Best Cooling Weighted Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide


1. ZonLi2. Weighted Idea3. Luna
ZonLi Best Cooling Weighted BlanketWeighted IdeaLuna

Shifting into a new home, looking for an ideal gift, or simply wanting to get rid of your old blanket, either way, you are looking for a new blanket that is comfortable and long-lasting. You have landed on the exact place that will answer your query of which is the best cooling weighted blanket to suit your need.


Therefore, worry no more about having those sleepless nights under your messy blanket, or even about gifting the best high-quality blanket to your loved ones.

This guide is a comprehensive assortment of the top quality blankets that are available out there at the most reasonable prices, with additional information that will help you choose the best quality product as per your purpose. After going through this guide, you will be able to choose the best cooling weighted blanket.

Top 15 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets 2020

1. ZonLi

ZonLi Best Cooling Weighted BlanketThe ZonLi Adults Cooling Weighted Blanket tops the list of the best cooling weighted blanket for its meticulous design technology which has been put to use into making it. The most prominent feature is that of a layer of glass beads at the core of it.

These beads are hypo-allergic, odorless, and non-toxic. On top of it, there is a layer of non-glue padding which offers the utmost comfort.

Around these two, there are two layers of Microfiber on each side to prevent the glass beads from moving and leaking. Finally, the two outermost layers are made of 100% cotton fabric. There are four loops to keep the duvet cover of the blanket secure.


  • It highly improves the quality of one’s sleep.
  • Despite the weight, the blanket is extremely flexible and can be folded easily.
  • The quilt of the blanket is sturdy.
  • The cotton of the blanket is highly comfortable.
  • Cleaning the blanket is easy.


  • The beads start to shed off after some time.
  • Doesn’t come with a cover.

2. Weighted Idea

Weighted IdeaThe Weighted Idea Cool Blanket, which comes in a twin size for adults, is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a blanket to help them sleep soundly by paying only a reasonable price. The completely natural cotton fabric is used in the blanket, which provides maximum softness and comfort while sleeping.

It is flexible, so one can use it on the couch as well as wrap one while reading. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights so one can easily choose as per their requirement. These blankets also make for a great gift option for most of the occasions.


  • The material of the blanket is free of chemicals, hypo-allergic, and also non-toxic.
  • It remains odorless even after long use.
  • Thermal regulation is incorporated in the blanket as it is made of 100% natural cotton.
  • The blanket consists of 2 layers of microfiber to avoid the leakage of the beads.
  • It comes with non-glue padding to resist the movements of the beads within.


  • The blanket could be damaged by frequent wash.
  • The duvet cover has to be purchased separately.

3. Luna

LunaThe LUNA Weighted Blanket is highly efficient for both hot and cold sleepers. Designed in USA and Oeko-Tex certified, this blanket is a good purchase.

It is made with 7 layers of fabric which are streamlined into a design that distributes the weight evenly all over the body. The perfect sewing of this blanket plays a key role in this. You can see small and dense pockets, which not only gives it a sleek appearance but at the same time, it also ensures even weight distribution.

Most importantly, there are no harmful substances and chemicals used in making the blanket. The 100% cotton fabric provides its maximum softness, and also a lot of warmth for a great sleep. What makes it the best cooling weighted blanket is that these blankets come for everyone, and a person can easily choose a blanket having about 10% of their body weight which is ideal for a perfect sleep.


  • The glass beads in the blanket are free of toxic materials.
  • The blanket is made of lustrous fibers.
  • The layered construction helps in air circulating.
  • An optimal and comfortable sleeping temperature can be maintained.
  • Come in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors.


  • The beads start leaking after a few uses.

4. Degrees Of Comfort

Degrees Of ComfortThis weighted blanket is suitable for adults, whether they be hot or cold sleepers. It incorporates nano-ceramic beads that ensure durability and comfort with a silky and smooth texture. The calming abilities of this blanket have been discovered and authenticated by various occupational therapists.

It is counted as one of the best cooling weighted blankets, as it offers the best anti-gravity features that are a great boon for those who suffer from sensory issues or lack of sound sleep. This blanket includes two duvet covers, one of which is made of a cosy and warm fleece material which provides ample heat in winters.

The other cover, which is made of CoolMax Microfiber technology, is made to remove heat away from the body of the person sleeping in the blanket. So, you can choose the type as per the weather requirement.


  • The nano-ceramic beads are more comfortable and durable.
  • It has a 10 anchor point locking system for even distribution of the weight of the blanket.
  • The two duvet covers come with for heating and cooling respectively.
  • The covers are breathable so there will not be any suffocation.
  • There are blankets available for different people according to their weights.


  • The pockets/squares are sewn larger than needed.
  • Weight distribution is better with the larger blanket than with the smaller sizes.

5. CuteKing

CuteKingThis excellent product among the choices of the best cooling weighted blanket. It is made with 100% natural bamboo viscose. The heavy blanket is not just good for sleep because of its weight but is also very skin-friendly and smooth as silk.

This weighted blanket comes with an additional two layers that add to the comfort. A total of 7 layers makes this blanket one of the best choices.

The blanket is meticulously stitched such that there is even distribution of weight. This blanket is skin-friendly and offers ultimate comfort to the user. It is so handy tat you can carry it along with you. The most significant advantage it has over other blankets is that it has a smart fabric for moisture-wicking management. This ensures that the hot sleepers will remain dry.

Also, it does not disappoint the cool sleepers as the bamboo fabric, and high-quality glass beads have the characteristics of high specific heat capacity. This is a perfect choice for young as well as elderly people.


  • 7 layers of fabric ensure the maximum possible comfort.
  • The bamboo fabric is 100% breathable, which also regulates the temperature.
  • The added layers of polyester protect the blanket from wear and tear, and also from the leakage of beads.
  • The glass beads are made of premium quality, without any toxic or lead components.
  • The blanket remains odorless even after prolonged use.
  • The latest sewing technology improves the durability of the blanket.


  • This blanket is not meant for children under 13 years of age, pregnant women, and people who can’t lift the blanket themselves.
  • The blanket does not include duvet cover, so it has to be purchased separately.

6. HomeSmart Products

HomeSmart ProductsIf you are looking for a real king-size blanket, this is the perfect choice for you. Though the blanket is of larger size but it doesn’t put much pressure and weight on the use. So, you can use this blanket easily.

Besides these, another important factor makes it count as the best cooling weighted blanket is that the comforter is made of 400-thread count premium technology. It can be used in all seasons with ease, and the softness remains intact even after a year-long use. This is because 100% of organic cotton is employed in making its temperature regulating.


  • The blanket offers even weight distribution.
  • Highly durable with non-toxic micro glass beads.
  • It is completely machine washable.
  • There is a built-in duvet attachment loop in the blanker which helps in changing its look instantly.
  • The fabric layers are breathable and entirely free of toxic substances.
  • A great buy for a mid-range price.


  • The quality of the blanket is not that good.
  • The weighted beads get shifted to different areas after some period of use.

7. Safr

SafrComfort, durability and good temperature management is expected from the best cooling weighted blanket. The home therapy weighted blanket by Safar fits in all these parameters. It is woven into 7-layers which are designed with 1800 thread microfiber.

The blanket is divided into different layers with the outermost layer made of cotton to offer breathability and comfort. Also, it characterizes a ChillFab microfiber cover which has a double brush for a highly soft and comfortable texture. The quality of the blanket is further improved with high-end stitching technology which makes sure there are no leaks.

The beads in the blanket are made of borosilicate glass and not some plastic material which is why they are highly durable. These beads make a person feel like sleeping on a white-sand beach, and the person is thus sure to wake up relieved of all stress, anxiety, and tiredness.

There are two kinds of covers available with it, each for warm and cold weather. For use in hot climatic conditions, the ChillFab cover is there to provide an efficiently breathable and cooling fabric. On the other hand, for cold weather, one should use the UltraSoft cover with this highly adaptable blanket.


  • It comes with a risk-free guarantee of a 30-day money-back.
  • These therapy blankets can easily make a person fall into a sound sleep quicker than any other blanket.
  • The blanket is non-toxic and does not cause allergies.
  • With 100% cotton, the blanket itself is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • It comes with a removable cover.
  • Weight is proportionally distributed, so it does not get too heavy.


  • The blanket itself is too heavy to wash, so the covers have to be washed.
  • Children can use only with the consult of a physician.
  • Beads start leaking after some time.

8. Relax Eden

Relax EdenFeaturing high quality, heavy glass micro-beads inside it, this blanket is a perfect choice for those who wish to have 100% cotton build excellence. With cotton, the polyester construction imparts and imperialistic touch to the blanket that cannot be felt in any other blanket and hence it is one of the best cooling weighted blankets.

It is built with the state of the art sewing technology that gives the sleeper a most comfortable sleep. Using this blanket for a short time, one is bound to realize the improvements in their mood, reduction in restlessness, and a habit of waking up rejuvenated and refreshed.

Due to the deluxe feel that it radiates, it is an ideal gift for many occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and many other ceremonious occasions. Besides, it comes with a 1-year warranty during which the customer service will be there to help or even refund the money if the product is not appreciated.


  • Both hot and cold oriented sleep covers are included.
  • It is provided with internal loops which make sure that the removable cover remains in its place.
  • The micro-beads of high-quality glass.
  • The blanket is made with non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials.
  • The layers of polyesters are effective, ensuring minimum movement and zero leakage of the beads.
  • It is versatile and can be used for wrapping around while reading or watching television.


  • It is not recommended for claustrophobic people as they might wake to feel trapped.
  • Sometimes, the part of the weight gets shifted to one side.

9. Syrinx

SyrinxSyrinx Cooling Weighted Blankets are remarkable in that they bring a holistically healthy and calm sleep. A significant plus of this is that no matter how much is turned over how old it becomes, there will always be no noise from the blanket and the sleep remains undisturbed. Thus making it best cooling weighted blanket from Syrinx.

The technology employed in creating the blankets is the latest out there. It makes sure that even with the 6 layers, breathing is optimally facilitated and a cool palpable experience given to the customer.

It is recommended by the manufacturers that people should choose a blanket weight of about 10% of their body weight. For instance, if your weight is 140 lbs, you may choose the Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket of 15 lbs.


  • The stitching of the blanket is done with 3D sewing technology.
  • Grids of 4.7” x 4.7” throughout the blanket, allow even distribution of glass beads.
  • It does not cover the entire bed, and so doesn’t hang out of it.
  • Material is such that there is considerable permeability, no static electricity, soft feel and soft lustre in it.
  • The design has 8 loops that secure the duvet cover.
  • It can help people with anxiety.


  • It should only be dry cleaned or spot cleaned.
  • Glass bead started to leak after some time.

10. Viki

VikiThe best thing that sets apart the Viki Adult Weighted Blanket is that it comes with the quilting of diamond shapes. This is so because the designers of the blanket discovered that the diamond shape is more effective in evenly distributing the glass beads inside the blanket.

There are 6-layers in this which are not only great in holding the beads from leaking. The blanket is absolutely light in weight, and you can easily carry it along with you. It is attested by OEKO-TEX that assures that material gone into making the blanket are all safe for human usage as well as for environmental concerns.

Care has been put into making the weighted blankets smaller than the normal blankets or the bed size because otherwise, a large weighted blanket will be more prone to slipping away from the bed on hanging out of it. All these factors makes this blanket, the best cooling weighted blanket.


  • The fabric used is 100% breathable and thus offers maximum comfort.
  • Polyester is used effectively, once in a firm layer to avoid leakage and then in a fluffy layer to add softness.
  • In addition to the beads being non-toxic, they are also noiseless.
  • For all the features it offers, the price is quite moderate.


  • The blanket started to lose the beads after a few uses.

11. Pine&River

Pine&RiverPine&River blanket is one of the best cooling weighted blankets with a high-quality design that will keep you cool throughout the night. The blanket is designed with the proprietary silica blend of Pine&River inside the smallest weight pockets. There are no annoying plastic beads used. Instead glass beads are used at the core of the blanket. 


  • It helps in improving the sleep and letting you relax completely throughout the night.
  • Bamboo material is eco-friendly as well as regulates temperature to give a cold touch in the summers.
  • It comes at a reasonable price with an elegant look and firm, soft texture to feel and calm.
  • They are made for long-lasting usage so strongly stitched they are fuzzy fleece sustainable fibers that are cosy.


  • The blankets have to be washed on a low, gentle cycle using cold water without additional clothes.
  • They can’t be dry-cleaned and ironed.

12. Wonap

WonapWONAP is known to make premium quality blankets which are rated as the best cooling weighted blankets. This blanket by Wonap is made of natural bamboo fabric to be used throughout the year.

Heavy blankets can be claustrophobic and stiflingly hot, but this one has breathable features also smartly compensating the humidity. It evenly and diligently distributes heat which gives the cooling effect. The flexible and cosy bamboo fabric not only lets you sleep but also while reading, taking a nap, or watching television.

This is a perfect blanket, whether you are looking it for your personal use or even if you want to gift it to someone.


  • It is durable and noiseless.
  • Engineers have designed it in a 4″x4″ size diamond pattern which prevents movement of the
    glass beads.
  • The glass beads and the material are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and free of harmful chemicals.
  • Dense stitching of bamboo fabric threads prevents leakage of glass beads.


  • It needs to be washed separately in the machine.
  • The size of the blanket often creates issues with some customers, so you need to ensure the size you’re buying.

13. CoziRest

CoziRestThis is a premium quality blanket that is made with completely natural fabric of micro-peach material, and thus it is highly soft and durable. It has a double side-cover which is removable.

One side of the cover is made of 100% cooling bamboo fabric, while the other side is made of cosy Minky. It features Deep Touch Pressure Therapy and thus is effectively reduces the anxiety and relaxes the nervous system of a person, so he can fall asleep fast and easy. The double-stitched pockets do not let the beads move.

With its Deep Touch Pressure Therapy, this blanket will give you complete comfort while you are using this blanket. Overall, it is a good purchase if you are looking for the best quality blanket.


  • It has a lovely soft and squishy feeling at an affordable price.
  • It is a lightweight, breathable and sustainable, made of bamboo, which is also eco-friendly.
  • It makes you feel cool in summer and gives you warmth in chilled winter nights


  • For some hot sleepers, it is too hot to sleep in.

14. Babo

BaboThis is a blanket that is truly unique and innovative. It is a dual weather blanket, and thus it provides the right temperature through all the seasons. Thus making it the best cooling weighted blanket. There is a dotted Minky side for a warm hug in cold nights and a cooling side made of woven bamboo to provide a cooling sensation for optimal comfort in an extreme hot climate.

The blanket is designed luxuriously, and if you are considering a gifting option for anniversary or marriage, then you can add this blanket to your checklist. This is an amazing blanket that offers the right warmth and comfort.


  • It provides deep pressure which gives a feeling of being grounded and hence the best comfortable sleep.
  • The 100% soft cotton and the premium style double stitching prevent beads from leaking and shifting.
  • It is odorless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic


  • Proper size-selection is a bit difficult in these blankets, and hence you must take care of buying the right size.

15. Dozeology

DozeologyThe Dozeology premium-grade weighted blanket is high-quality. Made with all-natural fibers, it is soft, comfortable, which allows one to breathe easily. The most prominent feature that makes it stand among the best cooling weighted blankets is that it has eight interior corner ties that ensure the blanket stays in place.

The design keeps the blanket protected inside the duvet with 8-interior ties that won’t shift or form a clump, and ensures that the weight remains evenly distributed. Overall, it’s a nice purchase if you are looking for the best cooling blanket.


  • It can be used all around the year.
  • It comes with two covers and removing and washing them is very easy with the zipper.
  • The deep pressure touch ensures faster sleep.
  • Innovative sewing technology does not let the beads leak out or shift.


  • Many times reviewers have suggested that the blanket is not large enough.
  • Sometimes it causes sweat due to the heat it produces.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

Even with the list of products that have the most positive customer reviews, it can be tough to choose the right kind of product for yourself. You would not need to make any haste and later find that the blanket you bought is interfering with your comfort. Always keep in mind the following main factors that you should look for so that you buy the best cooling weighted blanket.

1. Weight Of The Blanket

While you’re looking for a weighted blanket to feel snuggled under, you must ensure that you do not end up buying a too-heavy blanket for you. A heavier than required blanket may cause you to get body ache, and may also suffocate you and hence, it’s important that you must choose the right kind of blanket for yourself.

On average, the weight of the blanket should be between 8%-12% of body weight. This implies that a blanket of 9 to 15 pounds would be best suited for a person of 130 pounds.

2. The Material Of The Blanket

It has been found out by evidential experience that the material of the blanket plays a great role in determining the quality of comfort provided by it. Hence, you should always go for the textile that provides the best cooling effect like bamboo, cotton, and cosy materials like fluffy polyester.

To get the best cooling weighted blanket experience, you should also establish that the blanket is made of materials that are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and free of harmful chemicals.

3. The Kind Of Beads Used In It

The cooling weighted blankets are filled with beads instead of cotton fluff. Hence it is important to ensure that the beads are made of high-quality glass and not plastic since the latter is not as effective. Nowadays, there are blankets that make use of nano-ceramic beads. So, you must check the kind of beads used in the blanket.

4. Of A Removable Cover

The best cooling weighted blanket must ensure that it comes with a removable cover. If it comes without a cover, then washing the entire weighted blanket would be a tedious task and would also cause wear and tear. While, if the cover has to be purchased separately, it is only an extra cost to the customer’s pocket.

5. The Size Of The Blanket

Finally, you need to look for the right side of the blanket as per your need. This is critical as the size, and weight of the blanket is mostly independent of each other. Commonly, the best cooling weighted blanket is designed in a smaller size than of the bed size on which it is meant to be used. This is so because if like the larger blankets or quilts, they hang out of the bed, they’re more likely to slip and fall.

FAQs on Cooling Weighted Blankets

1. Do Weighted Blankets Make It Too Hot At Night?

It depends on whether you’re buying a cooling weighted blanket or a heating blanket. The different materials used in making these blankets can provide different effects of heating and cooling. So, you might find yourself sweating at night under a weighted blanket.

2. How Are Weighted Blankets Washed?

To properly wash your best weighted cooling blanket, you must check the recommendation mentioned by the manufacturer. Some of them can be machine-washed while there are others than needs to be washed with care. To ensure that the washing machine does not lose its balance, put inside a few towels.

3. Can Weighted Blanket Help In Inducing Better Sleep?

To get good sleep, it’s important that one must get the right temperature for the same. The weighted cooling blankets have proven to be effective in reducing their anxiety as they help with a tranquillizing and relaxing sleep.

4. What Are The Safety Tips For Children While Using Weighted Blankets?

The weighted blankets should never be put over infants or children younger than 2 years old. For older children, when they are used, they should never cover the head and neck portion of the child’s body.

Get A Peaceful Summer Sleep With The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets

Applying the requisite factors, having your queries answered, and selecting from the above rounded up premium quality cooling blankets, you shall be able to find the perfect one for you with much ease. You must do a bit of research before buying a blanket.

With the above-mentioned tips, you would be able to get the best cooling weighted blanket for your need.

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