than others

16. Zideli All-in-1

Zideli All-in-1

Find all the accessories to your travel comforts in this special package by Zideli. Not only is the blanket of plush microfleece design, it is also accompanied by other comfort accessories such as an inflated travel neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs and a carry case, all in one.

The inflatable pillow can be blown up and deflated with ease. The ear plugs are also of super soft quality and come with a connecting cable. All these accessories can be easily folded down and fitted into the plush carry case, during the entire packing into a simple plush soft pillow for your convenience.

All the products are color coded to keep you from mixing up the accessories during travel. The carry case can be easily attached to your luggage, leaving your hands free to pull your luggage during travel.


  • Lightweight design
  • Multipurpose accessories
  • Compact packaging
  • Soft cozy material


  • No color variations

17. World’s Best

World’s Best

A lot of users prefer these easy rollable travel blankets by World’s Best because of their smart design and budget friendly price. Made of 100% polyester, these blankets are completely travel friendly and require very easy maintenance.

Being both soft and cozy, this set of blankets by World’s Best is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your journey.

The pure polyester material leaves the blanket compact and lightweight, so that you have ample room in your luggage to pack your other essentials. Being machine friendly, cleaning these blankets is a snap of your fingers, leaving you at ease to go about your work worry free.


  • Lightweight material
  • Soft and cozy weave
  • Breathable material
  • Budget friendly


  • Not large enough

18. Tirrinia 4-in-1

Tirrinia 4-in-1

No more hassle pulling the blanket onto yourself and trying to cover yourself. Tirrinia brings you the completely unique pull on poncho style travel blanket. This all-in-one multifunctional travel blanket comes with sleeves, pockets and a comfortably large hole to put through your head.

Here comes the multifunctional part, with this all in 1 blanket, you simply need to roll it up and it serves as a pillow for your travel. So, go ahead and set your head in comfort or support your back, your lumbar region, regardless of where you are.

The blanket can be used just as easily in a plane, train, car or any or mode of travel. Not only is this plush blanket very lightweight, it also comes within your budget.


  • Compact design
  • Easily portable
  • Super soft material
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Not static
  • Multipurpose build


  • Sheds lint

19. Comfort Plus

Comfort Plus

This travel blanket by Comfort Plus is a one of a kind compact and sleek travel blanket, compressed into a tiny plush pouch, making travel all the more easy and comfortable for its users. The sleek design allows the blanket to be easily fitted in, once rolled up and used as a pillow during travel.

The rolled up layout of the case also acts as a good support system for the neck during your travel. Made up of 200GMS luxurious microfleece, the blanket is season friendly, allowing you to remain comfortable anywhere, anytime.

The compact design is also suitable for your travel luggage, as it will take up only a fraction of the space, leaving ample space for your other items and luggage.


  • Luxuriously soft
  • Machine friendly
  • Easy fit case
  • Blanket to pillow conversion


  • Overly large and bulkier than others

20. Cocoon Coolmax

Cocoon Coolmax

Coolmax is a very well known and established brand, serving users with unique and caring products for years. This essential travel blanket by Coolmax is an extremely lightweight blanket design, made purely from polyester material, giving the blanket an easy and breathable weave.

The entire package can be just as easily rolled up and stored inside a fancy carry pouch and stored inside your luggage, backpack or even the overhead cabin of an airplane.

The sleek and lightweight design enables you to access it at absolutely anytime and anyplace with complete sense of comfort and ease during use. Made from polyester, the blanket is 100% machine wash friendly, but can be washed with caution to instructions mentioned in the leaflet.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comfortable weave
  • Compact fit
  • Comes with easy to carry pouch
  • Ample coverage
  • Available in so many colors


  • Very thin material

Now that you have seen the top models, their features, as well as the pros and cons of each of the twenty products we have listed, read further to understand the basic key factors that decide and make up a decent and worthwhile travel blanket purchase worthy of your investment.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Travel Blanket

There are several and yet simple details or factors that decide the worth of a travel blanket. While looks can be deceptive, sometimes looking at the minor details and understanding the product can help to rule out the liabilities and identify the best features in the product.

Here are the basic factors you will need to keep in mind while purchasing a travel blanket:

1. Warmth

If your purpose of buying a travel blanket is to stay warm during travel and avoid use of the common blankets issued in planes, hotels, etc., then you will need to consider the warmth factor.

The blanket that you buy should ensure to keep you warm during its use, should maintain the thermal retention within, and should not allow cold air to seep in.

2. Comfort

Most travelers prefer to use the blankets as mats to sit on, as sheets to sleep on, or as comforters to slip inside. Whatever your purpose is, the comfort of the blanket is a must. Preferably a plush and thick blanket, probably of tougher consistency, will give you ultimate comfort level.

3. Ease Of Usage

Being a blanket, it should be easy to use and not require ninja skill levels to unravel or to pack. The compactness of the package and level of convenience will decide the worth of the package as a whole.

While a compact package is an asset, having a larger coverage is an added advantage and adds to the buying factors. But simplicity of use will be the deciding point.

4. Durability

While all products claim to be made up of durable material, it is essential to verify the authenticity of the claim. For that, cross checking with the buyer reviews will give you a larger idea of the quality of the material and its durability in due course. Since most travel blankets do not come with a warranty, it is better to ensure premium quality of the material before purchase.

5. Pros And Cons

Much like with other products, the travel blankets too have their pros and cons. The above list of top blankets must have given you an idea of identifying the pros and cons, meaning the key features that define or destroy a product.

While there is no single best travel blanket, it is safe to assume that the one with the least number of liabilities counts for a good product.

6. Extra Features

As a bonus, some blankets come with additional features or accessories that could be useful to you and worth the money. For instance, if the blanket converts into a convenient pillow, or if the carry case allows you to strap on the package to your other luggage and carry without extra strain, or pockets, or other additional features, that could prove the blanket would be definitely worth buying.

7. Care And Maintenance

Not all blankets are machine wash supported. Read the instructions and maintenance label with care before you buy. You would want a blanket that you can simply wash in your washing machine and dry in your dryer, without losing its quality and shine.

8. Material

The material of the blanket will be a primary deciding factor for the blanket to be effective. Three most commonly used materials used for making travel blankets are fleece, polyester and down feather. Each supports different levels of warmth and comfort. So, check out the material and weigh down your needs before making your purchase.

9. Size

While the softness and comfort factor of the blanket are important, the size of the blanket also plays a vital role in its purchase. If the blanket does not cover you completely, what is the point of the purchase?

Moreover, most materials tend to shrink mildly after wash, so it is essential the blanket covers you entirely and has enough space to withstand shrinking from wash as well.

Blanket size also refers to the size it compresses into when folded or rolled down. This is also vital, as it shows the compact design and how well it fits into your luggage without any hassle.

10. Portability

Having to lug around a few extra pounds just to find yourself comfortable is madness indeed. It is important that you look for blankets that are lightweight and easily portable. Most blankets today come with carry cases that also have an easy to hold latch.

The lightweight nature and compactness alone cannot define the portability of the blanket. Check if you need to lug the blanket along or if you can simply attach it to your bags and pull along.

Once you have ticked off all these factors, you will easily find the best travel blanket worthy of your money. If a blanket does not meet even one of these factors, you can well assume that the blanket is not worth your money or your time.

Here are a few other things you should know about when it comes to buying a travel blanket and how to handle it with ease like a pro.

Different Materials Used For Making Travel Blankets

Since a travel blanket is meant to be lightweight, compact and portable, certain materials are used for making them to give them the needed qualities. Moreover, they must also give you sufficient warmth and comfort while staying thin and light.

Despite the climatic conditions you intend to use the blanket in, it is expected to keep you comfortable without excessive heat or letting cold air seep in.

Transports where temperature cannot be under your control, for instance, airplanes or buses, your blanket needs to keep you extra warm and cozy. Here are the five different blanket materials you will come across in the market:

1. Polyester

Polyester is a very common fabric mostly used in clothes, and is now widely used in weaving travel blankets combined with nylon to give the material more resistance to regular wear and tear. It is considered very lightweight and a durable material, making it an optimum choice for travel blankets and the like.

2. Down Feather Blankets

You might notice down feathers being used in making extremely soft and comfortable pillows. There have been a few known brands that have utilised down feather to make exceedingly amazing travel blankets. Most downs are duck and goose feathers that are sure to keep you cozy and warm, making the blanket premium quality.

3. Micro Fleece

Fleece is another luxury material, much similar to wool, and mixed with a form of polyester, to make it a durable material. While there are also designs of thick fleece blankets available, there are also lightweight microfleece weaves used specially to make thinner and lightweight travel blankets.

4. Cotton

Though not a common material, cotton blankets are known to be soft and smooth to the touch, with excellent breathability. Some cotton blankets are also known to be made blended with other fabrics to improve functionality and overall texture of the blanket.

5. Wool

Although uncommon, sheep wool blankets have been known to be ideal for their warmth and breathability. Most of all, wool allows you to use the blanket during all the seasons without any discomfort. Some woolen blankets are also designed by blending the wool with other fabrics to give it more life and durability.

Once you have decided which material is best for your blanket and you have made up your mind to buy one, you will also need to look into how to care for it to give it the best care and give it a longer run.

Taking Care Of Your Travel Blanket

Travel Blankets too need as much care as your other blankets, pillows, throws and other materials. But there is a simple knack to keep the material from wearing down or fraying from lack of care. Here are some tips to clean your travel blanket and keep it clean and in good shape for long.

1. Always wash the blanket in cold water, unless the product instructions ask you not do so, as some blanket materials can be damaged if washed. Such blankets will need to be aired and beaten to remove any dust instead.

Read the product instructions carefully before proceeding to implement any home tricks or usual washing techniques to clean your travel blanket.

2. Use eco-friendly soap or detergent. These keep the washing simple and do not contain harmful chemicals. However, in case of extremely dirty blankets, elements like baking soda or hydrogen peroxide remove grime, oils and other stubborn stains with ease. Adding some vinegar can remove bad odor and leave your blanket feeling fresh and clean.

3. Wash the blankets separately so as to not run any color. Much like other fabrics, blankets also stain easily and it is better to wash them separately to prevent mixing of colors from any other blankets or other fabrics. It could end up being an expensive task for you if the blanket stains.

4. Do not use fabric softener, as it can affect the material adversely. Fabric softeners tend to be pretty heavy, will cling to the material, and will end up reducing the softness of the blanket material. Use vinegar instead to maintain the softness of the blanket.

5. Always tumble dry the blanket in the dryer without any heat. Some blankets that have faux fur will shrink if you over dry them. Leave the blanket at around 80 -85% dry and air it out.

Different manufacturers might have specific instructions for you to follow in order for the material to have a prolonged life and quality. Follow them with care and ensure only the best care for your travel blanket.
Benefits Of Travel Blankets

Most travelers prefer to travel light regardless of the purpose of travel, as it keeps your journey clutter free and leaves more space to carry your other essentials.

Most airlines, trains and buses do not allow you to carry large bulky baggage during the journey, and that is why it is necessary to find a compact and light weight blanket that you can easy carry around.

If you are on a hiking or trekking trip, the best travel blanket can keep you warm and cozy, as well as allow you to enjoy the landscape without feeling the chill.

Having a travel blanket on your road trip will also be a convenience, as most multipurpose travel blankets will easily roll into a head rest or lumbar rest, and give your body the relaxation it needs during travel.

Here are the four main reasons why a travel blanket is essential to your checklist:

1. Comfort

A good, soft and warm fabric can keep you cozy and comfortable wherever you are. It will also give you peace of mind and a sense of security and hygiene, as it is not a common property and is your personal item.

2. Convenience

Travel blankets are generally compact and easily portable. Thus, they are indeed a big convenience when you feel cold and need to wrap yourself in a blanket and hit the snooze button. The compact design allows you hassle-free packing, emphasizing on the convenience aspect.

3. Effective Utility

Some blankets have been designed such that they can be put on like a poncho or a hoodie. This shows the effectiveness of the blanket and its utility to convert into a second overall, allowing you to remain comfortable anytime, anywhere.

4. Safety Feature

Being your personal blanket, you are safe and secure from the germs present in common blankets and other accessories provided by the transportation authorities and in hotels. Ticking off the hygiene point on your checklist, travel blankets prove to be a safe feature on your travel list.

Travel blankets, though quite simple and easy to use, still raise common doubts in users’ minds. Here are some of the common questions that people ask regarding travel blankets:

FAQs on Travel Blankets

1. What Is The Ideal Material For The Best Travel Blanket?

There are different blanket types made from different fabrics, much like the home blankets. Each fabric has different qualities, varying in performance. Checking the level of softness, comfort, ease of cleaning, durability and so on will give you an idea of the ideal blanket for your requirements.

As a rule, an ideal blanket should essentially make you feel comfortable and should have good thermal retention. Some of the common materials used to make up a good travel blanket include down feathers, nylon, cotton, polyester, wool and others.

Each material has different characteristics, giving different levels of comfort and warmth. So, choose the apt material which gives you the right level of comfort.

2. What Is The Optimum Size For A Travel Blanket?

Each individual is physically unique and will require different areas of material to cover themselves with the blanket. For instance, some people like to sleep with blanket on their legs, arms or head.

Sometimes, a single blanket may be required to cover up more than one person during the travel. So, the size of blanket cannot be constant, and it has to vary with each individual’s personal needs.

While choosing the perfect size for your travel blanket, there are two criteria for you to consider. Firstly, the overall dimension once the blanket is unfolded for use.

Secondly, the packed up size once you fold up the blanket into its case and store it. An optimum size that covers both of these criteria should be your apt blanket size.

3. What Should Be A Good Weight For A Travel Blanket?

Weight in a blanket can be both an asset as well as a liability. If a blanket is lightweight but does not provide sufficient warmth, the weight becomes a liability. But if the blanket is heavy, it defies the purpose of being a travel blanket.

An average travel blanket should essentially be light enough to carry along and be thick enough to give you sufficient warmth. Weight of blankets vary depending on their thickness, overall size, and the material used to make it.

Ideally, travel blankets tend to weigh between half kg and 2 kg, but an average blanket could weigh 1 kg that can fit into your luggage and still ensure comfort.

4. Which Travel Blanket Is Best To Buy?

There are almost an infinite number of blanket brands and designs available in the market, and singling out one of them would be just impossible. Each individual will have a different preference and their purpose of use will also determine the quality expected in the blanket.

To find your best travel blanket, weigh out all the factors and compare the top 3 blankets that fit your requirements. Then choose the one that promises to fulfill all your travel requirements.

5. Are Travel Blankets Airplane Friendly?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own blankets inside airplanes. If your travel blanket is lightweight and compact enough to be portable, you may carry your travel blanket with you in airplanes, trains, cars or even buses. There are no restrictions in these transports with regards to your luggage, except for the weight factor.

Carrying your own travel blanket allows you to use a hygienic blanket, devoid of any germs or grime unlike public transport blankets. The only factor you need to look into is the blanket’s weight and its compactness to carry it into the plane.

6. Are Electric And Corded Travel Blankets Washable?

Most of the modern designed blankets are machine friendly, including electric automated heater blankets. While the manufacturers may not recommend a complete wash cycle to keep the wires from fraying or over use, giving the electric blanket a quick and delicate or gentle wash is all that is needed.

Like washing your other blankets and spreads, refrain from using any hard detergents and fabric softeners, as they will spoil the quality of the material and could also cause the blanket to shrink and fray.

Ease Your Trips By Choosing Only The Best Travel Blankets

All in all, travel blankets should be chosen with much care and concern, as they are intended to care and comfort you during your travel. This guide is meant to give you complete information about travel blankets and help you choose the right blanket with ease.

Be it long distance travel or a camping trek, having the best travel blanket will only prove to be the most vital item on your checklist. With a premium quality blanket, you will only find high quality comfort and ease of use. Moreover, the blanket will leave you in comfort to go about your trip without any hassles or hitches.

So, get the right blanket with correct weight and perfect material and enjoy comfortable carefree travels. Find multiple uses for your blanket and be warm and cozy at all times.

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