About Us

Sleep is vital, no arguments on that! Some of us can sleep like horses, while some just manage to pull it off. Despite all this, it is hard to find someone who does not ‘Love’ sleeping. It’s everyone’s favorite thing to do. The importance of good and sound sleep cannot be denied. It helps us to heal, repair, and rejuvenate our bodies.
It is said that we spend almost half of our lives sleeping, but are we doing it the right way?

Yes, as surprised as you may be, there’s a right and wrong in sleeping too! How do you ask? Well, it all depends on the sleep products that you use. From your pillow to your blanket, everything plays an important role in helping you get adequate and proper rest.

However, we often tend to neglect all these factors. Well, if you’re ignoring these essentials, and merely keeping a tab on the numbers of the hours, you’re not on the right path.

We at Poofing The Pillow, are here to help you to get the best sleep products. They give you the ‘best sound sleep’ that you’ve been longing for. Whether it’s the pillow, mattress, or blanket, you’ll find everything you need to get a sweet sleep. Well, you may think it’s an easy task, but it really is not.

From mattresses for heavy people to pillows for the newborn, there’s an array for choices that you need to keep in mind before choosing the best sleep product.

How do we help? Well, it’s the magic of our comprehensive, well-researched, and specially designed buying guides. With our buying guides, we tell you the dos and don’ts of choosing a good sleep product, and also bring to you the best options available in the market. Remember, ‘Sleep is a chain that binds our health and bodies together.’ Don’t comprise, and make an informed decision with us!