Best Electric Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Sunbeam2. Softheat 3. Serta Sherpa
Sunbeam Best Electric BlanketSoftheatSerta Sherpa

When you think of chilly winters, you would love to get a cozy warm feeling. That is possible when you are in bed. On top of that, having the cuddling wrap of an electric blanket is the best thing you can expect. Therefore, today our topic is on the best electric blanket.

An electric blanket has a network of heated electrical wires.  Its category includes duvets, throws, over sheets as well as the under blankets.  Majorly you will see that people place the best electric blanket underneath the top bed cover.


If you live in a colder region and you are tired of paying a huge amount of power bills that are arising due to heaters, then you should consider buying an electric blanket. If you aware unaware about this fantastic product or you want more information about it later this guide is for you.

Get the insight on factors to look for while buying it and the frequently asked question. No doubt, it will be a specific content to help you get the blankets. But before that, have a look at our top 15 electric blankets and their detailed reviews.

Top 15 Best Electric Blankets 2020

1. Sunbeam

Sunbeam Best Electric BlanketSunbeam the best brand excels in manufacturing the topmost quality electric blanket is here to please you with its new model. The blanket is certainly superb because of its silky texture which adds coziness.

The led light serves you for 10 hours along with automatic turn off. In addition to that, you can adjust the light with dimmer. The unique wiring structure is evenly present all over the blanket makes it more suitable.

Besides, the preheating functions just rightfully. The auto sensor gives you a desirable warmth. But remember that the regulator may vary according to the king and the queen-sized ones.


  • Made of cent percent polyester
  • In each side, you will find 180 GSM
  • Safe to use in driver and machine as well


  • Cost is too high
  • The warmth level not up to the mark.

2. Softheat

SoftheatThe chilly nights seriously makes you look for consistent warmth. But don’t worry when you have the best electric blankets from SoftHeat.

A couple of reasons like material quality make the brand stand out from all. You will find well fitted built-in cables equally distributing the heat. Moreover, you won’t feel any heaviness inside the blanket. In addition to that, the delicate tiny fleece adds a soft feel to the blanket.

Definitely, it is safe to use because of the low voltage wires. It is because it offers protection from the wetness and does not emit any EMF. Moreover, it comes with a huge led display providing convenience during the night time. You can comfortably adjust during the night time with an automatic dim attribute.


  • Comfortable to use
  • 100 % polyester used
  • The exclusive pre-heating attribute is outstanding
  • You can conveniently clean the same
  • Certified for bot hazardous in nature
  • One control panel
  • Automatic turn off after 10 hours


  • Wires may split and are fragile
  • Expensive to use

3. Serta Sherpa

Serta SherpaIf you look for 100 % authentic polyester made electric blanket, then Seta Sherpa is the right choice. The addition of the convertible heated electric microplush throw bordered with Sherpa stitching is brilliant.

The 5 electric heat setting arrangement is great. The lining with sherpa makes it super comfortable and cozy. The controller comes with an 8.5 wire. You can replace that easily. On top of that, the inbuilt 4-hour auto shut off offers ample safety to the user.


  • Saves power
  • Delicate fabrics designed with cutting edge technique
  • The perfect solution offering for equal distribution of heat


  • Not soft or warm

4. Sunbeam Throw

Sunbeam ThrowSunbeam the familiar brand shines in the category of manufacturing the most comfortable electric blanket.

The reversible mink blanket uses the controller- Elitestyle II. The best is that it comes with 3 heat adjustable settings. This allows you to choose the right warmth level as needed. It gives the best of both worlds. That means one side has the soft Sherpa while the other side has the lavish Mink.

The innovative thermos Fine technique adjusts the heat level. The auto-adjusting feature assures a consistent heating facility. You can rest at peace with a 3-hour automatic turning off the feature. The fine quality power -cord comes with 110-120 volt along with wall vent.


  • Best design with cent percent polyester
  • 250 Gsm of Sherpa and Royal type Mink
  • Can wash in the machine and safe to use in a dryer
  • Comes with a warranty for 5 years


  • Blanket is thin
  • The warmth level is not much

5. Softheat Ultra

Softheat UltraThe company SoftHeat is renowned in the world of manufacturing the best heating blankets
It incorporates the triple quality ribbed blanket with inbuilt wire networks. The addition of delicate tiny plush fabric gives a royal feel.

On top of that, the blanket comes with two separate zones. The presence of the two lighting features with unique adjustment adds comfort.

Definitely, it is safe to use, as the auto shuts off operate after 10 hours. As a result, it also helps to save power as well. Enjoy easy wash in both machines and dryers. No, need to worry about stretching or shrinking.


  • Low voltage technique offers warmth and safety
  • Equal heating from top to bottom
  • Undetectable thin wires


  • The blanket seems unbreathable

6. MaxKare 50

MaxKareAre you looking for an electric blanket with lightning-fast heating capacity? If yes then MaxKare will satisfy you. It accurately heats up the entire body. The addition of the one-touch design button with a 4- selection level gives ultimate comfort to fight the chilly weather.

It comes with two different linings. That means one side has the silky fleece, while the other side has the velvet Sherpa which gives a softy touch. The automatic turn off after 3 hours make it safe to use. You will also get the protection from excessive heating as well.

Talking about the washing feature, you can easily wash it with the disposable regulator. The easy to wash fabric helps to keep up the hygiene level. It also assures that it is safer to use. In addition to that adds longevity as well. The versatile and adjustable wire is available to make the blanket easily usable.


  • Overheating protection
  • High-level option to maintain
  • Even heat up


  • Might face an issue with the heating

7. MaxKare 72

MaxKare 72Looking for the electric blanket is tough work. Therefore to make it easy you want to get it from the top brands like the Maxkare.

The company received ETL certification for being the safest blanket. It is because the heating wires are exclusively designed assuring balanced distribution of heat. You will also expect to get the protection from uncontrollable heating.

The one-touch button with 3 heating segments offers expected warmth within a duration of 5 minutes only.

Make sure that you put the regulator of the washing machine less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It also offered the removable controller to maintain the hygiene factor at your best. But make sure not to dry in the tumbler.


  • Safety from overheating
  • Safe and even heating
  • Auto power off
  • Works for 8 hours at a stretch
  • Flannel is highly soft


  • Heating quality not appreciable

8. Biddeford

BiddefordThe brand promises to offer the best solution to your everyday lifestyle requirements. With years of knowledge, they try to introduce a standard class of materials.

Coming to the material it is made of cent percent polyester. The plus side of the material is that it is therapeutic. The heat adjustable settings come with 10 regulation points. The packaging is also better as it comes with a zipper holder.


  • The size is generous


  • The controlling feature of the blanket does not work well.
  • The microfiber was not much congenial

9. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece

Sunbeam Quilted FleeceSunbeam is one of the most trusted brands in the market. It is among the best one with great experience in designing the electric heated blankets. The easy dual pro- controllable settings have 10 adjustments.

On top of that, the auto power-off after 10 hours is a great feature. The auto sensor adjusts the level of warmth to a comfortable level. It is because to offer you a consistent warmth level. The channel designing of the blanket is outstanding.


  • Made of original polyester
  • It has 160-GSM on each of the sides
  • Safely washable in both dryer and machines


  • Does not have an automatic shut off timer

10. Sunbeam Plush Queen Velvet

Sunbeam Plush Queen VelvetIf a brand is a matter of concern, then without compromising go for Sunbeam. It is one of America’s recognized brands with excellence in designing an electric heated blanket. The brand always sticks to offering fine quality softness. Additionally, the blanket is superb for adjusting to the queen-sized beds. The supreme delicate velvet plush makes it worth adding to your wish list.

The preheating adjusting feature along with 20 customized settings makes it the best no doubt. The elegant looking blanket uses the thermal wire warming method. Now, you can check the temperature level. Also, adjust automatically to keep the temperature level balanced.


  • This electric heated blanket promise to reduce power consumption by 10%
  • Works for 8 hours continuously and the auto shut off let you leave in peace


  • It may slip off from the body.
  • Sometimes you may even complain of sparks

11. Sable Throw

Sable ThrowThough there are lots of prominent brands, Sable has its own merit. This is especially when it comes to manufacturing the best-heated blankets.

The natural polyester adds great coziness to the body. Also, offers safety in regards to temperature regulation. The brand also received the ETL certificate for offering excellent security to the users.

The smart heating system has 10 different heat adjustable pockets. On top of that, the diverse timer regulation feature operating for 1, 2 and 3 hr interval helps to conserve electricity. The lavishly soft flannel provides comfort.

At the same time, it helps to save heat as well. Do not worry it also helps to have the hygiene at your best with the controller, which you can detach if required.


  • It comes with a remote controller
  • Washable in machine
  • No issue with the dryer
  • The automatic shut off is superb


  • The heating is not equal throughout the blanket

12. Degrees Of Microplush Comfort

Degrees Of Microplush ComfortDo you want to have a skin-friendly electric blanket? If so then without thinking at all just have the micro- plush comforter from Degrees. It puts a check on the transmission of electromagnetic radiation.

On top of that, the blankets also receive the certificate of reliability from the UL. The 20 heating adjustable points does reduce the electric bill. The customized LCD displayer with the regulator is the coolest.


  • Definitely, it is a money saver. It is because now you don’t have to waste money on the home- heater. The ideal 12.5 ft stretched power cable offers you cozy night sleep.
  • Washing is not a deal as you can remove the power- cords and the controller


  • You might have a question with the originality of the product

13. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Microplush Heated BlanketBy now you are aware that Sunbeam is the ruling in the market of an electric blanket. As a producer, they installed an inbuilt comfort tec regulator for consistent warmth.

Additionally, the push touch button with the digital screen is amazing. The preheat function feature makes it valuable no doubt.

The auto adjustable and sensor gives you a desirable level of warmth during the nights.
You can get this in two versions both for the king and queen size. The best is that you will get 2 regulators along with these. But the appearance of the regulator will be different.


  • Designed from organic polyester
  • It has 180 GSM on each side of the blanket
  • You can wash in the machine
  • Safe to use in the dryer as well.


  • Heating is not proper, one side of the blanket remains cold while the other side warm.

14. Degrees Comfort Microplush

Degrees Comfort MicroplushDegrees is one of the well-known brands when it comes to an electric throw blanket. You can check the one from this brand. It is because you get an electric blanket that protects the skin from the radiation and burns.

Therefore, you do not need to think about getting skin rashes at all. The customized led regulator along with auto timer off is the best option. Also, helps to save your money in terms of the electricity bill.


  • It got an originality certificate from the UL
  • Simple to wash in the machine


  • The longevity is not good
  • The electric flashes found

15. MP2

MP2MP2 is one of the great electric heated blanket manufacturers. The electric blankets add lots of coziness and let you sleep soundly.

Definitely, it appears as the affordable option, in comparison to the costliest room heaters. Talking about safety the 20 heating differential settings allow adjusting the heating time with ease.

The use of 200-GSM enabled microlight along wth thin electrical cables allow distributing the heat accurately.

It reduces power consumption. As a result, it keeps the power bill at check. .You can get different sizes of the blankets available in king, queen, full, twin and throw size. The plus side is that the queen and king come with 2 regulating settings.


  • It works 10 hours at a stretch
  • The automatic shut off is amazing.
  • The validation certificate from UL assures it is safe to use
  • The EMF radiation level is low


  • The wires are in the middle of the blanket therefore the borders don’t receive proper heat.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Electric Blanket

1. Safety Matters

The true concern of every user is whether the electric blanket is safe to use or not. In order to stay assured in regards to safety. Make sure to go through the safety measures written on the cover of the best-heated blanket. Precisely you should follow two words that are the ETL or the UL stamp. If you do not find it, better don’t buy the product.

2. Standard Product

See the quality of the product always determines the durability of the product. That means you can expect the product to serve you at least five years continuously. Next, you need to give attention to fabric quality.

Additionally consider the setting of the electric wires. Moreover, you need to check whether the blanket is thick or thin. It is because the thinner ones are not much comfortable to use. On top of that, you can actually feel the wires. Finally, do look for the electric blankets with less wire.

3. Easy Controlling Feature

Are you still worried about the controlling feature? Then keep in mind that you should search for one with easy controlling attributes. Now specifically some have installed buttons while some use knobs.

Basically, these two versions are there for controlling the temperature. See whether you are easy with these controlling features or not. Make sure that the display screen is clear and large. Now, this criterion is important if you want to see it during the night.

Benefits Of Using Electric Blankets

Chilly winters let you shiver all night. Therefore to reduce that chill- the effect you always look for best heaters. But do you think that as the regular solution to the problem? Therefore as a permanent relief, you can have the electric blankets. To understand more about that go through the important benefits of the electric blankets.

1. Save Heating Bills

It is natural that during winters you like to install heating systems for each room. Suppose if you have four rooms then you need 4 heaters. On average the bill will exceed your monthly budget.

Therefore, to reduce costs, it is advisable to get electric blankets. Most importantly, they consume less energy. On top of that, the temperature controller is just a wonderful addition. It shuts off automatically without putting pressure on the electric bill.

2. Pain Reliever

There are many of you who suffer from joint pains, they can try the electric blankets for sure. It is because heat is the basic form of pain reliever. Heat enhances the circulation of blood in the body.

Certainly, the electric blanket relieves you from the pain during the night. However, at the same time, it makes you feel so light during the morning as well.

3. Enjoy Sound Sleep

Often you complain of sleep deprivation. Even severe sleep problem leads to insomnia too. No, wonder that you try almost every possible way to find a solution to the problem. But in the end, you look for medications.

However, no more worries when you have the electric heater to make you sleep like a baby. Plus factor of the electric blanket is that it maintains the same level of temperature the entire night.

In fact, the pre-heating option heats up the bed perfectly, prior to you reach the mattress. In addition to that, the automatic timer shuts off instantly.

4. Mood Lifter

A sound body can give you much energy to do your work with ease. In that case, the electric heater helps you in two ways. That means it not only warms up but also energizes your mood as well.

Actually, by using the electric blanket, you are helping your body to maintain a particular temperature as well. The benefit is that you don’t have to waste any extra energy for that.

FAQs on Electric Blankets

1. What Is The Working Mechanism Of The Best Electric Blanket?

Talking about the mechanism, it works almost similar to the heated pads. It uses insulated cables as the major heating tool. Mostly you will find the heating tool inside the fabric. The temperature regulator is placed between the electrical vent and the blanket. It controls the portion of current passing through the electric component inside the blanket.

2. What Material Is Used To Design The Electric Blanket?

If you want to know the material used for designing the electric blanket, then consider the polyester fleece or microfiber. Remember that polyester is extremely delicate and soft.

At times you can also find them made of acrylic or cotton. But honestly, you won’t like any of these two. It is because the cotton seems to be flammable and the acrylic is not soft. Therefore polyester is the best option so far.

3. Which Is Suitable Under Or Over Electric Blanket?

You should always use an electric blanket. Never use the under an electric blanket. It is because the heat absorption capacity of the under an electric blanket is more than over the electric blanket. Moreover, you can see that the heat gets trapped in between the bedding and the body.

4. Can You Use A Blanket Over The Electric Blanket?

You need to keep the blanket over you. Make sure that you don’t squeeze it inside. But the electric heating blanket should be on top of the regular blanket. Once you put that let the heated blanket to cool down instantly.

5. Do You Think Is It Okay To Use The Electric Blanket?

These days the electric blankets are designed to generate less EMF. Therefore you should stay relaxed as it is safer for you. They won’t catch fire. Additionally would not make you suffer from diseases like cancer.

6. How Many Years An Electric Blanket Will Last?

On average, an electric blanket will continue to last for 10 years. But buy a new one immediately in case of damage.

Experience Sound Sleep After Buying Best Electric Blanket!

The above content clearly explains the informative detail about the best electric blankets. Do make sure to get the best rated electric blanket for your home. It is because this will add the best value to your investment. Additionally, get the one with great warmth capability. You can even choose the electric blanket for gifting someone as well.

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