Best Swaddle Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hudson2. Aden + Anais3. Aden + Anais
Hudson Best Swaddle BlanketAden + Anais ClassicAden + Anais Bamboo

Your life changes for good as you have an angel in your house waiting to spread happiness. There is lot to be learnt in a process and this whole new change would be quite overwhelming for you and your family. The baby would miss the warmth felt for 9 months in mother’s womb.

Best Swaddle Blankets are designed to offer the warmth just like the mother’s womb. The idea here is to help the new parents with the readymade blanket that wraps around the baby and provide utmost security and warmth.


It is not an easy task to choose the blankets for your newborn because you need to choose something soft and special which is skin-friendly and harmless for your baby. As we know cotton is the best material in this purpose because it is washable, hygienic, soft and affordable.

But, you can find few combo packs for your baby which contains two or more blankets. You can buy them to save your cost because you need to wash them frequently.

There are many types of blankets available under different brands, and here you can find some best swaddle blankets available online.

Top 16 Best Swaddle Blankets 2020

1. Hudson

Hudson Best Swaddle Blanket

Cotton muslin baby swaddle blankets by Hudson are very soft and made with 100% cotton fabric. It comes as the set of 3 blankets in different designs. The newborn baby will enjoy the softness and gentle touch of the blanket.

The size of the blanket is 46×46” which is good to wrap the baby comfortably. There is no harmful chemical used in these blankets, and they are made by washable and breathable cotton materials.


  • Made from 100% cotton fabric
  • Gentle and soft fabric
  • 46 X 46 inches size
  • Great value with 3 pieces in a pack


  • You may not get single piece

2. Aden + Anais Newborn

Aden + Anais Classic

Set of breathable blankets from aden + anais is the best swaddle blankets for newborn babies who need warmth and care for sound sleep. The set of 4 blankets come in great jungle jam designs. The blanket size is apt for easy wrapping around the baby and can also be used as stroller cover.

These blankets are made by 100% cotton material, which is soft, washable and breathable. 47×47” size of these blankets can help you to wrap or swaddle your baby securely.

You can use them as stroller cover, nursing cover or burp cloth. Plus, muslins used in these blankets are GOTS certified and there is no harmful chemical used in these swaddle blankets.


  • 47 X 47 inches size
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 4 blankets in one pack
  • Organic cotton muslin
  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton


  • Comes as a set of 4, so not for those looking for single blanket

3. Aden + Anais Bamboo

Aden + Anais Bamboo

The set of 3 blankets come in affordable value pack with popular Seaport design. The size of 47 X 47 inches is perfect for newborn babies that are still adapting to the new environment.

They are breathable, durable and soft. Plus, these blankets are made by 100% Viscose extracted from bamboo, which is a natural material, and viscose materials has excellent heat retention capacity. So you can keep your baby safe from cough and cold.


  • Thin and breathable fabric
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 3 blankets in one pack
  • Beautiful Seaport design
  • Can be used as stroller cover, receiving blanket and swaddle sack


  • Thin blankets which are not suitable for winter

4. SwaddleMe For Girls

SwaddleMe For Girls

This soft and secure swaddle is designed with loop and hook mechanism that can swaddle or wrap your baby securely. This body hugging swaddle gives womb like feel to the baby. It helps in preventing startle reflexes that may wake up the baby abruptly from sound sleep.

SwaddleMe is a leading brand that made this set of blankets for 0-3 month’s babies, and people can use them for their baby during their initial growing age. You can use their soft adjustable wings to wrap your baby, and it can be used on your car seat.


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Fits well to babies from 0 to 3 months
  • Easy to fasten for more secured feeling
  • Pack contains 3 beautiful colors and designs
  • Designed with soft adjustable wings


  • It cannot be used as stroller cover

5. SwaddleMe Original

SwaddleMe Original

Original swaddle design from SwaddleMe is good for babies that require secure and warm environment for sound sleep. It comes in 3 beautiful colors and is perfect fit for babies of 3 to 6 months. This wonderfully designed swaddle is made from soft cotton that is natural and gentle on baby’s skin. Special harness slit is provided to use it on car seats.

If you look for the best swaddle blankets under $25 then you can choose this set. It has more than thousand positive reviews on Amazon. Plus, breathable cotton material of these blankets is easy to clean and you can wrap your baby with its cotton wings.


  • Soft fabric wings for fastening and readjustment
  • Fits the babies from 3 to 6 months
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 3 beautiful colors and patterns


  • Cannot be used for newborn baby only

6. Upsimples Tribe Theme


The set of 4 neutral color blankets from upsimples is the perfect choice for the newborn babies. The blanket size is large enough to wrap a baby with some extra space. These machine washable blankets get softer with every wash.

They are designed with silky muslin and viscose extracted from bamboo. They are breathable and they can regulate the body temperature of your baby.


  • Set of 4 blankets with unisex patterns
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • 70% bamboo and 30% cotton
  • Ideal for swaddling, sunshield, tummy time and privacy throw


  • Comes in neutral color

7. Upsimples


Neutral animal print swaddle blankets have unisex design. The animal print blankets can be used as swaddle wraps and receiving blankets. The blankets are designed in good size of 47 X 47 inches to fit the newborns to toddlers.

It is made from soft muslin fabric that is combination of viscose bamboo and cotton that gives it thin and breathable texture. These are the best swaddle blankets which can keep your baby cool during summer, and the viscose materials of these blankets can prevent odor and chemical.


  • Neutral color with animal print
  • 70% bamboo and 30% cotton material
  • Good size for comfortable wrapping
  • Machine washable
  • Softer feel with every wash
  • Size suits infants to toddlers


  • Doesn’t come in bright colors

8. CuddleBug


This pink colored swaddle blankets come as set of 3. All these swaddle blankets have distinct designs that will give your girl a new look. Soft and gentle fabric used for this swaddle wrap is good to touch and would give your baby womb-like feel. It also does not give rise to any form of rashes or eruption on your baby’s body.

They are designed with 100% premium cotton which is breathable and easy to clean. They are lightweight and they have excellent heat retention capacity. They are perfect as baby shower gift.


  • Swaddle wrap to wrap in 3 easy steps
  • 100% premium cotton material
  • Lightweight material to prevent overheating of baby
  • Universal fit for babies from 7 to 14 lbs


  • They cannot swaddle your baby properly

9. Adjustable Swaddle Blanket Wrap From Cuddlebag

These polka dots designed adjustable swaddle blankets come as set of 3. It can be adjusted from small to medium sizes to fit the babies weighing 7 to 14 lbs. This beautiful swaddle wrap grows slowly with your baby and you can use them for longer period of time.

It comes with hook and loop closure to keep it in place even when baby tries to escape the swaddle. They are designed with a single piece of cotton and there are no zippers, ties, snaps, or buttons available in these blankets.

So you can keep your baby comfortable with these blankets. This blanket is easy to carry and you can take this for your baby when you go for any outing or out of station.


  • Extra safe design with quality closure mechanism
  • 3 different prints with neutral color combination
  • Right size for 0 to 3 months old newborns
  • It does not give out any toxic fumes and gases that might be harmful for the environment
  • No zippers, ties, snaps, or buttons


  • Not for toddlers

10. Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket

This imported swaddle wrap blanket from Miracle Blanket is a real miracle for the new parents who want the best swaddle blankets for their babies. This easy to wrap blanket makes your baby sleep faster and also removes all interruptions like startle reflexes that can wake up the baby.

Nicely wrapped baby would also reduce instances of facial scratches and twitching. If you look for a blanket for your baby within $30 then you can choose this one.


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Fits well to newborns up to 14 months
  • Beautiful colors
  • Easy wrapping


  • Cannot be used as receiving blanket
  • Available in limited colors

11. SwaddleDesigns


Breathable cotton muslin swaddle blankets from SwaddleDesigns are prewashed to give softer feel to the baby. They are hygienic and skin-friendly. These machine washable blankets get softer with every wash. It comes as set of 4 premium blankets.

Each blanket has a label where you can find complete instruction for swaddling. These are unisex swaddle blankets available under $30. So you do not need to buy multiple blankets for your baby and you can buy two to three sets of this blanket for your newborn.


  • Made from 100% cotton Muslin fabric
  • 4 premium quality blankets in each pack
  • Prewashed for softer feel
  • Available in various colors and designs
  • Works as nursing cover, stroller cover, burp cloth and more


  • Need to wrap by following the wrapping guide
  • No warranty available

12. Dreshow


You would not like to miss this set of 3 blankets and headbands for your newborn. Beautifully coordinated floral print would be the right choice for building memories with pictures. Blanket size of 35.5 X 35.5 inches is the right fit for babies of 6 to 13 lbs.

These are the best swaddle blankets designed by polyester and cotton materials. This beautiful blanket has no zippers, buttons or hooks that may make your baby uncomfortable during long sleeping hours.


  • 3 beautiful floral designs
  • Set of blanket and headband
  • Great value for money
  • Picture perfect designs
  • Premium quality fabric


  • Small in size and may not fit later

13. Ziggy Baby

Ziggy Baby

This adjustable infant baby swaddle blanket from Ziggy Baby will fit all babies from 7 to 14 lbs. The grey colored swaddle wraps are gentle on baby’s skin and can be easily wrapped in 3 steps.

One can be sure of quality as the company offers No Questions Asked Refund Policy for the customers. So you can return it at free of cost if you do not get satisfied with their quality.

100% cotton material of this blanket can keep your baby warm. They are breathable and you can easily clean them in a normal way. Adjustable and stretchable material of these blankets can help you to wrap your baby securely, and you can give extra room to your baby.


  • 100% cotton material
  • Universal fit with adjustable design
  • 3 step swaddling to eliminate late nigh struggles
  • Breathable fabric


  • Cannot be used as nursing cover

14. Momo Bebe

Momo Bebe

Set of 4 neutral colored baby swaddle blankets from Momo Bebe are made from soft and breathable fabric. The unisex neutral design makes it a perfect gift for baby showers. The size is bigger than the standard swaddle blankets and you can wrap your baby securely with these blankets.

These blankets are made with CPSC certified fabric, which is safe for your baby. Plus, they have excellent heat retention capacity and they can keep your baby cool during summer. So you can keep your baby free from cough and cold problems.


  • CPSC complaint 100% muslin fabric
  • Breathable fabric to avoid overheating
  • 30 day money back guarantee from manufacturer
  • 4 blankets in one pack


  • Doesn’t come with wrapping tools like hook and loop

15. Primewe Toddlers

Primewe Toddlers

This 3 piece blanket and headband set is made from natural organic bamboo fabric. The fabric is 100% natural and doesn’t have any manmade fiber. The stretchy material helps you to wrap the baby securely.

It can be washed in machine without damaging the color and fabric, and the stretching characteristic of these blankets can give extra rooms to your baby. These blankets are made by 100% natural muslin which is soft and long lasting. You can use these blankets for longer period of time.


  • Stretchable fabric for perfect wrapping
  • Size 80cm X 80cm
  • Machine wash
  • 100% natural organic muslin fabric
  • Set of headband and blanket


  • Small size and cannot be used after few months

16. Rajilinen


100% cotton muslin swaddle blankets with cool colors and designs from Rajlinen will make your baby happy after an uninterrupted sleep. The blanket comes as the set of 4 and has designed with Jungle Jam design.

The versatile blanket comes in large size and can be used for swaddle wrap, stroller cover and even as nursing cover. They are lightweight, breathable and washable. Muslin is a long lasting fabric and cotton is a soft material.

Combination of these two materials made these blankets ideal for your baby. These blankets can prevent moisture and they have excellent heat retention capacity. So they can keep your baby cool and comfortable.


  • 100% Muslin Cotton Fabric
  • Size 47 X 47 inches
  • Cute animal print
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Unisex pattern and ideal for baby shower gift


  • You need to buy an entire set

Factors To Look For When Buying Swaddle Blanket

Buying the best swaddle blankets for your baby may require enough research as this is the first thing you will be using to wrap your newborn. Babies have very delicate skin as they are new to this world and still adapting. Even the small fiber can damage your baby’s skin if it is not soft enough.

Swaddle blankets are among the first few things that come in close contact with your baby and hence you would never want to go wrong with it. There are many options available in the market and you must choose best swaddle blankets according to their size, price, materials and other aesthetic requirements.

In order to make your decision right, we have researched and checked with the users to find the key factors that need to be considered while buying the swaddle blanket. Here you can find some factors which will help you to choose the best swaddle blankets.

1. Size

Size is always an important consideration but not always in the case of swaddle blankets. Most of these blankets are designed to fit the newborns up to 3 months.

Some of them are bigger in size and may also fit the babies after 3 months. However, if you are looking for the swaddle blanket for your new born then size may not be major consideration. You may look for the large size blanket if you want use it as nursing cover or stroller cover.

2. Material

This is one important factor to consider as the fabric will come in direct contact with your baby. The swaddle blankets are usually made of pure cotton and muslin fabrics that will allow the baby to breathe when wrapped in it. Some of the popular fabrics used for baby swaddle wraps are given here

1. Cotton Muslin

100% Cotton Muslin fabric used for making swaddle blanket is always a good option as it is thin, breathable and lightweight. This fabric is the best choice to protect baby against overheating.

The advantage of this fabric is that it gets softer with every wash and you can maintain the hygiene of your baby. Some manufacturers offer prewash swaddle blankets which give your baby a softer feel. You can also wash the swaddle blanket before using it for the baby and make them free from any kind of bacteria and dust.

2. Bamboo Cotton Muslin

A mix of natural bamboo and cotton is another preferred option for the swaddle blanket. Natural bamboo fibers are cold and these blankets can regulate the temperature of your baby.

These fibers are 100% natural and good for your baby. But, you must check their certifications and make sure, you must choose a blanket for your baby which is chemical free.

3. Polyester Cotton Mix

A mix of polyester and cotton is made available in some blankets that are mostly aimed for photography purpose. Such blankets are available with headband and they can give a complete look to the baby. You would love to build the memories with this type of blanket as it is aimed for fashion photography.

3. Wrapping Mechanism

Some blankets come with hook and loop mechanism that helps in swaddling the baby in just 3 easy steps. You can find these steps on the packaging or label of these blankets. Following these steps would be easy for the beginners. However, you cannot use these blankets as receiving blankets, nursing covers or stroller covers.

There are swaddle blankets that can be used interchangeably as receiving blanket and nursing cover. These blankets have several cotton wings and you can wrap your baby with these wings securely. Plus, these blankets don’t have any hooks or buttons, so there are no chances of hurting the babies.

You may also look for adjustable swaddles that come with Velcro to adjust the size. This will be good option as the swaddle will never be too loose or too tight. You can adjust it as required. The blanket would be useful even when the baby grows in size.

4. Color And Print

Color and print may not be very important but one can’t ignore this factor as this would be the first thing that would attract your attention. You can choose some blankets in neutral colors. Light neutral colors would be cool and they can keep your baby warm.

Bright colored blankets are also good for photographic purpose. Keeping multiple pieces of blanket is necessary as you will have to change it frequently in order to keep your baby fresh all the time.

You may find animal prints, floral prints, polka dots, stripes and many such designs. Some of these blankets come as coordinated sets of 3 to 4 blankets. Find the best set that will have the mix of all your favorite prints.

5. Budget

Budget is the last thing that comes into consideration when it is about the babies. However, budget is still an important factor as you may not want to spend unjustified amount on the best swaddle blankets. It is always good to stay in fixed budget as you will require many numbers of these blankets over a period of time.

Check for the best offers and value packs available in the market, and you can choose set of 3 and 4 blankets available at great value price.

Tips To Keep Your Swaddle Blanket Clean And Soft

Swaddle blankets are used for newborns having very delicate skin. These little angels get affected by the dust, dirt, bacteria and other pollutants. Swaddling the baby would actually pack the baby in this blanket to offer safe and secure feeling outside the mother’s womb.

It is very important to keep these blankets clean all the time to avoid any type of infection or rashes to the baby. Some of the easy and practical cleaning tips for maintenance of the best swaddle blankets are given here.

1. Washing

Washing is one thing that doesn’t start after first use but it starts before first use. This step would remove any kind of harmful chemicals that the swaddle may have absorbed during its manufacturing or packaging. Even when you are buying the prewash blankets, you must wash it before you use.

Washing after subsequent use is even more important as these blankets have germs on it due to sneezing or coughing. Wash it after every use by following the tips below –
Use cold water for the wash.

Generally using the water at 30 °C is the good idea. However, you can use warm water from 40°C to 60°C for removing germs from these blankets. Most of these blankets come with washing instructions and it is good to follow the same. Most of these blankets are made by 100% cotton material and they are washable.

The material used for these blankets is really very soft, and friction with zipper and hooks may damage it permanently. It is therefore recommended that you wash it separately or put it in bag before putting it in the washing machine.

Use mild detergent for washing. There are companies offering special detergents for baby clothes. Using such detergents would keep the fabric soft for longer time. Such detergents also maintain color and print of the blanket for longer time.

Don’t add any type of fragrance or chemical to the water while washing these blankets. Unnecessary fragrance may increase the chances of baby getting allergic over the period of time. Dry it properly to get rid of unwanted smell but don’t use chemicals for the same. Sun dried laundry is always the best idea.

2. Storage

Store the baby blankets separately as you would not like to mix them up with other clothes. When you have taken special care for its cleaning, make sure that you store these blankets in separate bag to avoid any type of infection. Keeping these blankets in separate bag would also keep it free of dust and dirt

FAQs on Swaddle Blankets

1. Are Swaddle Blankets And Receiving Blankets Same?

No, swaddle blankets and receiving blankets are not same. Many people use these blankets interchangeably but they are different. Receiving blankets are square or rectangular blankets that are larger in size and can also be used as nursing covers or stroller covers.

Swaddle blankets are smaller sized blankets with two wings at its sides. These wings are used to swaddle the baby. One should better buy swaddle blanket if the main purpose is swaddling the newborn.

2. Can I Swaddle My Baby At Night?

Yes, you can swaddle your baby during night. Make sure, you must use cotton blankets for your baby and you must change the blankets during night if you find them leak. Night sleep is important for both newborn and parents.

Swaddling is the single key method to make the baby sleep undisturbed during the night. Wrapping the baby correctly is very important to make the baby comfortable. Swaddled babies can comfortably sleep on their backs and may not twitch or turn during nights.

3. What Is The Right Way To Swaddle The Baby?

Swaddled babies sleep well, but only if wrapped properly. Some swaddle blankets come with hook and loop mechanism, and you can easily wrap your baby with these cotton wings. If you are having such readymade swaddle wraps then swaddling can be achieved in just 3 easy steps mentioned on the label.

If you are using swaddle blanket without any zipper, hook or button, then you may check the swaddling tutorial on the package to get the wrapping right. Make sure that you don’t swaddle too tight to make the baby uncomfortable.

4. Is It Compulsory To Swaddle The Baby For Sleep?

Nothing is compulsory and there are no set rules. The techniques used for newborns are based on the experiences of people and research carried out by the doctors. Swaddling is done to give the baby warmth and security that it may have felt in mother’s womb for 9 months.

Babies also tend to scratch themselves on face and other parts of the body. Swaddling the baby may prevent all these sleeping problems and may also ensure undisturbed sleep for the baby.

5. Does Swaddling Result Into Overheating Of Baby?

Swaddle blankets usually come in soft cotton which is a breathable material, and babies may enjoy the touch without getting overheated. In this case, you can choose some blankets designed with viscose materials extracted from bamboo.

They have excellent heat retention capacity and they can keep your baby cool during night. However, babies may get overheated sometimes due to high room temperature. You may check for such signs and may take necessary steps as required.

Some of the signs that may indicate that the baby is overheating include baby crying, pushing the swaddle blanket and trying to free itself, sweaty hair and face, flushed cheeks and rapid breathing. All these are the signs that your baby needs to get out of the blanket.

6. What Should The Baby Wear Under The Swaddle?

Swaddle blanket and swaddle wrap additional layers used to keep the baby warm and comfortable. The material used for its making is always very soft and gentle. The sleepwear can be full sleeve or half sleeve based on parents’ preference. But, you must use cotton sleepwear to make your baby comfortable.

7. Can I Keep My Baby’s Arms Out While Swaddling?

Newborns are mostly harmed by their own arms and nails. Some babies give startle reflexes in sleep and usually wake up crying. The whole idea of swaddling is to keep the baby secure and comfortable.

Newborns usually feel good with their arms tucked in but they would soon want to venture their arms out of swaddle as they grow. So you must wrap your baby property with these blankets. In this case, you can choose some large sized blankets to give extra room to your newborn.

Make Your Baby Feel Safe And Secure With Best Swaddle Blankets

While looking for the best swaddle blankets, you will come across many options that would look attractive and trendy. However, you must choose the best blankets after considering the comfort and security of the baby. Attractive colors cannot be the deciding factor and you must check their materials, size and wrapping mechanism.

However, baby can feel suffocation inside these swaddle blankets and you should not swaddle your baby tightly. Plus, you must check their blankets during night and make sure they must be cleaned. If your baby feels claustrophobic then you must change his or her blanket immediately.

Remember that your newborn deserves the best care because they have low immunity than adults. So you must keep them in a clean environment, and you should choose the best swaddle blankets which are breathable and washable.

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